Ten Things To Know … September 6!

Ten Things to Know …

September 6!

1. The Democratic State Convention takes place in Manchester on Saturday, September 7th. There are more than 50 people from Carroll County attending, far out-pacing any recent convention. Carroll County DEMs are paying attention, getting involved, and inviting friends to participate in ways that are new and exciting. Good job, Everyone!!

2. Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg will be in Conway on Sunday morning, September 8, as the Buttigieg Office opens. The campaign office is located at 73 Main Street and all are welcome to visit with Pete and his husband beginning at 7:15 AM. That’s right … 7:15 AM.

3. Please mark your calendars — NOVEMBER 7 — the Cleveland Dinner. It will be held at the Red Jacket and we will be welcoming every single candidate who is seeking the DEM nomination for Governor! This is very exciting that the three (thus far) leaders are taking Carroll County so seriously. We should feel really, really good about this. Tickets will become available very soon. This will absolutely sell out — no question about it. Tickets are $75 per person. Please note that there are tickets being set aside for people who need some special help to cover the cost of the event. We are a party that wants to include everyone as much as we can. If you or someone you know needs some financial help, please contact knute4nh@yahoo.com.

4. Speaking of the Cleveland Dinner (NOV 7), many thanks to MaryAnne Carpenter Orsino and her planning team. They are making sure every detail is handled. They are inviting students to participate. They are getting silent auction items together (can you help with a donation?). They are figuring out the menu. They are creating a great night for the DEMs of Carroll County. We are so lucky to have such great people involved!

5. Town Chairs — Monday, September 16 … there is a Vote Builder training session at Madison Library. This is a great opportunity to learn about this software available to DEMs in New Hampshire. Many thanks to LeeAnn Stevens who has organized this event. We will be welcoming Donnie Spencer from the state party headquarters in Concord. If you are a Town Chair and you cannot come, be sure to send another officer from your town committee. Learn more by contacting knute4nh@yahoo.com.

6. There is a meeting of the Carroll County Exec Comm on Wed, September 18th (location TBD, but probably in Conway area). This is a periodic meeting for the county to come together and figure stuff out, dream, wonder, discuss, and plan. All are welcome. But be advised that when we have votes on one thing or another, it’s just the chair, vice chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and two at large members who have a vote. 

7. The Conway DEMs are having a picnic on Sunday, September 22. This a great event for people in the greater Conway area. Conway Town Chair Ellin Leonard is (together with the rest of the committee) eager to welcome one and all. We will note the time and location in a few future Facebook posts (be sure to “LIKE” Carroll County DEMs on Facebook!! Contact Ellin: Click Here

8. The Tri Town DEMs (Sandwich, Moultonborough, and Tuftonboro) are having a fantastic event on Sunday, September 29th at the home of Moultonborough Town Chair Ken Hill (74 Moose Walk Road in Moultonborough) from 230 to 5 pm. All Are Welcome! Representatives from a variety of presidential campaigns will be present! Contact Ken: Click Here

9. The Iron Mountain DEMs are gearing up for an event in October — the word on the street is that will be held on October 11 (updates soon). The DEMs of Harts Location, Bartlett, and Jackson are very excited about getting everyone together. They are hoping to be welcoming a very special guest that you won’t want to miss! Hold October 11th and it’ll be confirmed in the next Ten Things message.

10. Lastly … as always, you can find out where all of the presidential candidates are going throughout the whole state by visiting: https://www.nhdp.org/events. Stay involved and invite your friends.

If you have something that you’d like included in a Ten Things to Know message, reach out to knute4nh@yahoo.com.

Thanks for caring and staying involved. Spread the word.

Knute Ogren

Chair of Carroll County DEMs




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