Sen. Maggie Hassan to visit Carroll County Caucus

To attend the caucus, you must be a registered DEM living in Carroll County and you must request the link for the caucus by clicking HERE. The New Hampshire Democratic Party leaders in Concord are handling all the Zoom logistics for the county caucus.

We are so pleased that Sen. Maggie Hassan has accepted our invitation to visit with us for a few minutes (assuming there is no legislative floor vote or some other important concern that would pull her away).

The present leadership team of Carroll County DEMs have worked to identify a team of nominees that we think are a great fit for the needs of Carroll County in the next two years. We unanimously endorse the nominees that are listed here:

For Chair: Ed Butler of Hart’s Location
For Vice: Theresa Swanick of Effingham
For Sec.: Annie Robbins of Wakefield
For Treas: Bill McKay of Tamworth
At-Large 1: Edie DesMarais of Wolfeboro
At-Large 2: Leonard Witt of Sandwich
At-Large 3: Erik Corbett of Conway

We believe these people have the skills necessary.
We believe it’s a HUGE bonus that they are from throughout the whole county.
We believe that this team can move us from “pretty good” to “wicked awesome” as a county.

There are opportunities for nominations to be made from “the floor.”
And if you or someone you know would be a good fit — please nominate!!

But … knowing that Zoom meetings make it tough for this kind of thing, the present leadership team wanted to put forward a group of people — and all have said YES (assuming you elect them).

The agenda for the evening will be:

Greetings from Sen. Hassan
Update from State Chair Ray Buckley
The Caucus (electing leaders for the next two year cycle)
Report from out-going chair Knute Ogren
Report from Treasurer Bill McKay about our account balance.
Brief remarks from new leaders

Please join the caucus.
We’ve come a long way in the last couple of years. 
And we are still cooking!!

One more time — Get your CAUCUS ZOOM LINK

Questions? Contact Knute at
Thanks very much!
Be good.

PS: If you haven’t made a contribution to the Carroll County DEMs in a little bit, please consider doing so. If everyone gives a little bit here and and little bit there, we’ll have plenty to help our local candidates come 2022! You can do your part by clicking HERE




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