Delaney cancels, Gillibrand edits schedule; Klobuchar to be here July 7th!

Happy July, Carroll County DEMs Friends!

Candidate Delaney has canceled his scheduled appearance for JUL 4 here in Carroll County, New Hampshire. Though it can sometimes be frustrating, now and again campaigns have to make last minute adjustments. We hope he will get to Carroll County soon!

But … not Gillibrand. She’s still coming.

Candidate Gillibrand will be in Tamworth on JUL 6 at 1 PM. Click HERE and let her know you’re coming!

And … Klobuchar is coming, too!

Candidate Amy Klobuchar will be visiting the county on JUL 7. Tuckerman’s in Conway at 12:15 pm for some informal connections. Sign Up For Tuckermans! Then, the word on the street is that Wolfeboro DEM State Rep. Edie DesMarais will host a house party at 3 PM. Send an email to Edie letting her know you’d like to attend: EDIE



Urgent — Tell Cryans to vote “NO” on MacDonald

1. Cryans/Nomination — Urgent
2. Debates
3. White Mountains Pride Booth at the Festival


I just got off the phone with Executive Councilor Mike Cryans who represents about 270,000 NH residents (including most/all towns here in Carroll County). In short: I sent an email some days ago and left a message both yesterday and today. I was very glad that just a few minutes ago he was finally able to be in touch. I made that contact with Mr. Cryans because so many in Carroll County asked me about what they can do — what we can do — as it relates to the nomination of Gordon MacDonald to the Superior Court and the vote to be taken by Mr. Cryans and his four colleagues. Will they vote for Mr. MacDonald or not. Mr. Cryans was not able to be clear with me what his intentions are. I have to admit, I was not thrilled with the way Mr. Cryans was with me on the phone. And I think it’s fair to say that he could tell. I was disappointed on many levels.

The idea of Mr. MacDonald leading the court is NOT a good one if you are someone who has concerns about a woman’s right to choose or if you are someone who has concerns about voters’ rights here in the Granite State or if you are someone who has concerns about the way powerful lobbies (think big pharma and big business) seem to win over the average individual.

Mr. Cryans needs to hear from folks by tomorrow, June 26th, to let him know that we do not think Mr. MacDonald is a good fit for the court here in New Hampshire! You can send an email to: Mike or you can make a call to his Concord office: 603 271 3632.

Here’s an article from the Valley News that might help you think a bit about your email or call to Mr. Cryans: Article on MacDonald


Please pay attention to the debates on WED and THURS. As candidates come here, we want to know the best questions to ask them. On WED, there will be a group gathering at Hobbs Tavern. Give a yell to Knute



Carroll County DEMs will be hosting a booth at White Mountains Pride festival on Saturday, June 29th (10AM – 4PM). We need a few volunteers to be there. We’ll be serving lemonade, engaging in conversation, and being present as important advocates and allies on whom LGBTQ persons depend. If you can help for an hour or two, be in touch with: Leeann

Thanks for paying attention. Thanks for helping. It matters.

Let me know what’s happening for you and I’ll try to spread the word.
Be good.


Ten Things To Know — June 22

1. It was a great event! The UU Fellowship of the Eastern Slopes opened its doors last week for an event offered by Jerry Knirk and the Greater Ossipee DEMs that focussed on Women’s Reproductive Rights. More than 70 participated in that incredibly worthwhile event. Good job, Carroll County DEMs, for paying attention to important issues!

2. Carroll County DEMs will be hosting a booth at the White Mountains Pride Festival on June 29 in North Conway. If you are willing to be a booth worker on that day for a couple of hours, you’ll want to be connected with LeeAnn Stevens who is doing a fantastic job getting things together for the event. The DEMs will be ready with lemonade for anyone who wants it!

3. June 26: The Greater Ossipee DEMs is teaming up with the Cory Booker campaign and hosting a Debate Watch party at Hobbs on June 26th. As is the case with every town committee and every regional group here in the county, teaming up in ways such as this is simply for the purpose of helping to gather and does not in any way suggest an endorsement of or particular support for a candidate. The Booker campaign (one of many campaigns that understand the value of this kind of special partnership) is eagerly wanting to help build the party here in Carroll County. Come to the Debate Watch party on June 26th. It’ll be great! RSVP HERE

4. June 27: There is talk that a (at least one) town committee is putting together a Debate Watch party for the 27th. Be ready for more info when it becomes available.

