Ten Things To Know … January 18, 2020

Happy Saturday — January 18, 2020!

I hope this email finds you to be doing well. Here are Ten Things To Know for January 18, 2020.

  1. JAN 19 — Bernie is coming! Sunday the 19th! Conway … Tuckerman’s … Conway (Hobbs St) … doors open at 1 PM. RSVP at this link: HERE
  1. JAN 20 (7PM) — The Wolfeboro DEMs are meeting for their regular monthly gathering on Monday at the Wolfeboro Inn. All are welcome and will enjoy a healthy conversations about whom each person is supporting and why. Come if you have a candidate already. Come if you’re not yet sure.
  1. JAN 22 (6 PM) — The Moose Mountain Area DEMs are meeting for their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday at Poor Peoples Pub in Wakefield. They’ll be receiving a few guests and having conversion about the primary.
  1. JAN 26 (2PM) — Rep. Jerry Knirk is doing another forum on healthcare — this time at Runnell’s Hall in Chocorua. This will be his third in recent weeks. He is doing a great job at helping people think deeply about this major issue. Thanks, Jerry. 
  1. JAN 27 (6:30 PM) — The Executive Committee will have a meeting and all are welcome! It’ll be held at the Madison Library. If you live in Madison and plan on attending, I (Knute) could use a little help.
  1. FEB 4 — The Tri Town DEMs (Tuftonboro, Sandwich, Moultonborough) will meet at the Moultonborough Public Safety Training Room (assess behind fire station on Route 25). 6:30 PM. Similar to Wolfeboro’s event on Jan 20, the Tri Town DEMs are having a pre-primary conversation about candidates. 
  1. The primary is FEB 11. Vote. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to vote. Wear one of those stickers that tells everyone you voted. Post on your Facebook and/or Instagram page that you voted. Let’s keep the DEM momentum going by being public and bold about your most important activism — Voting.
  1. Kudos to Carroll County’s own Pat Pustell & Edie DesMarais for being part of a recent NHPR story about the DEMs in more rural places here in the state. They come across beautifully and make us proud! Read the story here: HERE
  1. Be ready for mistakes and/or misinformation. State Rep. Anita Burroughs shares this important message: “Hey Knute, Just wanted you to be aware of a voting registration issue that was brought to my attention. Several folks from Conway, Bartlett, & Jackson were told that their college kids needed a parental affidavit that they were living at home. Per the secretary of state’s office, this is not correct. The assistant secretary of state, Dave Scanlan, was reaching out to these towns today. Please let folks know to contact Dave if they are having difficulty registering, 271-3246.” Thanks Anita!
  1. Friends … Keep trying hard to build up your own candidate without devaluing the other. The other might very well be our nominee. These races are complicated because we are passionate. We are commited. Be careful not to be short-sighted by denouncing any DEM candidate. And, as always, here’s the link to find out where your favorite candidate(s) will be in NH in the weeks to come. HERE

If there’s something you’d like included in a future Ten Things To Know, give me a yell. EMAIL KNUTE Be good. Knute





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