Delaney cancels, Gillibrand edits schedule; Klobuchar to be here July 7th!

Happy July, Carroll County DEMs Friends!

Candidate Delaney has canceled his scheduled appearance for JUL 4 here in Carroll County, New Hampshire. Though it can sometimes be frustrating, now and again campaigns have to make last minute adjustments. We hope he will get to Carroll County soon!

But … not Gillibrand. She’s still coming.

Candidate Gillibrand will be in Tamworth on JUL 6 at 1 PM. Click HERE and let her know you’re coming!

And … Klobuchar is coming, too!

Candidate Amy Klobuchar will be visiting the county on JUL 7. Tuckerman’s in Conway at 12:15 pm for some informal connections. Sign Up For Tuckermans! Then, the word on the street is that Wolfeboro DEM State Rep. Edie DesMarais will host a house party at 3 PM. Send an email to Edie letting her know you’d like to attend: EDIE


Carroll County NH Democrats