5. July 4: Iron Mountain DEMs is calling everyone together to march in the July 4th parade in Bartlett! You are welcome to join them! Contact Mary Orsino to learn more. The Tri Town DEMs is calling on everyone to march together in the July 4th parade in Moultonborough. The DEMs are always sharing positive messages of hope at the annual parade. Join in! Contact Bonnie Chehames to learn more. The Conway DEMs will march in the Conway Parade and the town chair is Ellin Leonard. She’s awesome. Are you a Democrat in Conway? We need you in the parade! There is also a large and well attended July 4th parade in Wolfeboro. Join the Wolfeboro Democrats at that parade if you are able – more info will be posted at

6. CANCELED — July 4: UPDATE 6/28: John Delaney has CANCELED his visit to Wolfeboro on July 4th.

7. Amy Klobuchar is coming to the county on Sunday, July 7th. As the details become known, we’ll be sharing that info on the webpage and the Facebook page. 

8. Is there a topic of interest, an issue, that you would like to tackle as a county? Connect with your town committee or your regional group and get something organized. We at the county level can help figure that out, too. 

9. July 8th: A gathering of all town chairs and regional group leaders in Tamworth at 6:30 pm. We are going to do some thinking and some working together. We are a stronger party throughout the county when we are staying in tune. Staying in tune does not happen by accident. It takes a bit of effort. Together, we can have an important impact on the county’s future.

10. Lastly, there are lots of presidential candidates coming to New Hampshire. The county leaders have determined that the good and clear and fair thing is to do the following — share info whenever a candidate is visiting someplace in this particular county. We don’t share when someone is visiting Laconia or Concord or Portsmouth or Berlin or Keene. That said, there are lots of DEMs in Carroll County who are *really* interested in such things! With that being the case, the county will share the link to the website of the New Hampshire Democratic Party which has all of that kind of info — and it’s (mostly) up to date! See about candidates visiting New Hampshire by visiting:Presidential Campaigns


Ten Things to Know June 6th

Happy June! Happy Pride!

There is a lot to know.


1. June 11th — The Tri-Town DEMs (Moultonborough, Tuftonboro, and Sandwich) will meet at the Moultonborough Library. The special guest of the day will be State Senator Dan Feltes. The time of the meeting is 6:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. Seriously! The Greater Ossipee DEMs hosted Sen. Feltes a few months back. He is a great public servant. Spread the word! Learn more by contacting:

Senator Dan Feltes

2. June 13th — The Greater Ossipee DEMs will welcome candidate Andrew Yang to an event at Hobbs Tavern in West Ossipee. This event will begin at 6:30 pm on the second floor. Please come early and grab a bite or beverage downstairs or consider staying later for a bite or beverage downstairs. During the 60-75 minute event upstairs, there will be refreshing water. All are welcome to attend. Learn more by contacting:

Candidate Andrew Yang

3. Women’s Right to Choose. On June 17th, the Greater Ossipee DEMs and Rep. Jerry Knirk will be hosting an event in hopes of gathering folks from all over the county at 7 PM. . From Jerry: “I would like to announce an event at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Eastern Slope on Monday June 17 at 7 PM.  There will be a panel and community discussion of the medical, societal and personal implications of the recent laws passed in Alabama, Louisiana, and Georgia to restrict abortion. How do we respond and move forward as Democrats to meet this challenge? The inter-generational panel will include a retired Ob-gyn and women of different ages.This event will allow us to wonder together about the implications of the news out of Alabama and elsewhere regarding a woman’s right to choose.” This is an RSVP event and due to space limitations, only the first 100 people will have a spot. Rep. Jerry Knirk will serve as event Moderator. To reserve your space at the event, contact

4. The Executive Committee met on May 28th at Hobbs Tavern. What a great time for the leaders of the Carroll County DEMs. There’s a lot to be done in the months ahead. Our next meeting in on June 17th. We will meet at 6 PM just before the education event sponsored by the Greater Ossipee DEMs. To find out about the meeting’s details, contact

