Ten Things To Know … About the Cleveland Dinner

1. Here is the link to purchase tickets to the Cleveland Dinner which will be held on November 7th. This dinner is the annual gathering of the Carroll County DEMs and it is being held at the Red Jacket — $75 pp (if you or someone you know would have trouble with that ticket price, reach out to knute4nh@yahoo.com.

The cash bar cocktail hour with pre-meal bites will begin at 6 PM.


2. I’m hoping you’ll join me in buying a ticket(s) sooner rather than later because this will sell out. We are among the earliest gatherings in the whole state of New Hampshire which will have all 3 of the people seeking the DEM nomination for Governor talking about their respective campaigns. How cool is that! The Governor’s race is vital. Come and learn. Come and listen. Come and get ready to work!

3. The Cleveland Dinner planning committee will be putting together the seating chart in the days leading up to the dinner. Maybe you have a group of people you totally know you want to sit with at the dinner. If that’s true, you might consider just going ahead a snagging the WHITE TABLE SPONSOR option at $600. It’s the exact same price as buying 8 individual tickets, but it allows you to name particular people as your guests.

4. We’re wanting to raise money during this evening. So if you are capable of doing something special, it would be wonderful for you to consider being a BLUE TABLE SPONSOR — at $1,000.This level of sponsorship will have you and your seven guests at a way-up-front table. BLUE TABLE SPONSORS will be wildly celebrated on the night of the 7th.

5. One last *sponsorship* consideration that might be a good fit is STUDENT SPONSORSHIP. In order to ensure that some of the county’s high school students can participate, we are asking folks to consider “sponsoring a student” at a $40 level.

6. If you know a Carroll County high school student who might want to participate as an Usher, we’d love it if you would help with a connection. We have a limited number of slots for *Usher* at the Cleveland Dinner. There is an application — nothing fancy. It’s simply asks the applicant to share a short bio and answer one question — “What’s an issue that matters to you during this upcoming election, and why?” Students will submit their entry via email by October 18 and they’ll hear back by October 25th. Ushers commit to attending an orientation event on Nov 3 in the late afternoon/early evening and then will be present for the dinner from 5 – 10 pm on the 7th. To request an application or to learn more, contact Knute knute4nh@yahoo.com

7. There will be some raffle / auction type things going on at the Cleveland Dinner. Leaders in the county are working on gathering up donations for this part of the evening. If you are someone who can participate with a donation, please give us a yell — maryanneorsino@gmail.com. If you are someone who is in a position to ask a local business for a donation, please do so!

8. We’ll be raising some money at this event. All funds will be used to help elect DEMs in 2020. 

9. You will leave the dinner on the night of the 7th inspired and ready to go. You will meet all kinds of others from right here in Carroll County who inspired and ready to go. This dinner will be totally worth your time. What’s happening at the hands of the President and the Governor is not okay. On November 7th, we will raise our common voice of concern and roll up our collective sleeves to do work that is required of us.

10. Please invite someone you know to join you at the dinner. More and more throughout the county, people who haven’t really been involved in the political process are standing up and finding their voice. Invite a friend. Help them plug in. Grow the community in Carroll County. Together we can do great things!




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