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Upcoming Organizing Event – April 28th

Join us from 3:30-6pm on Sunday April 28th to learn about the issues that impact you, and to hear from candidates and elected officials on[…]

Democrats Are Motivated

Highly motivated Carroll County Democrats turned out for the Sunday, June 11 potluck in North Sandwich. Main message from State Reps Anita Burroughs and Chris[…]

How to Flip Rural Red Districts Blue

Carroll County Dems to Meet Authors of Dirt Road Rival Knute Ogren the May Zoom Organizer says: Hey Rural NH folks! Anyone want to read[…]

Dems Best Mid-Terms in Decades

Includes nation and New Hampshire, where recounts continue First congratulations to Carroll County Democratic incumbents Anita Burroughs, Chris McAleer, Tom Bucco and Steve Woodcock, all[…]

WMUR Election Results

It’s Election Day! Vote!

And be sure to call or text friends to ensure they vote for Democrats today! A reminder: Last election 54,000 people did not vote for[…]

State Senate Debate: Bill Marsh v Jeb Bradley

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