7/18/19 — 10 Things To Know …

Happy Summer! I hope you are enjoying all the beauty and fun that Carroll County has to offer this summer. Here are 10 Things To Know …

Michael Bennet

Michael Bennet

1. Candidate Michael Bennet will be in Tamworth on Saturday, July 20 from about 11 AM until about 1 PM. I understand that he will walk through the Tamworth Farmers’ Market and walk along Tamworth’s main drag in hopes of saying hi to Carroll County folks. He’ll then talk for a bit at Tamworth Distilling. Senator Bennet of Colorado is very excited to come see us!
Bennet Visit

2. The Conway DEMs is welcoming and lifting up the “Bernie 2020 Conway Barnstorm” to be held on Saturday, July 20 at Tuckerman’s Brewing Company in Conway. One day soon, we hope Carroll County residents will be able to meet Mr. Sanders in person! In the meantime, learn more by visiting the Valley DEMs FB page here:
Bernie 2020 Conway Barnstorm info

3. If you are a delegate to the State Convention on September 7th, you need to register ASAP. The cost is $20. Who is a delegate? If you are an officer of a Town DEM committee … an officer of the Carroll County DEMs … someone who ran successfully or unsuccessfully for office in 2018 … and some others. There are about 80 perspective delegates in Carroll County. To learn more, email Knute at:
email knute

4. The Fundraising and Events Committee is off to a great start. Many thanks to Mary Orsino of Bartlett who is heading up that team. There have been lots of comments over the last many months about ways the county should do things and ideas the county should consider. We can be very glad that — now — we have a working group. It’s their job to listen to feedback and to decide things on behalf of the county. In the coming days we will share the names of people serving on the committee. In the meantime, if you have ideas or concerns about fundraising & events, feel free to reach out to Mary at:
email mary orsino

5. The Moose Mountain Area DEMs are gearing up for their awesome event on July 27th called “Democrats in the Wakefield Villages.” This is a time for people from all over the county to gather together with our friends in Wakefield & Brookfield for a wonderful day! Learn all about what’s in store for the day by visiting:
July 27th Democrats in the Wakefield Villages

6. If you have an interest in gathering with others to watch the debates on July 30 and 31, stay tuned to the county DEMs FB page. We will share details of Debate Watch Parties. This time, the debates will begin at the much more reasonable hour of 8 PM!!
Carroll County DEMs FB

7. Many thanks to all of the JULY 4th parade walkers in towns across Carroll County. It’s a good day when we can celebrate our country’s fight for independence, the spirit of goodness that is alive & well, and the gift of democracy! And many thanks, too, to Blair, Bob, & Donnie who welcomed lots of the county’s town chairs and other leaders for an event on July 8th in Tamworth. By all accounts, the event was fantastic and there was a whole lot of learning going on.

8. Very soon, there will be an announcement of the date of the big Cleveland Dinner to be held in November. It’s going to be simply awesome! Many thanks to the county’s Fundraising & Events Committee.

9. On August 12th, there will be a meeting of the executive committee. All are welcome to attend. Location to be determined. Among the things on the agenda will be a special guest: Mackenzie Murphy who, up until very recently, served on Rep. Swalwell’s presidential campaign. Mackenzie has a boatload of experience and was asked by Knute to come visit and help the county leaders think about some long term “stuff” — including *best practices* for presidential campaign visits.

10. The county is very excited that exec comm member LeeAnn Stevens is spending some time this month at an event meant to help activists get more involved and build enthusiasm. She will be equipped to share her learning with DEMs all over the county in the months to come.

If you have something you think everyone in Carroll County DEMs should know about, give a yell to knute4nh@yahoo.com.




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