Democrats Meet and Greet in Ossipee

Carroll County, NH voters are starting to mobilize around candidates in their districts. Thursday afternoon they came out to meet candidates running in Ossipee, NH. Learn more about the candidates running in your town here and volunteer here to ensure they win in November.

NH State House candidate Bobbi Boudman, right, is running in Ossipee, Tuftonboro and Wolfeboro.
State House candidate Pat Pustell is running in Ossipee along with Bobbi Boudman. Vote for both.
NH State Senate Candidate Bill Marsh, rejected the Republican party and joined the Democrats.
Turn the county commission Blue, vote for both Theresa Swanick and Adam Heard.
When the candidates spoke these New Hampshire voters listened.

Democrats March in Madison

Carroll County NH Democrats kept marching toward victory at the Madison, NH Old Home Week in Parade last Friday and then met at a potluck for the Wolfeboro, Tuftonboro candidates on Saturday. The big topic themes: Vote for Democrats to Save Public Education and Women’s Reproductive Rights

What a fantastic lineup up of Carroll County NH Democrats. Find your town’s candidates here.
Marching toward victory in November 2022 at the Madison, NH Old Home Week Parade
Peaco Todd, a candidate for Madison, Tamworth and Moultonborough
Doctors Jerry Knirk and Bill Marsh, the legislature needs their medical expertise now more than ever.
Everyone in Moultonborough knows Sandra Ringelstein, now hello Madison.
Let’s make the Carroll County Commissioners office blue, vote for Theresa Swanick.
Hello Madison voters, remember to vote for every Democrat on your ballot in November.

US Senate Passes Massive Climate Bill

Pat Pustell, State House Candidate from Ossipee, volunteered to make the Sandwich Electric Vehicle, Tool, & Solar Day a success. Thank Pat with your vote in November.

Just as the US Senate was passing the USA’s largest climate action bill, Carroll County Democratic candidates were visiting the Sandwich, NH Electric Vehicle, Tool, & Solar Day. It is so symbolic. From the very top of government right down to the county commissioner level, Democrats care about taking climate action, creating clean energy jobs and saving consumers money. What a great day for our country, our county and Sandwich. Thank you state house incumbents Anita Burroughs and Chris McAleer, state house candidate Patricia Pustell from Ossipee and county commissioner candidate Adam Heard for attending and advancing a better America.

Incumbent NH State House Representative Chris McAleer and Anita Burroughs are now running in Sandwich for the first time. What a welcome addition. Want a cleaner NH? Vote for them in November.
Anita Burroughs and Pat Pustell, two refreshing NH State House candidates. Be cool, vote for both in November.

Interested in how you might get involved? Click Here to Get Involved


Dems March for Freedom, in Freedom

Candidates and friends came out in force for Freedom, NH’s annual parade

Carroll County, NH Democrats dominate parades across the county.
Let’s flip the state senate.
Democrats stand tall for the USA.
And please vote for me too!
Yes, that’s me, Sandra Ringelstein.
Democrats care about kitchen table and front porch issues.
Just between us chickens, I am a great candidate.

Democrats Everywhere on July 4th

No mountain is too high, Carroll County NH Dems will march to victory in November
Signs of the Times: Our Fantastic Democratic Candidates
Wolfeboro, Tuftonboro Democrats on the way to victory.
High Fives for All Women’s Rights
Conway and Bartlett demand choice, demand victory in November.
Tamworth’s own Gabrielle Watson‘s First Parade as a NH State House Candidate. Find All Your Town’s candidates here.
Same Women’s Messages Repeated in Conway Parade and All Around NH and the USA on July 4th.
NH House Rep. Candidate Sandra Ringelstein is turning the corner on path to turning Moultonborough Blue.
Moultonborough’s own Sandra Ringelstein, State House candidate, in Moultonborough July 4th Parade.
House Rep. Dr. Jerry Knirk campaigns in Tamworth — Let’s reelect him.
Democrat House Rep. Candidates Jerry Knirk, Gabrielle Watson & Peaco Todd marched for victory in Tamworth, NH
Our Straightforward Parade and Now-to-November Message.


