Knirk column – “Liberty & Responsibility”

The pandemic and how we as a national community are trying to fight it has become a political issue due to the most right-wing members go the GOP and the enabling of those right wingers by the self-proclaimed centrist or moderate GOP members like Karen Umberger (GOP Rep of Conway) and Mark McConkey (GOP Rep of Freedom). The stunning lack of an understanding of the big picture and common good by the GOP is not just sad — but literally tragic.

Kudos to State Rep. Jerry Knirk for a great column in today’s Conway Daily Sun which can help us all think about what we’re up against (DEC 30). Check it out – by clicking here


Ten Things to Know — 11/16/21

One (Tonight — NOV 16)

Tonight, November 16, in Moultonborough — the Tri Town DEMs will host an event that highlights what is happening with the Free Staters here in NH. Guest speaker is Zandra Rice Hawkins. As DEMs are working to hold on to normalcy, GOP “centrists” like Karen Umberger (Conway) and Mark McConkey (Freedom) are enabling the “No Government Is Good Government” lousiness. Mr. Sununu himself has lamented that his fellow Republicans are falling prey to the conspiracy theories and misinformation coming from the Free Staters and others. Learn more about tonight’s event at the Moultonborough Library which starts at 7 PM by clicking: HERE.


Mike Cryans to Greater Ossipee DEMs

November 22 on Zoom — The Greater Ossipee DEMs 
will welcome Mike Cryans as folks in Carroll County wonder about the power of the Executive Council and the recent weirdness involving councilor Joe Kenney having voted to reject the $27M in federal Covid funds making NH the only state in the country to go without. Thankfully, the Governor and reasonable ones coaxed and dragged Mr. Kenney back to the table where he was strong-armed into accepting $22M. Mr. Cryans is a former executive councilor and will share with us and answer questions. To learn more and to request the Zoom link, click HERE.


Representative Bill Marsh
, from the southern floterial House district in our County which includes Brookfield, Effingham, Ossipee, Wakefield, Moultonborough, Sandwich, and Tuftonboro. He has been active in various efforts and discussions since that change.  We’re looking forward to working with him as he represents us from this side of the aisle in the coming legislative year. Check out a Huffington Post interview with Bill by clicking HERE.


Local elected officials and grassroots activists have been doing great work.  On the day for the National Women’s March, the Tri-Town Dems had a great visibility demonstration in Center Harbor … a challenging LTE (letter to the editor) from Knute Ogren HERE …  Representative Anita Burroughs wonders about the “Free State Project: Follow the Money!” … and Representative Jerry Knirk has been writing a number of great editorials, too, like this THIS important one on Covid and the GOP’s bad policy.


Redistricting — And we’re all anxious to see what happens with the new redistricting maps!  It looks like the Republican majority of the Committee will push through a very gerrymandered district to make it much more difficult for Congressman Pappas to win another term.  And our local State representative districts are, in most instances, going to be much different.  Ellen Farnum, Town Chair from Tamworth, has been leading a small group of locals to try to give regular feedback and input on the maps.  You can see here the proposed maps from the Democratic/Minority and the Republican/Majority Committee members.


The Senate Seat
 — Chris Sununu is not going to run for the Senate against Maggie Hassan!  He will instead seek another term as our Governor – which, of course, we are going to deny him!!!  Yes, he’s a strong candidate but did you see CCDC Executive Committee Member Leonard Witt’s article in the Laconia SUN?  The LTE makes a good case for why we can win, with a good candidate, in this next Gubernatorial race! Hassan’s campaign office made this statement after Sunono’s announcement: “Senator Hassan won her last race by 1,017 votes, and we know that no matter who emerges as the Republican nominee this is going to be a hard-fought race. The Senator has shown that she can work across the aisle to get results for Granite Staters — and that is why she has a record of winning tough races. Our campaign is ready for the challenge ahead.”


Can you add 3/three/tres/trois/drei/tin … names to our Carroll County Democrats list? Please?! This newsletter is going out to just over 800 Democrats in our county.  There were 16,649 Democratic votes for Biden in the 2020 election.  You, or those friends you’re going to add to the list, can sign up here.


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We’re fired up & working hard to return our state to a Democratic majority; to make it clear to the Free Staters that we’re going to resist their impact on our communities; to undo the damage of the Trump era; and to return our politics to one of respect for each other.

Thanks for paying attention.
Let me know what you’re thinking!

Ed Butler
CC DEMs chairperson


Learn About the Free Staters on November 16 at Tri-Town DEMs

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about what the Free Staters are doing to this wonderful state of ours. This is not a new concern, by any means. But it’s a concern that is getting more serious with each passing year. The Tri-Town DEMs have invited Zandra Rice Hawkins of Concord to be the featured speaker at their November 16th meeting. They are meeting in-person at Moultonborough Library. Learn More

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Mike Cryans to Visit Great Ossipee DEMs on November 22 via Zoom!

When Executive Councilor Joe Kenney voted “NO” on the $27 Million from Washington DC to help with, among other things, vaccinations and other Covid necessities — even GOP Governor Sununu labeled Kenney and his colleagues believers of conspiracy theories. When Kenney bested Cryans in 2020, we did not know that Kenney would be championing ignorance. Join Mike Cryans and the Greater Ossipee DEMs to learn about the Executive Council, why we need a DEM to represent us, and why saying “NO” to those Covid funds have put NH in a pickle. To get your Zoom link for MON, NOV 22 at 7 PM, contact: Knute

Consider making a small gift in support of the work of Carroll County DEMs. If everyone makes a small gift every once in a while, we will have all the money we need to be a wonderful support to our 2022 candidates. Click: contribute


Carroll County Caucus — Tonight!

