Sherman & Pappas at Moody Mt. Farm

State Senator Dr. Tom Sherman for Governor with State Rep. Dr. Jerry Knirk
County Commissioner Candidates Adam Heard & Theresa Swanick, Congressman Chris Papas, State Rep Dr. Jerry Knirk, Dr. Bill Marsh for State Senate, Bobbi Boudman for State Rep.
Blair Moffet, Dr. Bill March for State Senate and Dr. Tom Sherman for Governor
Gary Chehames smiling for the camera; Chris Papas talking politics with Edie and Paul DesMarais
County Commissioner candidate Adam Heard listening to Carroll County concerns.
Dana Hilliard for Executive Council (in foreground talking with Bobbi Boudman). Huge thanks to Perrin & Julie Long for use of barn. And thanks to Pat Pustell for paying for the band to gather us all together.
Dr. Bill Marsh warning voters about the stakes in this election. Midterms Matter!
County Commissioner candidate Theresa Swanick urges concerned citizens to GOTV (Get Out The Vote)!

Greetin’ in Eaton

Several candidates were invited to Eaton to talk about issues of great interest to us all because of all that is at stake in this election. We all must pay attention; this election matters!

State Rep Dr. Jerry Knirk speaks with concerned citizens in Eaton.
Knute Ogren for NH State Rep warning voters about the Free State Project taking over the NH GOP.

Dems Fired up in Freedom

It was a bluebird day in Freedom on Sunday at the Meet the Candidates gathering. The message from the candidates was- It’s crucial that we all get out and VOTE BLUE up and down the ballot in 2022. Protect public education, women’s reproductive rights, end the extremists’ agenda in Concord and most of all …… preserve our democracy. Mayor Dana Hilliard for Executive Council, Dr. Bill Marsh for State Senate, Adam Heard & Theresa Swanick for two County Commissioner seats, Sandra Ringelstein and Dr. Jerry Knirk for State Reps in District. 8, Knute Ogren for and Max Gehring for State Reps in District. 4. Learn more about the candidates running in your town here and volunteer here to ensure they win in November. Let’s get out and VOTE BLUE in 2022! 

Freedom 8.28.22

Dana Hilliard in the lovely garden of Freedom’s Pam and Barry Keith!

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Carroll County NH Dems