Ten Things To Know … JAN 6, 2020

Ten Things To Know … January 6, 2020!

Happy New Year, everyone! You’ve likely heard that Julian Castro is no longer in the race. We can be thankful for both his participation in raising issues and his wonderful team of workers & volunteers who worked so hard. Campaign workers & volunteers are vitally important to our democracy. Here in NH, we get to meet so many wonderful, passionate people. Aren’t we lucky! Okay, friends …. Let’s work together to make sure that 2020 is a great year for Democrats at every level of government! Here are Ten Things To Know …

  1. In the last hunk of time, Candidate Amy Klobuchar and Candidate Pete Buttigieg came to Conway and Wolfeboro. Both candidates had great turn outs in both spots. Together with Warren, Sanders, Biden, Booker, Steyer, Yangand so many others, what we have is a hunk of excellent candidates who are deserving of our attention. It’s looking like whomever the nominee happens to be come later on in the year, we are going to be well suited to take on Mr. Trump in the general election. Keep learning, and keep building up your candidate without short-sightedly knocking down another candidate who could very well end up being our party’s nominee. Let’s be smart and united!
  1. JAN 9 — Candidate Mark Stewart will be visiting Carroll County on January 9th. Mr. Stewart  is a Connecticut resident who will be on the primary ballot. He is visiting the Yankee Smokehouse in West Ossipee. From Mr. Stewart: “First round is on Mark, and serious voters can then stay for dinner.” RSVP HERE
  1. JAN 10 — Candidate Andrew Yang will be at the Met in North Conway on Friday, January 10th at 9 AM. Learn more by emailing justingevertz@yang2020.com. Candidate Andrew Yang will be at Wolfeboro Town Hall on Friday, January 10th at 2 PM. Learn more by emailing JUSTIN
  1. JAN 10 — Candidate Mark Stewart will be at Bear Peak Lodge Cafeteria on January 10th at 8:40 AM for “Breakfast intro with Candidate Mark Stewart.” Find more info HERE Later that morning, candidate Mark Stewart will be at the Met in North Conway at 11:40 AM. From Mr. Stewart: “Coffee or Cocoa at the Met is on Mark, and serious voters can then stay for Lunch.” Please RSVP HERE
  1. JAN 13 — The January 13 Greater Ossipee DEMs forum on Water with Mindi Messmer has been cancelled.Please be ready for when this will be rescheduled.
  1. JAN 13 — But if you had that time set aside, consider heading to the Conway Library at 6 PM. The Conway DEMs/Valley DEMs are welcoming State Rep. Jerry Knirk who will present his forum on Healthcare. Last month, the Greater Ossipee DEMs hosted this and it was very, very well received. Lots of great information. Jerry has made a ton of edits. The presentation will be just as fantastic, but shorter than the presentation in Ossipee. Please spread the word. Attendees will not be disappointed and they will be way more informed!
  1. JAN 20 — Don’t forget about the regular meeting of the Wolfeboro DEMs (January 20th, 7 PM, Wolfeboro Inn).
  1. JAN 22 — Don’t forget about the regular meeting of the Moose Mountain Area DEMs (January 23rd, 6 PM, Poor Peoples Pub).
  1. FEB 4 — The Tri Town DEMs (Tuftonboro, Sandwich, Moultonborough) will meet at the Moultonborough Public Safety Training Room (access behind fire station on RT 25) on February 4th at 6:30 PM. This will be a time when people will be sharing with each other about the candidates they are supporting, and WHY! This is a great time to gather with neighbors to discuss the important primary on FEB 11.
  1. As is typical, #10 on this list is the link for the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s website that has info on when your favorite candidate(s) will be coming to NH! Check it out: NHDP

Let me know (KNUTE) about info that ought to be included in future Ten Things To Know. Also, share this info widely! Thank you for your work and attention. 

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