Wolfeboro/Tuftonboro Picnic

Folks came out to meet candidates running in Wolfeboro and Tuftonboro, NH. Learn more about the candidates running in your town here and volunteer here to ensure they win in November.

Adam Heard for County Commissioner, Gogi Milner for State Rep, Dr. Bill March for State Senate, Carrie Duran for State Rep, Dana Hilliard for Executive Council, Bobbi Boudman for State Rep.
Elections are decided by dedicated volunteers; they came out for the Wolfeboro – Tuftonboro Dems Picnic.
Executive Council candidate Dana Hilliard revs up the crowds.
Three reasons Carrie Duran is running for NH State Rep!
Bobbi Boudman for state rep, is compelled to run because her opponent is leading the charge to destroy our public schools and deny women’s rights to their own bodies.
Gogi Millner never thought she would run for office, but now feels it’s her duty to help save democracy.
Adam Heard and Bobbi Boudman
Adam Heard, a small business owner, will ensure the county commission will use our tax dollars wisely.
Bill Marsh listens to constituents and share his views.
Bobbi Boudman listens as former State House Rep. Edie DesMarais shares path to victory advice.
Carrie Duran, Bobbi Boudman, Gogi Milner
Carrie Duran, Bobbi Boudman, Gogi Milner




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