Carroll County DEMs Dinner

We will have a fantastic *virtual* dinner together on October 20th beginning at 6:15 PM and finishing up at about 7:45.

The DINNER: Homemade Mac N Cheese (from your own kitchen), a side salad so that there is something healthy going into the body, a dessert of your choosing, and some kind of NH themed beverage (be creative).

The COST: This event, a fundraiser, is a “Give What You Can” style event. Some will choose the lower end contribution and some who are more financial able will choose a higher end contribution. ALL FUNDS WILL BE HELPING Carroll County DEMs! Be generous, please!

The GUEST LIST: We are so pleased to welcome Senator Maggie Hassan and former Presidential Candidate Mr. Andrew Yang who will join us for this Zoom Event. Others are checking their schedules and carving out the time. Candidates up and down the ballot are being invited to send a two minute greeting to Carroll County DEMs. This is going to be a very fun event.

The LOW DOWN: When you make your contribution (non-standard amounts so that we can KNOW you are wanting to attend the dinner), the email you use for the contribution will be the email we use for sending your Zoom Meeting link. That link will arrive to you at 2 PM on October 20. If you haven’t received the link by 3 PM on October 20, you’ll immediately contact One contribution equals one screen. But one screen can equal all kinds of people! Invite your whole family, friend group, pod, or whomever. Be safe and be smart, of course!

The LINK for the “Ticket” page:


Welcome to Grace!

Join the Carroll County DEMs in welcoming Grace Jarell to the team!

Grace graduated from Kennett High School in June and was Valedictorian of the Class of 2020. She is smart, driven, interested in learning, capable, and willing to help. She follows through and she wants to help. Carroll County DEMs is so fortunate.

Grace will be working part-time for the County DEMs through Election Day. We are still piecing together funding for Grace’s position. We are looking for a little help.

GIVE A GIFT of $11, $33, $66, $99, or $222 between now, Monday the 14th and Thursday morning the 17thand you can be sure that your funds will go directly to making sure we can cover Grace’s position. What will she be doing?

Grace will be serving as Carroll County DEMs’ Communications Assistant. She will be participating in creating E-Newsletters, FB posts, Website Updates, and working on other mediums as well. She’ll be reaching out to younger adults, too. This is GREAT for Carroll County. Many thanks to Slate Goodwin and New Hampshire Democratic Party for the help with making this as easy as possible.

Can you help with a gift? Click “Give a Gift” in the paragraphs above, or click the Blue “Support Grace’s Position” box below and help us raise $1,500.

Questions? Contact Carroll County DEMs chairperson KNUTE.


A Carroll County DEMs Conversation with Andru Volinsky & Dan Feltes — August 12

On August 12, the Carroll County Democrats will welcome the two candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for Governor. Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky and Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes will be on the ballot on September 8 when New Hampshire has its primary. The Zoom Meeting will take place at 7 PM and will end at about 8:15 PM. There is limited space and therefore only those who act fast can be assured a seat at the virtual meeting.

To participate in this meeting being held on Zoom, registered DEMs who live in and vote in one of the towns of Carroll County can register for the event by doing these simple things:

  1. Send an email to Carroll County DEMs chairperson Knute Ogren by clicking HERE.
  2. In the email you send, you will please note your first name, your last name, and the town in which you live and vote.
  3. Be ready to receive your invitation to the meeting which will arrive to your email on the morning of the event.
  4. When you receive that email on the morning of August 12, you will click on the link provided and follow the prompts. By doing this step, Zoom automatically issues you the official meeting link.

Looking forward to seeing Carroll County DEMs on August 12 at 7 PM. Questions or concerns? Contact Knute by clicking HERE.


A Carroll County Conversation With Congressman Pappas


July 28 at 6:30 PM — Zoom (reservation required)

If you are a registered DEM in Carroll County, you are welcome to reserve a spot for the evening chat being hosted by our State Senate candidate, Theresa Swanick, and Greater Ossipee DEMs chair, Pat Pustell. There will be a limited number of guests so don’t delay.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Decide that you will commit to being at the Zoom Meeting on the 28th.
  2. Message KNUTE BY CLICKING HERE from your preferred email address. First come, first served.
  3. Include in the email your first name, your last name, and your town.
  4. If you’d like, include a question you think would be good for Mr. Pappas to answer.
  5. On the morning of July 28, check your email for a message from Knute.
  6. Guests will register for the meeting by 6 PM.
  7. That registration process will release the official Zoom link invitation for the 6:30 PM meeting.
  8. No guests will be allowed entry after 6:30 PM.

If you are NOT a registered DEM in Carroll County, this event won’t be a good match for you. There is a limited number of people who can attend this Zoom Meeting. When the slots are gone, they’re gone.