Join with others from throughout Carroll County for the biennial caucus taking place via Zoom. The leadership of the county is putting forward a list of folks who have the gifts, the passion, and the understanding to move us forward during this upcoming two year cycle. The list:

For Chair — Ed Butler of Hart’s Location

For Vice Chair — Theresa Swanick of Effingham

For Secretary — Annie Robbins of Wakefield

For Treasurer — Bill McKay of Tamworth

For At Large Members — Edie DesMarais of Wolfeboro, Leonard Witt of Sandwich, & Erik Corbett (of Conway).

To participate in tonight’s caucus at 7 PM, you must request the link by 6 PM by clicking HERE. The Zoom meeting is being hosted by the New Hampshire Democratic Party in Concord.

We are thrilled that we will receive greetings from Senator Maggie Hassan who will be with us at 7 PM — sharp!


Sen. Maggie Hassan to visit Carroll County Caucus

To attend the caucus, you must be a registered DEM living in Carroll County and you must request the link for the caucus by clicking HERE. The New Hampshire Democratic Party leaders in Concord are handling all the Zoom logistics for the county caucus.

We are so pleased that Sen. Maggie Hassan has accepted our invitation to visit with us for a few minutes (assuming there is no legislative floor vote or some other important concern that would pull her away).

The present leadership team of Carroll County DEMs have worked to identify a team of nominees that we think are a great fit for the needs of Carroll County in the next two years. We unanimously endorse the nominees that are listed here:

For Chair: Ed Butler of Hart’s Location
For Vice: Theresa Swanick of Effingham
For Sec.: Annie Robbins of Wakefield
For Treas: Bill McKay of Tamworth
At-Large 1: Edie DesMarais of Wolfeboro
At-Large 2: Leonard Witt of Sandwich
At-Large 3: Erik Corbett of Conway

We believe these people have the skills necessary.
We believe it’s a HUGE bonus that they are from throughout the whole county.
We believe that this team can move us from “pretty good” to “wicked awesome” as a county.

There are opportunities for nominations to be made from “the floor.”
And if you or someone you know would be a good fit — please nominate!!

But … knowing that Zoom meetings make it tough for this kind of thing, the present leadership team wanted to put forward a group of people — and all have said YES (assuming you elect them).

The agenda for the evening will be:

Greetings from Sen. Hassan
Update from State Chair Ray Buckley
The Caucus (electing leaders for the next two year cycle)
Report from out-going chair Knute Ogren
Report from Treasurer Bill McKay about our account balance.
Brief remarks from new leaders

Please join the caucus.
We’ve come a long way in the last couple of years. 
And we are still cooking!!

One more time — Get your CAUCUS ZOOM LINK

Questions? Contact Knute at
Thanks very much!
Be good.

PS: If you haven’t made a contribution to the Carroll County DEMs in a little bit, please consider doing so. If everyone gives a little bit here and and little bit there, we’ll have plenty to help our local candidates come 2022! You can do your part by clicking HERE


Training for Treasurers — May 17

Request the Zoom link by emailing The training will go for about an hour and it will cover pros and cons of having a checking account, what to think about regarding having an account for a regional group, and how to learn from mistakes made in the past. Many thanks to the Carroll County Treasurer, Bill McKay, for his excellent stewardship and care of our funds — and for his willingness to help others learn.

And … don’t forget the Carroll County Caucus — May 24 at 7:00 PM. If you haven’t yet signed up to participate in the biennial Carroll County Caucus (via Zoom on May 24), you need to sign up — not with Knute — but with the NHDP. We’ll be electing leadership for the coming two years. Here’s that link: CAUCUS ZOOM REQUEST.


Five Things for May 2021

May 3: There was a great Zoom event for those who were elected to an officer position in the towns of Carroll County. We’ll be doing this again!

May 9: Mother’s Day. Buy a card. Make a call. Remember those for whom the day is difficult for any number of reasons.

May 10: A forum and fundraiser for DEMs in NH with special guests Emily Cain of “EMILY’s List” and NH State Senator Martha Fuller Clark focussed on *Protecting Reproductive Rights” here in NH and beyond. $25 Ticket

May 24: The biennial County Caucus on Zoom (7 PM) … electing leaders for the upcoming 2 years. We need all DEMs from Carroll County to participate. Zoom Link

May 31: Get ready for Pride Month which begins on June 1!


“Protecting Reproductive Rights” with Emily Cain of EMILY’s List. May 10, Zoom

As a way of staying grounded in some of the most important issues of the day, the “Committee to Elect House Democrats” is hosting an event featuring Emily Cain (of EMILY’s List) which will help New Hampshire DEMs think deeply about what’s at stake in the fight to protect reproductive rights. The Zoom event — just one hour in length — will be May 10 at 7 PM and has a cost of just $25. Funds raised will be used in a new effort to offer broader support of House candidates in 2022.

The Committee to Elect House Democrats (CEHD) has a new leader and his vision for how DEMs can do better in 2022 is vitally important. Rep. Matt Wilhelm, together with others throughout the state — including our own Anita Burroughs — will be transforming how local candidates receive support and encouragement. We lost in 2020. But we’ll win in 2022 because we learned our lesson.

Consider purchasing a $25 ticket to the May 10th event. If you can’t attend, but want to participate in the effort to ensure a better 2022 for our House Candidates, you can use the link to make a one-time donation to CEHD. Here’s the ticket/donation link: MAY 10 EVENT

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