Ten Things To Know … DEC 28, 2019


As we live out these last days of 2019 and move boldly into 2020, let us remember that there is a lot of opportunity to share ideas, invest in relationships, educate ourselves & our inner circles, and work for fairness & justice. 

Here are “Ten Things to Know” for December 28, 2019 …

  1. DEC 29 — Candidate Amy Klobuchar will be in Wolfeboro. What an opportunity to connect with someone who might very well be president! Wolfeboro: http://bit.ly/WolfeboroTH . And later in the day on DEC 29 — Candidate Amy Klobuchar will be in Conway: http://bit.ly/ConwayTH
  2. JAN 3 — Candidate Pete Buttigieg will be in Conway. What an opportunity to meet someone who might very well be president! Conway: https://www.mobilize.us/newhampshireforpete/event/178496/ And on JAN 4 — Candidate Pete Buttigieg will be in Wolfeboro: https://www.mobilize.us/newhampshireforpete/event/181956/
  3. The county had December visits from candidate Deval Patrick, candidate Michael Bennet, and candidate Marianne Williamson. Most of the presidential candidates have visited here at some point. But not all … 
  4. Former candidate Kamala Harris never was able to visit Carroll before ending her campaign which is too bad. Only a tiny handful of candidates still in the game haven’t yet visited Carroll County — candidate Michael Bloomberg, candidate Julian Castro, and candidate Joe Biden. We should feel VERY good about the visits candidate have made here thus far and we’ll keep hoping these remaining candidates visit us!
  5. There are just 6 weeks until FEB 11, Primary Day, here in New Hampshire! Here’s a helpful piece of info from the Valley DEMs if you aren’t going to be in town: https://www.facebook.com/NHValleyDems/photos/a.2179681515689396/2497074647283413/?type=3&theater
  6. JAN 13 — the Greater Ossipee DEMs will host Mindi Messmer, one of New Hampshire’s best activists regarding environmental concerns. She and some other more local guests will be with us to help us think about water, water conservation, and regulatory concerns to which we should all be paying attention. All are welcome, but we hope to have a count of how many we can expect (Knute4NH@yahoo.com). Learn more about Greater Ossipee DEMs at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369725837155657/
  7. JAN 20 — The Wolfeboro DEMs will have their regularly scheduled meeting at Wolfeboro Inn at 7 pm. If you live in or nearby Wolfeboro, you need to get to a monthly meeting. It’s a very good and engaging experience. Meet other local workers for fairness. Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/WolfeboroDemocrats/
  8. JAN 22 — The Moose Mountain Area DEMs will have their regularly scheduled meeting at the Poor Peoples Pub at 6 PM in Wakefield. This is a great group of folks. Says member, Chuck Hodsdon, “We used to have aten or twelve people and now we are getting twenty or more!” If you haven’t gone to a meeting there, check it out! Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/213843118670701/
  9. Are you planning a Primary Results gathering? Give me a shout! Knute4NH@yahoo.com
  10. As is typical, #10 on this list is the link for the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s website that has info on when your favorite candidate(s) will be coming to New Hampshire! Check it out: https://www.nhdp.org/first-in-the-nation-events

Visit the county website, make a small contribution to the work of the county DEMs, and stay tuned in by visiting: https://ccnhdemocrats.org




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