US Senate Passes Massive Climate Bill

Pat Pustell, State House Candidate from Ossipee, volunteered to make the Sandwich Electric Vehicle, Tool, & Solar Day a success. Thank Pat with your vote in November.

Just as the US Senate was passing the USA’s largest climate action bill, Carroll County Democratic candidates were visiting the Sandwich, NH Electric Vehicle, Tool, & Solar Day. It is so symbolic. From the very top of government right down to the county commissioner level, Democrats care about taking climate action, creating clean energy jobs and saving consumers money. What a great day for our country, our county and Sandwich. Thank you state house incumbents Anita Burroughs and Chris McAleer, state house candidate Patricia Pustell from Ossipee and county commissioner candidate Adam Heard for attending and advancing a better America.

Incumbent NH State House Representative Chris McAleer and Anita Burroughs are now running in Sandwich for the first time. What a welcome addition. Want a cleaner NH? Vote for them in November.
Anita Burroughs and Pat Pustell, two refreshing NH State House candidates. Be cool, vote for both in November.

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Dems March for Freedom, in Freedom

Candidates and friends came out in force for Freedom, NH’s annual parade

Carroll County, NH Democrats dominate parades across the county.
Let’s flip the state senate.
Democrats stand tall for the USA.
And please vote for me too!
Yes, that’s me, Sandra Ringelstein.
Democrats care about kitchen table and front porch issues.
Just between us chickens, I am a great candidate.

Democrats Everywhere on July 4th

No mountain is too high, Carroll County NH Dems will march to victory in November
Signs of the Times: Our Fantastic Democratic Candidates
Wolfeboro, Tuftonboro Democrats on the way to victory.
High Fives for All Women’s Rights
Conway and Bartlett demand choice, demand victory in November.
Tamworth’s own Gabrielle Watson‘s First Parade as a NH State House Candidate. Find All Your Town’s candidates here.
Same Women’s Messages Repeated in Conway Parade and All Around NH and the USA on July 4th.
NH House Rep. Candidate Sandra Ringelstein is turning the corner on path to turning Moultonborough Blue.
Moultonborough’s own Sandra Ringelstein, State House candidate, in Moultonborough July 4th Parade.
House Rep. Dr. Jerry Knirk campaigns in Tamworth — Let’s reelect him.
Democrat House Rep. Candidates Jerry Knirk, Gabrielle Watson & Peaco Todd marched for victory in Tamworth, NH
Our Straightforward Parade and Now-to-November Message.

Carroll County NH Dems