Thanks for caring about the work of the DEMs here in Carroll County. Together we can do great things.


To be added to the Carroll County DEMs email news blast:





April 2020

Happy April, Friends.

Some days ago, after some fresh snow, I snapped this pic of Effingham DEMs chair, Rob Waterman, who made a small fire in the yard. With plenty of time on hand, gathering a bit of brush and having a fire was a nice activity for the night. As the flames danced, I was reminded of flames of hope which dance in hearts all over. Even during strange times like right now, hope dances inside us.

All kinds of events and programs have been cancelled (as they should).

There is a spirit of wonder about where we are going as a country — and as a state, as a county — as we face this unprecedented national experience.

I have found pride in my neighbors who are following the social distancing norms, who are checking in with their neighbors, who are making do with what they have, who are not letting greed win the day …

We watch as an infuriating inept POTUS says preposterous things. We watch as our Governor slowly is picking up steam in understanding the seriousness of what we face. Our Congressman and our two Senators are shining brightly. Our county and town governments are doing whatever possible to keep things going in a steady direction.

*** This is why elections matter. ***

The election for President matters. Let’s do whatever necessary to ensure Mr. Trump goes somewhere else after this election is over. “Vote Blue No Matter Who” matters. Do not let people convince you otherwise. 

Having a Governor grounded in goodness and who has true leadership ability matters. What would it look like were a Democrat (Feltes or Volinsky, for example) leading the way during these days?

Having Shaheen and Hassan at the biggest table in the country making smart decisions based in science matters. Can you imagine where we’d be if a Republican had one of our two Senate seats? Maine’s Republican Senator Susan Collins continues to do and say some of the strangest things during these days. And she’s one of the very few rather normal ones! My goodness …

Having Pappas working for us to ensure we can do everything possible to keep on solid ground matters. Can you imagine what having a Republican in Pappas’ spot would bring? We are working to re-elect Mr. Pappas this fall!

Having Executive Councilor Cryans working with the other 4 Ex.Councilors to keep NH safe matters. Can you imagine what it would look like to have Republicans in the majority at the Executive Council level? Mr. Cryans is a good worker and a committed leader to this part of the state. We are lucky!

We have an opportunity to keep our county government with a DEM majority come November. Each of your towns will be sending a message with who is snagging the votes. Are you paying attention? Are you ready to make a small contribution to help your local State Rep. nominee be successful? Every gift, no matter the size, will matter.

I don’t know what will come. You should assume that every program, meeting, gathering, educational opportunity that brings people physically together is cancelled. Be ready for announcements about how work will be getting done using any number of technological resources.

Here are five things you can do:

1. Write a letter to the paper. Point to the successes and the steadfastness of Democrats during these days.

2. Comment — with respect, care, and compassion — on Facebook pages so that people can see activism and goodness at work.

3. Call your neighbor to see if you can offer support. Make a new friend. Let people see your wisdom, your care, you’re compassion. Let them see that DEMs are a party of action.

4. Make a list of the people you know in your town who have a progressive flavor. Ask yourself: “Is (so and so) actively engaged in the local party?” If not, invite them to participate with you.

5. Make a gift to support the Carroll County DEMs so that we are even more ready to win local and regional elections this November. Is doesn’t matter how much you give, it just matters that you give. Find the giving option on the county’s website: DONATE HERE

Good luck out there. Be good.


Carroll County DEMs chairperson



FIVE Things To Know … FEB 6, 2020

The DEMs of Carroll County are actively engaged and are totally ready to make this year’s First In The Nation Primary a seriously awesome day …

The work of our regional groups has been awesome. Periodic meetings of the Conway DEMs, the Iron Mountain DEMs (Bartlett, Jackson, Hart’s Location), the Tri Town DEMs, the Greater Ossipee DEMs, the Moose Mountain Area DEMs (meeting in Wakefield), and the Wolfeboro DEMs. Be sure you are getting involved!! Check out this great event by the Tri Town DEMs in the rather RED District 4 (Tuftonboro, Sandwich, & Moultonborough) which was held two days ago — over 50 people! Have hope, my friends! Invite your neighbors!

Okay … Here are just FIVE Things To Know …

FIVE Things To Know — FEB 6, 2020

1. FEB 9 — Candidate Andrew Yang will be here in Carroll County this Sunday. Here’s the message: “Andrew Yang will be in Conway on February 9th. He is hosting a town hall at 7:30 PM at the A. Crosby Kennett Middle School.”


2. FEB 11 — Voting Locations. Only one voting spot in the county is different than has been typical. On Tuesday, Conway and Hales Location will head to Conway Elementary School at 160 Main St. in Conway. All other towns will go where they usually go!