5. June 18 — The Moose Mountain Area DEMs are gearing up for their big July event (Democrats in the Wakefield Villages on July 27) and there will be a meeting on June 18th to get preparations underway. The Moose Mountain Area DEMs is glad to have all DEMs from all over hang out and learn and help. But if you live in Wakefield or Brookfield or Effingham or Ossipee — you are especially welcome! Learn more by contacting:

6. June 20th — The Iron Mountain DEMs (Harts Location, Bartlett, & Jackson) will meet with Reps Anita Burroughs and Ed Butler for a chance to learn and understand what’s going on both here at the county level and in Concord — including the ins and outs of the state budget. Old Jackson Library at 6:30 PM. All are welcome! Learn more by contacting:

7. The Valley DEMs enjoyed a great event on June 2 at Runnell’s Hall. Ellin Leonard, chair of the Conway DEMs led a wonderful team for the Ham and Bean supper with all kinds of treats! There’s always something brewing in the center of the county. Learn more about the Valley DEMs: Valley DEMs on Facebook and to learn more about the Conway DEMs contact the town chair, Ellin Leonard:

8. The Carroll County DEMs will be hosting a booth at the first ever White Mountains Pride Festival. Check out the Pride website here: PRIDE The festival is June 29th from 10 AM to 4 PM. If you are someone who would like to help us be present with our LGBTQ friends and to exude welcome and unity — you’re welcome to join the booth team! We are serving up some refreshing lemonade and we’ll need some lemon squeezers! Feel free to contact the team leaders (and Carroll County Executive Committee member at large) LeeAnn:

9. There will be a meeting of the Town Chairs presently scheduled for July 8th in the center portion of the county. Each of the 19 towns has a town chair and this will be an opportunity for us to learn and to strategize. We are very glad that the town chair of Wolfeboro, Blair Moffett, has agreed to lead a presentation on what Wolfeboro did in the months leading up to the election of Wolfeboro’s first DEM state representative in over 100 years! If you are a town chair (or a leader of a regional group in Carroll County), you’re going to want to come to this event! More info to come!

10. Lastly, there are lots of presidential candidates coming to New Hampshire. The county leaders have determined that the good and clear and fair thing is to do the following — share info whenever a candidate is visiting someplace in this particular county. We don’t share when someone is visiting Laconia or Concord or Portsmouth or Berlin or Keene. That said, there are lots of DEMs in Carroll County who are *really* interested in such things! With that being the case, the county will share the link to the website of the New Hampshire Democratic Party which has all of that kind of info — and it’s (mostly) up to date! See about candidates visiting New Hampshire by visiting:

Then Things for June 6th!

There you have it!

Let me know if you have info that you want shared in an upcoming *Ten Things To Know* message.

Be good.



10 Things – May 17, 2019

Happy May!

I’d say, “Happy Spring,” but it doesn’t seem as though spring has arrived just yet. Ha! Here are 10 Things Carroll County DEMs can know about what’s going on around these parts.

1. Carroll County Caucus — On May 5th, the county had its caucus. Rep. Butler was glad that we didn’t have 100 people in attendance (since he would have had to do a handstand had we hit the 100 number). But — we did have 72 voters and 15 guests. It was a very full room at Runnell’s Hall. And it was a great vibe. Good job, everyone, for spreading the word and making sure we had an awesome county caucus. Many thanks to our guest speaker Rep. Denny Ruprecht who is the youngest NH House Member. He is from the next county north. He was awesome!

2. County Leader Elections — We had an election of leaders of the Carroll County DEMs. Many thanks to all of the nominees for the positions. Elected to serve were: Knute Ogren, Chair … Erik Corbett, Vice Chair … Patricia Pustell, Secretary … Bill McKay, Treasurer … and LeeAnn Stevens & Caroline Nesbitt, members-at-large. The six leaders will be meeting next week to think about the work that needs to be done and the manner in which we can do that work together. When the leadership team can work well together, the organization has a much better shot at being healthy and effective. Send good vibes to the leadership team.

