Ten Things to Know June 6th

Happy June! Happy Pride!

There is a lot to know.


1. June 11th — The Tri-Town DEMs (Moultonborough, Tuftonboro, and Sandwich) will meet at the Moultonborough Library. The special guest of the day will be State Senator Dan Feltes. The time of the meeting is 6:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. Seriously! The Greater Ossipee DEMs hosted Sen. Feltes a few months back. He is a great public servant. Spread the word! Learn more by contacting: chehames@gmail.com

Senator Dan Feltes

2. June 13th — The Greater Ossipee DEMs will welcome candidate Andrew Yang to an event at Hobbs Tavern in West Ossipee. This event will begin at 6:30 pm on the second floor. Please come early and grab a bite or beverage downstairs or consider staying later for a bite or beverage downstairs. During the 60-75 minute event upstairs, there will be refreshing water. All are welcome to attend. Learn more by contacting: knute4nh@yahoo.com

Candidate Andrew Yang

3. Women’s Right to Choose. On June 17th, the Greater Ossipee DEMs and Rep. Jerry Knirk will be hosting an event in hopes of gathering folks from all over the county at 7 PM. . From Jerry: “I would like to announce an event at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Eastern Slope on Monday June 17 at 7 PM.  There will be a panel and community discussion of the medical, societal and personal implications of the recent laws passed in Alabama, Louisiana, and Georgia to restrict abortion. How do we respond and move forward as Democrats to meet this challenge? The inter-generational panel will include a retired Ob-gyn and women of different ages.This event will allow us to wonder together about the implications of the news out of Alabama and elsewhere regarding a woman’s right to choose.” This is an RSVP event and due to space limitations, only the first 100 people will have a spot. Rep. Jerry Knirk will serve as event Moderator. To reserve your space at the event, contact knute4nh@yahoo.com

4. The Executive Committee met on May 28th at Hobbs Tavern. What a great time for the leaders of the Carroll County DEMs. There’s a lot to be done in the months ahead. Our next meeting in on June 17th. We will meet at 6 PM just before the education event sponsored by the Greater Ossipee DEMs. To find out about the meeting’s details, contact knute4nh@yahoo.com

5. June 18 — The Moose Mountain Area DEMs are gearing up for their big July event (Democrats in the Wakefield Villages on July 27) and there will be a meeting on June 18th to get preparations underway. The Moose Mountain Area DEMs is glad to have all DEMs from all over hang out and learn and help. But if you live in Wakefield or Brookfield or Effingham or Ossipee — you are especially welcome! Learn more by contacting: anniemrobbins@gmail.com

6. June 20th — The Iron Mountain DEMs (Harts Location, Bartlett, & Jackson) will meet with Reps Anita Burroughs and Ed Butler for a chance to learn and understand what’s going on both here at the county level and in Concord — including the ins and outs of the state budget. Old Jackson Library at 6:30 PM. All are welcome! Learn more by contacting: maryanneorsino@gmail.com

7. The Valley DEMs enjoyed a great event on June 2 at Runnell’s Hall. Ellin Leonard, chair of the Conway DEMs led a wonderful team for the Ham and Bean supper with all kinds of treats! There’s always something brewing in the center of the county. Learn more about the Valley DEMs: Valley DEMs on Facebook and to learn more about the Conway DEMs contact the town chair, Ellin Leonard: ellinleonard@gmail.com

8. The Carroll County DEMs will be hosting a booth at the first ever White Mountains Pride Festival. Check out the Pride website here: PRIDE The festival is June 29th from 10 AM to 4 PM. If you are someone who would like to help us be present with our LGBTQ friends and to exude welcome and unity — you’re welcome to join the booth team! We are serving up some refreshing lemonade and we’ll need some lemon squeezers! Feel free to contact the team leaders (and Carroll County Executive Committee member at large) LeeAnn: leeanntmlp@gmail.com

9. There will be a meeting of the Town Chairs presently scheduled for July 8th in the center portion of the county. Each of the 19 towns has a town chair and this will be an opportunity for us to learn and to strategize. We are very glad that the town chair of Wolfeboro, Blair Moffett, has agreed to lead a presentation on what Wolfeboro did in the months leading up to the election of Wolfeboro’s first DEM state representative in over 100 years! If you are a town chair (or a leader of a regional group in Carroll County), you’re going to want to come to this event! More info to come!

10. Lastly, there are lots of presidential candidates coming to New Hampshire. The county leaders have determined that the good and clear and fair thing is to do the following — share info whenever a candidate is visiting someplace in this particular county. We don’t share when someone is visiting Laconia or Concord or Portsmouth or Berlin or Keene. That said, there are lots of DEMs in Carroll County who are *really* interested in such things! With that being the case, the county will share the link to the website of the New Hampshire Democratic Party which has all of that kind of info — and it’s (mostly) up to date! See about candidates visiting New Hampshire by visiting: https://www.nhdp.org/events

Then Things for June 6th!

There you have it!

Let me know if you have info that you want shared in an upcoming *Ten Things To Know* message. knute4nh@yahoo.com

Be good.



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