Urgent — Tell Cryans to vote “NO” on MacDonald

1. Cryans/Nomination — Urgent
2. Debates
3. White Mountains Pride Booth at the Festival


I just got off the phone with Executive Councilor Mike Cryans who represents about 270,000 NH residents (including most/all towns here in Carroll County). In short: I sent an email some days ago and left a message both yesterday and today. I was very glad that just a few minutes ago he was finally able to be in touch. I made that contact with Mr. Cryans because so many in Carroll County asked me about what they can do — what we can do — as it relates to the nomination of Gordon MacDonald to the Superior Court and the vote to be taken by Mr. Cryans and his four colleagues. Will they vote for Mr. MacDonald or not. Mr. Cryans was not able to be clear with me what his intentions are. I have to admit, I was not thrilled with the way Mr. Cryans was with me on the phone. And I think it’s fair to say that he could tell. I was disappointed on many levels.

The idea of Mr. MacDonald leading the court is NOT a good one if you are someone who has concerns about a woman’s right to choose or if you are someone who has concerns about voters’ rights here in the Granite State or if you are someone who has concerns about the way powerful lobbies (think big pharma and big business) seem to win over the average individual.

Mr. Cryans needs to hear from folks by tomorrow, June 26th, to let him know that we do not think Mr. MacDonald is a good fit for the court here in New Hampshire! You can send an email to: Mike or you can make a call to his Concord office: 603 271 3632.

Here’s an article from the Valley News that might help you think a bit about your email or call to Mr. Cryans: Article on MacDonald


Please pay attention to the debates on WED and THURS. As candidates come here, we want to know the best questions to ask them. On WED, there will be a group gathering at Hobbs Tavern. Give a yell to Knute



Carroll County DEMs will be hosting a booth at White Mountains Pride festival on Saturday, June 29th (10AM – 4PM). We need a few volunteers to be there. We’ll be serving lemonade, engaging in conversation, and being present as important advocates and allies on whom LGBTQ persons depend. If you can help for an hour or two, be in touch with: Leeann

Thanks for paying attention. Thanks for helping. It matters.

Let me know what’s happening for you and I’ll try to spread the word.
Be good.


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