Ten Things To Know — AUG 22

I hope everyone is enjoying these perfect and (for many of us) busy summer days. A different variety of busy days will be upon us in no time! School will begin, a new season of beauty will bring people from all over, and we will do some paring down from multiple candidates to a more manageable hunk. New Hampshire people take this job seriously. Carroll County residents are as committed to this as ever.

Thanks for your commitment. Now … Ten Things To Know – AUG 22!

1. Pete Buttigieg is Coming! SUN, AUG 25th! Ossipee at 11:15 AM!

2. Inslee Is Out— A big shout out to the awesome DEMs of Wakefield & Brookfield who worked their tails off to get ready for a visit from Governor Inslee. Sadly, just days before their event, Inslee ended his effort. We can be very proud of the work of the Moose Mountain Area DEMs.

3. The Exec Comm of the Carroll County DEMs met recently at Pizza Barn in Ossipee. During that meeting, we covered important business. All are welcome to attend meetings of the exec comm. A reminder of exec comm members: Knute Ogren (Effingham), Erik Corbett (Conway), Pat Pustell (Ossipee), Bill McKay (Tamworth), Caroline Nesbitt (Sandwich), and LeeAnn Stevens (Madison). Next meeting is WED, SEPT 18 (location tbd).

4. Town Committee members! This one is for you. Many thanks to the super LeeAnn Stevens who is our county’s leader of the *Votebuilder Training* effort. We will welcome Donnie Spencer from New Hampshire Democratic Party — Monday, Sept 16 from 6 – 8 pm in the Tamworth area. Location still being locked in. What is Votebuilder? The online database the Democratic party uses to organize voter and campaign data. Candidates spend lots of money to get access to the data that our town and county committee members can access for free! This is one powerful tool we’re going to need to use to ensure we see another blue wave in 2020! Because access is town-specific, it’s important that we have someone from every town committee participate. We’ll be sending out an email with sign-up details.

5. Cleveland Dinner – The annual fall gathering of Carroll County DEMS will take place on NOV 7 at the Red Jacket. Mark. Your. Calendars. Many thanks to Mary Orsino (chair of the Bartlett DEMs) and her committee for their important work. A press release will be shared very soon (but you heard it here first)!

6. Local DEM Of Note— A big shout out to Bonnie Chehames of the Tri Town DEMs because she continues to share and encourage and engage her circle. She is always communicating all that’s going on. Lots of people do this incredibly well. Today, we can celebrate Bonnie (pictured here with candidate Warren)!

7. Kudos to the DEMs in Wolfeboro for their great work welcoming Bernie and Warren last week. And to the DEMs in Conway for their welcome of Bernie. These visits are important! More to come.

8. The Valley DEMs will be having a fall picnic on SEPT 22. All are welcome! Learn more by reaching out to ellinleonard@gmail.com Ellin is fantastic!

9. The State Convention will take place in Manchester, NH on SEPT 7. Delegates are all town committee officers, those who ran for office in 2018, and county officers. Carroll County will be represented in a strong way as compared to recent conventions. Thanks to all delegates for taking this so seriously!

10.Presidential Candidates in NH— See where the presidential candidates are visiting throughout the state by clicking here: https://www.nhdp.org/events

Thanks for being awesome! Please tell me what should be included in this periodic email. Be good!

County Chair




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