April 29th meeting–What’s coming as the Affordable care Act is implemented?


Deborah Fournier’s authoritative report on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (A.C.A.) drew nearly 60 to the April 29 meeting of Carroll County Democrats at the Wolfeboro Inn.  Fournier, an analyst with the New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute, described the significant events and choices required to realize the most significant parts of the act*.  Among the many “take aways” from the presentation were:

implementation of the A.C.A. in N.H. will not burden the state budget and is likely to help balance it;

Republican resistance to accepting a million dollar grant is blocking help for N.H. citizens to understand and choose among the health insurance options available via the A.C.A.;

the A.C.A. increases access to health care through health insurance subsidies for those with relatively low income, but if New Hampshire does not agree to expand Medicaid, individuals with incomes below the federal poverty level – the poorest among us – will receive no direct benefit from the act and their access to health care will not be improved.

*The slides from Deb Fournier’s presentation can be seen here: ACA-NH.4_29_13




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