• Albany at town hall.

• Bartlett at town hall.

• Brookfield Town House on Wentworth Road.

• Chatham at town hall.

• Conway at Conway Elementary at 160 Main St.

• Eaton at town hall.

• Effingham at Effingham Elementary School.

• Freedom at town hall.

• Hales Location at Conway Elementary at 160 Main St.

• Hart’s Location at the town hall.

• Jackson at the Whitney Center.

• Madison at Madison Elementary School.

• Moultonborough at the Moultonborough Life Safety Building.

• Ossipee at town hall.

• Sandwich at the town hall.

• Tamworth at Tamworth Town House.

• Tuftonboro at the Town House.

• Wakefield at Town Hall Opera House.

• Wolfeboro in the Great Hall on the second floor.

3. Carroll County Leadership: Among the accomplishments at the most recent meeting of the Executive Committee, Erik Corbett, LeeAnn Stevens, & Caroline Nesbitt volunteered to coordinate and figure out the important details about some kind of  “So You’re Thinking About Running For Local Office” event. Reps. Burroughs and Ticehurst have also offered their service, expertise, & leadership. Stay tuned. The next meeting of the Executive Committee will take place in March — Date, Location, and Time TBD.

4. MAY 3 —  The Iron Mountain DEMs are in the midst of planning a great event for May and are inviting DEMs and Independents from all over to join in the fun! *** Mardi Gras in May — A fundraiser to help elect Democrats in NH local and state elections. It will take place on Sunday, May 3rd at 4pm at the Shovel Handle Pub, Jackson, NH. Attire: Semi-formal dress and mask (although mask is not required). “Join us for a fun gala that includes hearty apps, cash bar and Mardi Gras-theme surprises.” For more info, contact the new Chair of the Iron Mountain DEMs, Helen Crowell — HELEN

5. MAY 17 — As many are already aware, every two years, we are required to meet for our county caucus. This past May ,we had over 90 people in the room. Your leaders figured we ought to try gathering everyone in the “off year,” too. Mark your calendars for the Carroll County Summit to be held on a Sunday afternoon at 1:30 PM (central location TBD). We will gather together and handle 3 things: 1. Lessons we’ve learned which we should try to remember for the next FITN Primary. 2. Stories of Carroll County folks who are newly involved in political stuff for the very first time. 3. Quick handling of any Bi Law updates and other stuff that might require a vote of some kind.

Another email will come in a couple of weeks after everything quiets down. But until the quiet comes, let’s keep focusing and inviting — making the most of this crazy primary day on TUESDAY the 11th!




Ten Things To Know … January 18, 2020

Happy Saturday — January 18, 2020!

I hope this email finds you to be doing well. Here are Ten Things To Know for January 18, 2020.

  1. JAN 19 — Bernie is coming! Sunday the 19th! Conway … Tuckerman’s … Conway (Hobbs St) … doors open at 1 PM. RSVP at this link: HERE
  1. JAN 20 (7PM) — The Wolfeboro DEMs are meeting for their regular monthly gathering on Monday at the Wolfeboro Inn. All are welcome and will enjoy a healthy conversations about whom each person is supporting and why. Come if you have a candidate already. Come if you’re not yet sure.
  1. JAN 22 (6 PM) — The Moose Mountain Area DEMs are meeting for their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday at Poor Peoples Pub in Wakefield. They’ll be receiving a few guests and having conversion about the primary.
  1. JAN 26 (2PM) — Rep. Jerry Knirk is doing another forum on healthcare — this time at Runnell’s Hall in Chocorua. This will be his third in recent weeks. He is doing a great job at helping people think deeply about this major issue. Thanks, Jerry. 
  1. JAN 27 (6:30 PM) — The Executive Committee will have a meeting and all are welcome! It’ll be held at the Madison Library. If you live in Madison and plan on attending, I (Knute) could use a little help.
  1. FEB 4 — The Tri Town DEMs (Tuftonboro, Sandwich, Moultonborough) will meet at the Moultonborough Public Safety Training Room (assess behind fire station on Route 25). 6:30 PM. Similar to Wolfeboro’s event on Jan 20, the Tri Town DEMs are having a pre-primary conversation about candidates. 
  1. The primary is FEB 11. Vote. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to vote. Wear one of those stickers that tells everyone you voted. Post on your Facebook and/or Instagram page that you voted. Let’s keep the DEM momentum going by being public and bold about your most important activism — Voting.
  1. Kudos to Carroll County’s own Pat Pustell & Edie DesMarais for being part of a recent NHPR story about the DEMs in more rural places here in the state. They come across beautifully and make us proud! Read the story here: HERE
  1. Be ready for mistakes and/or misinformation. State Rep. Anita Burroughs shares this important message: “Hey Knute, Just wanted you to be aware of a voting registration issue that was brought to my attention. Several folks from Conway, Bartlett, & Jackson were told that their college kids needed a parental affidavit that they were living at home. Per the secretary of state’s office, this is not correct. The assistant secretary of state, Dave Scanlan, was reaching out to these towns today. Please let folks know to contact Dave if they are having difficulty registering, 271-3246.” Thanks Anita!
  1. Friends … Keep trying hard to build up your own candidate without devaluing the other. The other might very well be our nominee. These races are complicated because we are passionate. We are commited. Be careful not to be short-sighted by denouncing any DEM candidate. And, as always, here’s the link to find out where your favorite candidate(s) will be in NH in the weeks to come. HERE

