Who We Are …

Carroll County DEMs are spread out all throughout the county from the southern portion in Wakefield/Brookfield, to the west in Moultonborough, to the center in Ossipee, heading north into Conway, and all the way to the northern tips in Harts Location and Jackson.

Due to our geography and having lots of miles between us, Carroll County DEMs has a bunch of sub-groups: Iron Mountain DEMs (Harts Location, Bartlett, and Jackson), Conway DEMs (Conway, Hale’s Location, Chatham, and Eaton), Greater Ossipee DEMs (Tamworth, Madison, Freedom, Ossipee, & Effingham), Tri-Town DEMs (Tuftonboro, Sandwich, and Moultonborough), Moose Mountain Area DEMs (Wakefield and Brookfield), and the Wolfeboro DEMs (in Wolfeboro, of course!). People from these towns participate in one or several groups and we don’t get too caught up in the boundary lines. These groupings are just for our purposes — it helps keep us together, to form a sense of belonging, and to think about strategy.

If you are finding yourself interested in getting involved in the local party, be assured that we need you! Get aquatinted with the groups by searching Facebook, look for contact info in website posts, and/or reach out to Carroll County DEMs elected leadership by clicking here: Leadership

Carroll County NH Dems