Lobsterbake September 5

Many of you joined us on Thursday September 5th at the Russell Colbath House on the Kancamagus Highway for our 2nd Annual Lobsterbake! Good Tail Lobster of Glen prepared a traditional New England lobsterbake complete with 1lb lobsters, corn on the cob, steamers and potatoes all cooked on a bed of seaweed. Got photos? Send them in and we’ll put them up.


Daylilies and Democrats 2013 report

Daylilies and Democrats, the annual Moose Mountain Area Democrats event, was held on Saturday, July 20th in Brookfield, NH. The daylilies were at their best and the weather cooperated.  As always, Nancy Long and her crew provided outstanding food for everyone to enjoy. Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with food, drink, the set up and clean up. Without their support we would never be able to host such a successful event.daylilies-convers7-13

Our special guest, US Representative Carol Shea-Porter, gave the attendees an update on the activities in the U.S. Congress. She visited with the guests, answering their questions and listening to their comments.
Moose Mountain Area Democrats presented her with a special gift. With the help of the Patriot Daylily Society and Martha Pike, a daylily was named in honor Representative Shea-Porter’s mother, Peggy Shea.  The Peggy Shea daylily is a beautiful purple, fringed with white and a yellow throat.peggy shea daylily 7-13

Other speakers included, Letiza Ortiz and Sanford Leavenworth who read a letter from Senator Jeanne Shaheen thanking us for holding the event and highlighting some important legislation she has worked on. Chris Meir, the newly elected chairperson for Carroll County Democrats introduced himself to the group.  Robin Gordon, the Carroll County District Attorney, updated everyone on the court activities for Carroll County. Dick Desroches, a member of the Wakefield Planning Board, informed the guests about what is happening on the planning board.  Former NH State Representative, Larry Brown of Milton, reminded all of us – Democrat, Republican, or Independent – to give special attention to our local candidates and be sure to support them ourselves in order to prevent outside, anonymous money from controlling our election outcomes.

Curt and Janet Carr, unable to attend, were honored with a tribute given by Jerry Dyer, and a gift from Martha Pike of a specially chosen daylily to plant as a reminder of their faithful support of Moose Mountain Area Democrats and the Democratic Party.  They will move to Massachusetts to be nearer their family, and will be missed by us here in Carroll County. We send our best wishes to them in their new home.

For more information about the activities of the Moose Mountain Area Democrats please email moosemtdems@yahoo.com  and check out the Carroll County Democrats website at www.ccnhdemocrats.orgdaydem13ccnhdemschairspeaks


April 29th meeting–What’s coming as the Affordable care Act is implemented?


Deborah Fournier’s authoritative report on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (A.C.A.) drew nearly 60 to the April 29 meeting of Carroll County Democrats at the Wolfeboro Inn.  Fournier, an analyst with the New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute, described the significant events and choices required to realize the most significant parts of the act*.  Among the many “take aways” from the presentation were:

implementation of the A.C.A. in N.H. will not burden the state budget and is likely to help balance it;

Republican resistance to accepting a million dollar grant is blocking help for N.H. citizens to understand and choose among the health insurance options available via the A.C.A.;

the A.C.A. increases access to health care through health insurance subsidies for those with relatively low income, but if New Hampshire does not agree to expand Medicaid, individuals with incomes below the federal poverty level – the poorest among us – will receive no direct benefit from the act and their access to health care will not be improved.

*The slides from Deb Fournier’s presentation can be seen here: ACA-NH.4_29_13

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