3. The Moose Mountain Area DEMs will be hosting Michael Scarlett from the Cory Booker Campaign during their next regularly scheduled meeting — May 22. Visit the Moose Mountain Area DEMs Facebook page (which is very active) by CLICKING HERE

4. The Moose Mountain Area DEMs has also done some planning for a new summer event which will take place on July 27. This is something that is taking the place of the Democrats & Daylillies event which has been hosted by Martha Pike for years and years. The new event called, “Democrats in the Wakefield Villages” will be a time to connect with candidates and think deeply about issues we face here in Carroll County and the whole state of New Hampshire. Just a note: Wakefield went for Trump over Hillary about 2:1. One way we can help our county continue on its road to blue is to invest energy into the southern part of the county (which tends to be redder than the northern part).

5. The Wolfeboro Democrats will meet on May 20 at 7 PM at the Wolfeboro Inn. There is no charge and no expectation for participants to buy anything. But lots of people do. It’s a good way to thank a local business that makes space available for meetings. The Wolfeboro Democrats is one of very few towns in the whole county to have a full slate of officers. It’s a testament to their organization skills and attention to detail. Wolfeboro leadership can be a big help to town leaders throughout the county as we seek to grow participation and increase energy output. If you live in or around Wolfeboro, get to their Monday meeting on May 20th. They’ll gladly welcome you! WOLFEBORO DEMS ON FB

6. The Carroll County DEMs will be hosting a booth at White Mountains Pride on June 29. This the first time there will be a Pride event in the county. LBGTQ persons need to know that there is one party that is working tirelessly for their rights. Are you aware that Republicans at every level are working to strip LGBTQ rights. The fight isn’t over. If you are someone who is willing to work for an hour or two at the Carroll County DEMs booth on June 29th, please send word to county At Large Member, LeeAnn Stevens: LeeAnn’s EMAIL

7. Greater Ossipee DEMs will be having events in the coming weeks at Hobbs Tavern in West Ossipee.

*   Campaign spokesperson, Steve Marchand on May 21st at 6:30 PM who will be speaking about candidate Andrew Yang.

*   Candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell on May 27th at 1:30 PM

*   Candidate Andrew Yang and then on June 13th at 6:30 PM

There is no charge for any of these events which will be held upstairs. It is hoped that (as a TY to Hobbs) folks will grab a beverage or a bite downstairs before or after these meet ups. learn more about these visits from campaigns: CLICK HERE

8. The Valley DEMs will be having a fantastic event on June 2 at Runnell’s Hall. Here’s text from their invitation from Facebook CLICK HERE

“Join us and representatives from various Presidential campaigns on June 2nd at 4:30 to help support Democratic efforts throughout the Mt Washington Valley. $20.00 per person. This year we will have: Crackers & cheeses, Salads, Ham, Pea and Kidney Homemade Baked Beans, Vegetarian Pea Beans, Traditional Mac & Cheese, Gluten Free Mac & Cheese, Brownies & Ice Cream, Flavored Seltzer Water, and BYOB!”

9.The Conway DEMs will be hosting Maria Dieters and Adam Altendorf who are representatives from Candidate Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. They will be visiting the regularly scheduled meeting of the Conway DEMs (May 21 at the Conway Library). Learn more by contacting Conway DEMs chair Ellin Leonard:

10. There’s a lot going on in the county. If you know about something going on and want it included in a *10 Things” message, give a yell to Knute at:

Thanks very much. Spread the word.

Be good. Knute (County Chair)


County Caucus — May 5

“Mom’s Favorites” Appetizer/Dessert Feast

We will *EAT*

Bring your mom’s favorite appetizer or bring your mom’s favorite dessert. We’ll have the table set!

We will *ELECT*

A chair, a vice chair, a secretary, a treasurer, and two at-large members. These people will make up the Carroll County DEMs executive committee.

We will *PREPARE*

As we head into 2020, it’s important that we take care of important details. This. Caucus. Matters.


Sen. Feltes to visit Greater Ossipee DEMs

All are welcome to learn more on April 8th at Hobbs Tavern in West Ossipee. RSVP to We begin at 6:30 PM. Many thanks to Hobbs for making available a meal deal for $15. Choose a burger, a veggie burger, or a smoked chicken salad on a caesar. It includes tax and tip. Beverages for purchase are available at the bar. These events have been a great opportunity to learn.


Ten Things, April 6, 2019

It’s a beautiful time here in New Hampshire. The snows are melting away and if we look closely, we can see little signs of life springing from the earth. It is a time of hope and opportunity. There is hope and opportunity for DEMs here in Carroll County. Here are 10 Things to have in your mind.

