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Who Are NH Free Staters & Liberty Alliance Members?

Some excerpts republished below were produced by Granite State Progress’ Free State Project Watch and Granite State Matters. 

We love New Hampshire, its beauty, its tradition, and its communities. All of which are threatened by the  Free-State Project.  Free Staters extremists  are being recruited to move to New Hampshire by the Free State Project and then encouraged to run for all levels governmental offices. Their goal is to turn the state into a “Libertarian Utopia.”

Some long-time New Hampshirites have also joined the project. The Liberty Alliance cooperates with the  Free Staters and other radical conservatives. Often they vote against community and public interests. 

The NH House Freedom Caucus is their legislative arm. Some 150 GOP legislators  sympathize and vote consistently with the NH Freedom Caucus. They have introduced and passed legislation detrimental to public life in general, and especially damaging to public schools, women’s reproductive rights, healthcare, the environment and gun safety. They have succeeded with the help of Gov. Chris Sununu and Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley. 

The Free Staters most visible proponent and member is GOP NH House Majority Leader Jason Osborne, who moved here from Ohio –the same man who recently, via a mass email, fired all of his debt collection company’s 500 employees. That’s who the GOP members of the NH House elected as their leader.

In Carroll County, GOP state representatives Glenn Cordelli ( a big enemy of public education), Lino Avellani, Mark McConkey and Jonathan Smith vote consistently with the Free Staters agenda. 

To end their stranglehold on the New Hampshire government, Vote Blue in 2022. Click here to see all Democrats on your town’s November ballot.

Examples of Free State, Liberty Alliance Sympathizers Bills in 2021-22

There is a long list of radical right wing bills the Free Staters and Liberty Alliance members and sympathizers tried to get enact in 2021-22. Here are three examples:

  • Glenn Cordelli ( R), now on the ballot in Ossipee, Wolfeboro and Tuftonboro, introduced a bill demanding NH public teachers take an oath in line with his extremist right wing ideology which aims to limit what teachers can say and do in their classes.  
  • Cordelli was the chief architect of House Bill 1679. It would have, according to the New Hampshire Bulletin, required all cooperative or regional school districts to dissolve by 2025 – and mandate that districts begin preparing to do so this year. That includes school districts in Carroll County. Voters in Ossipee, Wolfeboro and Tuftonboro have an alternative: they can vote for Democrat Bobbi Boudman
  • Thirteen house GOP libertarians voted for New Hampshire to pass a constitutional amendment to secede from the USA. Democrats rightfully called it treasonist. Republicans were mum. 
Why don’t Republicans speak out and fight back? 

Gov. Chris Sununu and Senator Jeb Bradley often capitulate to the Free Staters demands. Others are afraid of repercussions from their leaders who include GOP Senate Majority Leader Bradley and GOP House Leader Jason Osborne. Maybe others are intimidated by the extremists they have come to represent. 

Whatever the reason, few Republican legislators have had the courage to speak out against these extremists positions. Republican Dr. Bill Marsh did and was stripped of his committee seat. He decided the GOP could no longer be his party and became a Democrat. Now he is the Democrat’s state senate candidate on the ballot in all Carroll County towns except Sandwich. He is running against Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley. Beating Bradley will mean weakening the extremists hold on our legislative bodies. 

As a voter you don’t have to remember who the extremists are; to stop them just vote for every Democrat on your town’s ballot. 

Momentum in New Hampshire Towards Defeating the Free Staters and Radical Right

People throughout New Hampshire are fighting back against the GOP’s, Free Staters radical ideas. Thirty members of the radical right tried to get elected to school boards statewide earlier this year; 29 lost their elections. In Croydon, N.H. a radical-right Free Stater elected official saw a loophole in the law and with just 34 people in the room cut the school budget in half. The good people of Croydon showed what they thought of the radical right’s defunding of its public schools when they reconvened and voted 377-2 to restore the budget. Carroll County Democrats are inspired and energized by this Blue Wave movement, and your candidates are keeping the Standup for Croydon momentum alive. Vote Blue in 2022. 

What is the Free State Project?

You can learn more about the Free State Project here and here, but the core of their values were stated in their original Free State manifesto:

“Once we’ve taken over the state government, we can slash state and local budgets, which make up a sizeable proportion of the tax and regulatory burden we face every day. Furthermore, we can eliminate substantial federal interference by refusing to take highway funds and the strings attached to them. Once we’ve accomplished these things, we can bargain with the national government over reducing the role of the national government in our state. We can use the threat of secession as leverage to do this.”

That manifesto is still a driving force among their members. In March 2022, HB CACR 32, a Free-Stater constitutional amendment to require NH to secede from the US, was brought to the House floor. The Free-State project called members to march and attend hearings in support. Free Staters knew it would fail this year. They plan to resubmit it until it passes. Thirteen Republican NH House members voted in favor of the bill’s passage.

How to Stop the Free State Movement in NH? Vote Blue in 2022

The Free Staters will continue to dismantle NH’s formerly excellent public education system. They will continue to reduce state services and require local taxpayers to shoulder the burdens. They will ignore energy and climate action priorities because these initiatives require collaboration and investments in the future. Towns will falter, businesses will leave, infrastructures will fail, police and fire departments will be defunded. The libertarian utopia will be forced upon all of us, if we don’t act now and Vote Blue in November 2022.

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