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Democrats believe public education is a bedrock principle of our free and democratic society and all students have the right to a quality education, from early childhood through post-secondary college or career training. Some 160,000 youth attend NH public schools. They,  their parents, teachers, administrators, school board members, taxpayers and the community at large all have a stake in the future of our public schools and the children who attend them. If you believe in public education and want to see it improve year after year, Vote Blue in 2022.

GOP Radical Right Devalues NH Public Education, Demonizes Teachers

Nationally the mission of the GOP’s radical wing is to defund public education and demonize teachers, administrators and locally elected school board members. Unfortunately, Governor  Chris Sununu and the NH GOP majority in the state house and senate are pushing the radical right’s agenda statewide, including in Carroll County. The result: our public schools are in jeopardy while our property taxes are increasing to underwrite private and religious schools or homeschoolers with little oversight on how your money is used.  Want to stop the radical right’s education agenda, Vote Blue in 2022.

Croydon, School Board Wins Energize Carroll County Democrats

People throughout New Hampshire are fighting back against the GOP’s radical ideas. Thirty members of the radical right tried to get elected to school boards statewide earlier this year; 29 lost their elections. In Croydon, N.H., a radical-right elected official saw a loophole in the law and with just 34 people in the room cut the school budget in half. NHPR reported what the cuts would have meant: for-profit companies Prenda and Kaipod hawked by Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Education Frank Edelblut and Carroll County Rep. Glenn Cordelli (R) would have become the default education providers. The good people of Croydon showed what they thought of the radical right’s defunding of its public schools when they reconvened and voted 377-2 to restore the budget. Carroll County Democrats are inspired and energized, and your candidates will keep the momentum alive, Vote Blue in 2022.

Three Examples of How GOP Is Eroding Public Education in NH
  1. GOP Law Results in a Bounty Put on Our New Hampshire Teachers

Governor Sununu, GOP Senate Leader Jeb Bradley and Carroll County’s Glenn Cordelli introduced and rewrote a “divisive language” bill that the GOP snuck into the budget when it could not pass in the full house. Sununu signed it into law.  Now public school teachers can be sued and fired if they don’t adhere to the law’s restrictions on free speech. One group went so far as to put a bounty on teachers who misspoke.

Ten members of Sununu’s own hand-picked Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion resigned, saying the law “is not reflective of our state’s embrace of freedom of speech and freedom of expression.” Sununu, dismissive of the women’ and minorities‘ ability to think for themselves, blamed ACLU influence.

Tuftonboro state representative Cordelli was so pleased with his repressive law that this year he co-sponsored a law demanding teachers take a loyalty oath to his radical right ideologies. Democrats voted against both bills. Want the divisive language bill reversed next year: Vote Blue in 2022.

2. Sununu Selects Radical Right NH Commissioner of Education

Frank Edelblut is Governor Chis Sununu’s hand-picked Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Education. recently exposed Edelblut as a former fundraiser and chair of a business task force for Patrick Henry College (PHC), which “is profoundly anti-science, offering no majors or minors in any scientific field… PHC promises parents their child will remain a creationist…Students are taught that those who do not adopt PHC’s faith system will go to Hell and ‘shall be confined in conscious torment for eternity.’” This is the kind of education that your taxpayer dollars will underwrite as money is siphoned from NH public schools into unaccountable private and religious schools.

No wonder that more than a 1,000 NH parents and public school advocates signed letters for Edelblut to resign, but he won’t. Sununu could get rid of him, but Sununu apparently backs Edelblut’s views on education. So to protect our children’s well rounded education we must replace Sununu and  Vote Blue in 2022.

3. NH GOP House Majority Leader Is Against All Formal Education

The GOP State House Majority Leader Jason Osborne is against all education public and private. He is a long-time guest and advocate for the School Sucks Project, the goal of which is to have parents and kids decide how to educate themselves with no schools and no colleges. By the way, Osborne makes his living as a debt collector aimed at college students and people who can’t pay their medical bills.   

To replace Osborne with a Democrat as House Majority we must flip 14 seats statewide. We can flip several seats Blue in Carroll County when we get out the Democratic vote.

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Jason Osborne, with the smoke coming out of his nose, on a School Sucks Project video 


Rep. Glenn Cordelli of Tuftonboro joined Prenda’s marketing agent to tout this for-profit Arizona company, which radical right NH Education Commissioner Edelblut pushed to get funded for $6 million of our taxpayer dollars. Love public schools? Then defeat Cordelli, vote for Bobbi Boudman if you live in Ossipee, Tuftonboro or Wolfeboro.

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