“Protecting Reproductive Rights” with Emily Cain of EMILY’s List. May 10, Zoom

As a way of staying grounded in some of the most important issues of the day, the “Committee to Elect House Democrats” is hosting an event featuring Emily Cain (of EMILY’s List) which will help New Hampshire DEMs think deeply about what’s at stake in the fight to protect reproductive rights. The Zoom event — just one hour in length — will be May 10 at 7 PM and has a cost of just $25. Funds raised will be used in a new effort to offer broader support of House candidates in 2022.

The Committee to Elect House Democrats (CEHD) has a new leader and his vision for how DEMs can do better in 2022 is vitally important. Rep. Matt Wilhelm, together with others throughout the state — including our own Anita Burroughs — will be transforming how local candidates receive support and encouragement. We lost in 2020. But we’ll win in 2022 because we learned our lesson.

Consider purchasing a $25 ticket to the May 10th event. If you can’t attend, but want to participate in the effort to ensure a better 2022 for our House Candidates, you can use the link to make a one-time donation to CEHD. Here’s the ticket/donation link: MAY 10 EVENT




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