First, we are receiving visits from presidential candidates — and we can expect a lot more of them, too. Some have asked how we go about sharing info and how visits are arranged. Here’s the quick version: Party leaders in the county, generally speaking, do not arrange for visits. Campaigns reach out to leaders with what their plan is for a visit right here to Carroll County (we don’t get into sharing info about candidates visiting other parts of the state — it would be too much to manage). Then, we share that info … usually through a post on Facebook. So, if you haven’t LIKE’d Carroll County DEMs FB page, do that. And please share info and make comments.

Second, the executive committee met on Thursday evening at the Brown Church in Conway. The County Caucus will take place on May 5th at Runnell’s Hall. We’ll begin at 1 pm. We’ll enjoy an appetizer/dessert potluck of “Mom’s Favorites” since the following Sunday will be Mother’s Day. We will have visits from friends from other parts of New Hampshire including state party chairman Ray Buckley and state party executive director Amy Kennedy. We’ll also have a special guest speaker who will share, “Three Things My Mom Taught Me That Have Helped Me Succeed.” The goal is to have at least three DEMs from each of the 19 towns and to have at least 100 people present.

Third, every single one of the 19 towns in Carroll County had a caucus. That. Is. Awesome. The word on the street is that has never happened before. Each town now has a town chair. Each town will now have people invited to the State Convention in September on the 7th to be held at Southern New Hampshire University.

Fourth, the Greater Ossipee DEMs recently hosted an event which brought Andru Volinsky to Carroll County for a presentation on Public School Funding and Property Taxes. There were 75 people in attendance and there was a ton of interest in future visits so that others could also learn. Many thanks to Alison Hayford of the Ossipee DEMs who just shared that Andru or his colleague John Tobin will be at the Great Hall of Wolfeboro Town Hall — May 8th at 7 PM. This is a fantastic opportunity.

Fifth, you should know that presidential candidate John Delaney will be at the Met in North Conway on April 15th at noon. Go and learn. Invite friends. You can learn more my checking out: Meet John Delaney  The campaign is picking up the tab for the coffee! Thanks to Conway town chair Ellin Leonard for getting this put together. There are other visits in the works, too, this month. Get ready.

Sixth, the Nominations Committee (Chris Meier, Dorothy Solomon, and Theresa Swanick) are coming up with folks who are willing to serve in leadership for the next term. Elections is one of the things we’ll accomplish at the County Caucus. If you or someone you know would be a good leader for the Carroll County DEMs, reach out! We are only going to get better when all of the great people here in the county can step up and lead.

Seventh, we’ve had visits from Yang, Warren, Booker, Gabbard, O’Rourke and a smattering of others. By primary day, anyone who can show 15 selfies with 15 different presidential candidates will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate to a Carroll County restaurant of the winner’s choosing. Get out there and meet those candidates!

Eighth, the Greater Ossipee DEMs will host Senator Dan Feltes on Monday April 8th at Hobbs Tavern in West Ossipee. Feltes will be talking about the Paid Family Leave bill and how DEMs think of it differently as compared to many Republicans. both parties have talked a bunch about Paid Family Leave. The Republicans, while in control of state government never got around to passing a bill on this issue they claimed to care about. The DEMs passed a bill already and now we wait to hear from the governor. Come learn about what this bill is and why it matters for the state of New Hampshire. Learn more at: Greater Ossipee DEMs FB page

Ninth, Representative Ed Butler will be standing on his hands and singing his favorite song at the County Caucus on May 5th at 1 PM at Runnell’s Hall — but only if we’re able to get at least 100 people to participate. Mr. Butler seems to be doubting whether we can do it. Let’s get him turned upside down!

Tenth, we’re getting some committees going. Do you have an interest in serving? Four committees: 1. Fundraising and Events … 2. Outreach (beginning with youth and young adults) … 3. Communications Committee … 4. Elections Committee (long view for local, county, state elections). We’ll need excellent thinkers. We need YOU! Contact and learn how you can help.


Ten Things to Know — MAR 14

Ten Things to Know …

There’s a lot to know about what’s happening here for DEMs here in Carroll County.

