GOTV Rally Massively Successful

More than 100 people came out for the Carroll County NH Democrats Get Out the Vote rally in Albany, NH. on Thursday as Democrats keep the momentum going toward the November 8 election with all these fantastic candidates. Learn more about the candidates in your town here and please volunteer here to get all them elected. Finally, be sure to vote for every democrat on your ballot.

Ed Butler, Carroll County NH Democrats, welcomes the blossoming of a new era for Democrats
Dana Hilliard, for executive council, an important and very winnable spot. Vote for him.
Incumbent Dr. Jerry Knirk, a vote for him is a vote against extremists.
Dr. Bill Marsh for State Senate and for the end of GOP’s war on vaccines and women.
Steve Woodcock, Conway’s choice again and again.
GOP has learned not to mess with Anita Burroughs, state house incumbent.
Pat Pustell, Ossipee’s clean water volunteer and warrior for state house.
Max Gehring pumped up and running in Wakefield, Brookfield, Effingham, Freedom, and Eaton for state house.
Gabrielle Watson running from Tamworth for State House advocating for women’s rights.
Gogi Millner, a potter, wants to break the GOP hold on the state house.
David Paige, Conway state house candidate, on the move to victory.
Tom Buco, Conway state house incumbent, quiet but effective, year after year.
Take a brochure and read all about state house incumbent Chris McAleer.
Sandra Ringelstein long time Moultonborough resident running for state house.
Hands up if you want Bobbi Boudman be in the state house.
County commissioner candidates Adam Heard and Theresa Swanick bring accounting and legal expertise to this important office. Vote for both.
Knute Ogren for state house has a great singing voice and great platform too.
Lots of speeches, but the supporters love it




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