Sun Shines on Sandwich Democrats

Close to 40 Democrats, Republicans and Independents came to Saturday’s local Democratic candidates’ Meet & Greet at the Foothills Cafe in Center Sandwich, NH. They got to join the conversations with candidates Kate Miller, state senate, Anita Burroughs and Chris McAleer, state house and Adam Heard and Theresa Sawnick, county commission. Learn more about them and all the Democrats on the Sandwich ballot here.

The sun shines favorably on Sandwich, NH Democrats
Kate Miller, if elected will be Sandwich’s NH state senate representative.
Chris McAleer, an incumbent, is on the ballot again for NH state house representative.
Anita Burroughs, another incumbent, is on Sandwich’s ballot for NH state house.
Adam Heard, who lives in Sandwich, and Theresa Swanick are running for county commission. Vote for both.
Vote for all five of these great candidates. From left, Anita Burroughs, Kate Miller, Chris McAleer, Theresas Swanick and Adam Heard.
Naomi Cohen-Shields of OrganizeNH is looking for volunteers to help Democrats win on Nov. 8. Please do volunteer.
The candidates signed up to win, and with your help and votes they will.




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