1. Seventy people gathered on Monday night March 11 for the monthly forum offered by the Greater Ossipee DEMs to listen to Mr. Andru Volinsky speak about Education Funding & Property Taxes. People came from 10 different towns! Next up: Sen. Dan Feltes will be at Hobbs on April 8th to talk about, “Paid Family Leave: Why Is It So Hard?”  Learn more at: Greater Ossipee DEMs on Facebook

2. The Valley DEMs switched their meeting time from tonight to March 20th at 6 pm. There is an email list that exists for people who want to know what’s going on with the Valley DEMs (made up of DEMs from towns around Conway). If you live in or around Conway, this regional group is good for connecting and learning and advocating. Learn more at: Valley DEMs on Facebook

3. Of the 19 towns in Carroll County, ten of them have already had their DEM town caucuses. The other nine will be completed by the end of March. Once we hit April, this website will update all of the contact info for the Town Chairs. This will be the first time all of Carroll County’s towns will have completed official DEM caucuses. Great job, Carroll County! It’s a good time to be a Carroll County DEM.

4. The Tri Town DEMs (Sandwich, Tuftonboro, and Moultonborough) will be hosting Tyler Sweeney from the Concord Coalition on March 26th. The Trip Town DEMs meeting every other month at the Moultonborough Library and all DEMs are welcome at their meetings. At this MAR meeting, each of the three towns will have their DEM town caucus. Tuftonboro DEMs FB  **  Sandwich DEMs FB  ** Moultonborough DEMs FB

5. The Wolfeboro DEMs will be meeting on Monday, March 18th and are excited to welcome Rep. Jerry Knirk who will be sharing all kinds of information. Rep. Knirk is one of the eight Carroll County DEMs State Reps who were elected in 2018. Learn more here: Wolfeboro DEMs FB

6. A reminder that the Iron Mountain DEMs (Bartlett, Jackson, and Hart’s Location) meet on Monday, March 18th at the Old Jackson Library. Among the things on the agenda — hearing from Rep. Butler and Rep. Burroughs about what’s happening in Concord these days. Also, the DEM town caucuses for each of the three towns. Join the Iron Mountain DEMs Facebook page: Iron Mountain DEMs FB

7. Former gubernatorial candidate Steve Marchand is traveling to Carroll County with Presidential candidate US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard on March 23rd. Gabbard will be speaking upstairs at Hobbs Tavern in West Ossipee at 1130 AM and anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. Learn more by visiting HERE.

8. Moose Mountain DEMs (Wakefield and Brookfield) are meeting up on the March 27th as they do every month. The back room of the Poor People’s Pub is set aside for the monthly meeting. Annie and Connie are the coordinators of this group. There’s a full agenda including DEM town caucuses, a recap of the Volinsky talk on education and property taxes, reports on local elections, and a discussion about PLASTIC and what people can do to reduce use. All are welcome. Moose Mtn Area DEMs FB

9. The NH Democratic State Committee met last Saturday. Carroll County has a couple of handfuls of people who serve on the State Committee. Knute, Tina, Patricia, Bill, Stan, and John from the executive committee along with Ed Butler, Michaela Andruzzi, and Dorothy Solomon who have special appointments. There were about 150 people who gathered to vote for state leadership.

10. May 5th at 1 pm. County Caucus. Place and speaker TBD. Every Carroll County DEM is invited to participate. Please be sure to come. Elections of county leadership will take place on that day. If you or someone you know could be a good county DEM leader, contact Nominations Committee chair Chris Meier. Email Chris


10 Things MAR 6

Ten Things to Know …

10 Things MAR 6 2019

1. Many thanks to Chris Meier, Dorothy Solomon, and Theresa Swanick who all serve as the Carroll County DEMs Nominating Committee. To county caucus will take place on May 5 and at that meeting, the DEMs of Carroll County will choose its leadership for the next term. We will be electing a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and at large members. This leadership team will be doing the heavy lifting for the next two years and helping to be sure that we are on a good path heading into the 2020 election cycle. Thanks Chris, Dorothy, and Theresa!

2. Blair Moffett of the Wolfeboro DEMs reports that at their monthly meeting coming up on MAR 18, 7 PM at Wolfeboro Inn, the group will be welcoming Rep. Jerry Knirk. If you are a DEM who lives in Wolfeboro, be sure to get involved. This is a great group of people.

