Welcome to Grace!

Join the Carroll County DEMs in welcoming Grace Jarell to the team!

Grace graduated from Kennett High School in June and was Valedictorian of the Class of 2020. She is smart, driven, interested in learning, capable, and willing to help. She follows through and she wants to help. Carroll County DEMs is so fortunate.

Grace will be working part-time for the County DEMs through Election Day. We are still piecing together funding for Grace’s position. We are looking for a little help.

GIVE A GIFT of $11, $33, $66, $99, or $222 between now, Monday the 14th and Thursday morning the 17thand you can be sure that your funds will go directly to making sure we can cover Grace’s position. What will she be doing?

Grace will be serving as Carroll County DEMs’ Communications Assistant. She will be participating in creating E-Newsletters, FB posts, Website Updates, and working on other mediums as well. She’ll be reaching out to younger adults, too. This is GREAT for Carroll County. Many thanks to Slate Goodwin and New Hampshire Democratic Party for the help with making this as easy as possible.

Can you help with a gift? Click “Give a Gift” in the paragraphs above, or click the Blue “Support Grace’s Position” box below and help us raise $1,500.

Questions? Contact Carroll County DEMs chairperson KNUTE.




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