July 4th Around the County

Join Democratic Friends, Neighbors & Candidates
in your Independence Day Parade!
Join your local parade and make our Democratic presence known!

See you at Black Fly Field in Bartlett @ 10AM.

Or in Conway at Hillside Avenue kicking off at 1:30

There’s a bunch of events in Tamworth!  Their parade starts @ 11AM at Depot Road

Jackson doesn’t have a parade but they have fun fireworks on Saturday!! 

The Wolfeboro Parade starts at Old Lakeview Terrace at 10AM 

The Ossipee parade starts at 10AM & they’re having fireworks that evening too!

Meet Gov Candidate State Senator, Dr. Tom Sherman

The road to unseating Governor Sununu begins now!

For the Zoom link, send Knute an email: He’ll respond with the link.

State Senator Dr. Tom Sherman (D-Rye) wants to be Governor. It’s always great to get to know people who want to help DEMs succeed! The Greater Ossipee DEMs have invited him to tell us about himself. And we’re inviting YOU — DEMs throughout the county — to join us. If Sununu is to be defeated come November, we need to get to know candidates! We hope you will have an interest in getting to know the people.

On Monday, April 4th at 7 PM — for 1 hour — let’s get to know Senator Sherman.

Come with ears to listen and questions that are on your heart. Invite others to do so too! Let’s show candidates running for state office in NH who we are!

Thanks to Bill Marsh — the person who will unseat Jeb Bradley in November! He will introduce Tom Sherman. And thanks to the Carroll County DEMs for allowing the Greater Ossipee DEMs to use their Zoom account.

Make the time. You’ll be glad you did. Thank for joining us.

Again, for the Zoom link, send Knute an email: He’ll respond with the link.


County Meeting on January 25

Hassan to attend; Pappas and Custer have been invited!
Happy 2022!  All of us in your Carroll County Democratic Committee are working hard to help bring more sanity, safety & hope to our state in this coming year.  And we encourage you to join us in our work!
There are so many ways in which you can get involved.  Write a letter to the editor in your local paper.  Reach out to your Town Chair and ask how you can help.  Send a letter of thanks to your Democratic State Representatives, who are doing great work in very difficult circumstances.  Engage your friends and neighbors in discussions about the importance of their involvement, especially in the upcoming election season.  Contribute to your CCDC!
Thanks for staying involved,
Ed Butler, CCDC Chair
  1. Carroll County Membership Zoom meeting Tuesday, 1/25, 6PM. Register here in advance for this meeting.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
    We’ll have updates from our state Reps, from our congressional offices and … Senator Hassan will join our meeting!  And both Congressfolks have been invited.  Our state and regional directors of the Coordinated Campaign will also give us an update.
  2. The NH Senate is still discussing the Senate and Executive Council redistricting.  They will also approve – or not?? – the House and Congressional districts approved by the House.  Here’s a good overview of the process. And an NHPR report on the congressional gerrymander.
  3. Senator Hassan’s campaign website.  Have you signed up for periodic notices?
  4. Congressman Pappas’ campaign website.
  5. Congresswoman Kuster’s campaign website.
  6. Please help us grow our reach.  Are you signed up on our FaceBook page?  Ask a couple of friends to sign up too!  And please encourage your friends to sign up for these newsletters.
  7. The NH Democratic Coordinated Campaign is hiring Organizing Fellows. 15 hours per week to canvass, phone bank and help the NHDP win up and down the ticket. Local folks young and not-so-young will help us focus the party on our races!  Click here.
  8. Did you see?!  Open Democracy, dedicated to reducing the influence of big money in politics has a great new way of supporting or showing that you’re against particular bills. Check it out!
  9. Phone & Text Banks, supporting our candidates and encouraging citizens to get involved in the upcoming elections are already happening.  Want to help?  Organize NH.
  10. How to get more involved: Contact your Town or County Chair.

Thanks for your support!

Carroll County NH Dems