3. Congrats to the Conway DEMs for having their town caucus! They elected Ellin, Erik, Deb, David, Don, Laurel, and Chris (Conway has 3 at-large members) to be their leaders for the next term. During a recent phone call, Ellin shared that  the Valley DEMs are having a meeting on MAR 14 at the Conway Library. This is good news for a special reason — it means that our friend Tina Craig who is among the leaders of the Valley DEMs and who plans to lead the meeting is feeling a bit better these days. Continued good vibes for her would be be appreciated, I’m sure. Albany recently held its caucus. Surrounding towns of Chatham and Hale’s Location are gearing up for their caucuses, too.

4. Tristan Plummer of Wakefield is in a very interesting position. His friends and neighbors in town pleaded with him to run for the school board seat because there is dyer need for his help (and the only other person running is widely understood to be a not-at-all-good-fit for the position). The wrinkle: He’s not on the ballot for school board. He is wanting to spread the word that residents in Wakefield need to write him in. There is a ton of enthusiasm for Tristan’s candidacy including sound support from parents and teachers in town! If you know of people in Wakefield, be sure that they hear from you to write in Tristan Plummer for the school board position.

5. Tristan is among the handful of people who are leading the charge in the southern most area of the county through the work of the Moose Mountain Area DEMs. Tristan, Penny, Tom, Frank, Penny, Sue, Annie, and others are helping to make sure that Wakefield and Brookfield residents have great opportunities to learn. Their recent event (held at the First Church UCC of Wakefield) drew a sizable crowd who watched the film, The Devil We Know. Mindi Messmer was there to talk about the film. Great going everyone at Moose Mountain Area DEMs!

6. Mary Orsino, Christine Thompson, and Ed Butler are gearing up for their town caucus experiences in the northern part of the county. Those caucuses will take place at the meeting of the Iron Mountain DEMs on MAR 18 at the Old Jackson Library. Mary is organizing the caucus for Bartlett. Ed is organizing the caucus for Hart’s Location. And Christine is organizing the caucus for Jackson. If you’re a DEM in any other those towns — get to the Old Jackson Library on MAR 18th. It matters!

7. Bonnie, Ken, Peggy, and Gloria are paying attention to all of the details for the Tri Town DEMs (Tuftonboro, Moultonborough, and Sandwich). They are meeting on MAR 26 to for caucusing and to hear from a representative from the Concord Coalition about the Federal Budget. Tri Town programming is always good. Consider checking out their bi-monthly meeting at the Moultonborough Library.

8. Presidential candidates are reaching out to people here in the county. Mr. Booker was here as so many of us already know. Ms. Warren is making plans. Mr. Yang will be here in a couple of weeks. The Carroll County DEMs will make Facebook posts about candidates who are making a visit to the county. Be sure to LIKE the Carroll County DEMs Facebook page.

9. If you are like most New Hampshire residents, you are wondering a whole lot about the sustainability of how we fund education. You’ve heard about the Claremont lawsuit, maybe. You’ve been to your town meeting and heard about the complications with property tax increases. Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky might be one of the most intelligent people in the whole state as it relates to Education Funding and Property Taxes. The Greater Ossipee DEMs are hosting him on Monday, MAR 11. RSVP HERE and come to this event at Hobbs. We begin at about 6:30 PM. The cost is $15 and includes a burger or veggie burger and side of fries or cole slaw. Drinks are availably at the bar if that’s up your alley.

10. If you’re a Democrat in Freedom, Madison, Tamworth, Eaton, Effingham, Ossipee — your town caucus will be taking place at Hobbs Tavern in West Ossipee on Mar 11th. Effingham and Ossipee at 6 PM and the four other towns at 6:30 PM. There is no cost, of course, to participate in the 4 minute caucus experience which happens immediately prior to the Andru Volinsky event (which does have a cost).

Be good to each other out there. We’re not going to agree on everything. But let’s remember that DEMs of Carroll County have far more in common with each other than any of the things that might separate us. Together we can help our wider community grow in understanding of the issues, help our fellow citizens feel safer & be treated more fairly, and help our towns be even better places for people to live! Thanks for your good work!

Carroll County NH Dems