If there’s something you’d like included in a future Ten Things To Know, give me a yell. EMAIL KNUTE Be good. Knute



Ten Things To Know … JAN 6, 2020

Ten Things To Know … January 6, 2020!

Happy New Year, everyone! You’ve likely heard that Julian Castro is no longer in the race. We can be thankful for both his participation in raising issues and his wonderful team of workers & volunteers who worked so hard. Campaign workers & volunteers are vitally important to our democracy. Here in NH, we get to meet so many wonderful, passionate people. Aren’t we lucky! Okay, friends …. Let’s work together to make sure that 2020 is a great year for Democrats at every level of government! Here are Ten Things To Know …

  1. In the last hunk of time, Candidate Amy Klobuchar and Candidate Pete Buttigieg came to Conway and Wolfeboro. Both candidates had great turn outs in both spots. Together with Warren, Sanders, Biden, Booker, Steyer, Yangand so many others, what we have is a hunk of excellent candidates who are deserving of our attention. It’s looking like whomever the nominee happens to be come later on in the year, we are going to be well suited to take on Mr. Trump in the general election. Keep learning, and keep building up your candidate without short-sightedly knocking down another candidate who could very well end up being our party’s nominee. Let’s be smart and united!
  1. JAN 9 — Candidate Mark Stewart will be visiting Carroll County on January 9th. Mr. Stewart  is a Connecticut resident who will be on the primary ballot. He is visiting the Yankee Smokehouse in West Ossipee. From Mr. Stewart: “First round is on Mark, and serious voters can then stay for dinner.” RSVP HERE
  1. JAN 10 — Candidate Andrew Yang will be at the Met in North Conway on Friday, January 10th at 9 AM. Learn more by emailing Candidate Andrew Yang will be at Wolfeboro Town Hall on Friday, January 10th at 2 PM. Learn more by emailing JUSTIN
  1. JAN 10 — Candidate Mark Stewart will be at Bear Peak Lodge Cafeteria on January 10th at 8:40 AM for “Breakfast intro with Candidate Mark Stewart.” Find more info HERE Later that morning, candidate Mark Stewart will be at the Met in North Conway at 11:40 AM. From Mr. Stewart: “Coffee or Cocoa at the Met is on Mark, and serious voters can then stay for Lunch.” Please RSVP HERE
  1. JAN 13 — The January 13 Greater Ossipee DEMs forum on Water with Mindi Messmer has been cancelled.Please be ready for when this will be rescheduled.
  1. JAN 13 — But if you had that time set aside, consider heading to the Conway Library at 6 PM. The Conway DEMs/Valley DEMs are welcoming State Rep. Jerry Knirk who will present his forum on Healthcare. Last month, the Greater Ossipee DEMs hosted this and it was very, very well received. Lots of great information. Jerry has made a ton of edits. The presentation will be just as fantastic, but shorter than the presentation in Ossipee. Please spread the word. Attendees will not be disappointed and they will be way more informed!
  1. JAN 20 — Don’t forget about the regular meeting of the Wolfeboro DEMs (January 20th, 7 PM, Wolfeboro Inn).
  1. JAN 22 — Don’t forget about the regular meeting of the Moose Mountain Area DEMs (January 23rd, 6 PM, Poor Peoples Pub).
  1. FEB 4 — The Tri Town DEMs (Tuftonboro, Sandwich, Moultonborough) will meet at the Moultonborough Public Safety Training Room (access behind fire station on RT 25) on February 4th at 6:30 PM. This will be a time when people will be sharing with each other about the candidates they are supporting, and WHY! This is a great time to gather with neighbors to discuss the important primary on FEB 11.
  1. As is typical, #10 on this list is the link for the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s website that has info on when your favorite candidate(s) will be coming to NH! Check it out: NHDP

Let me know (KNUTE) about info that ought to be included in future Ten Things To Know. Also, share this info widely! Thank you for your work and attention. 

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