2021 Town Caucuses

Each town’s registered Democrats gather every other year for the particular purpose of choosing its leaders. Leaders help keep everyone together and on track. They plan education events. They support candidates. It can be a very challenging job with lots of moving parts or it can be a pretty easy job — it all depends on what each leadership team has in mind!

Madison — JAN 26 at 7:30 PM — COMPLETE … Congrats to Peg, Kevin, Bruce, Annie, and Donna who will be serving the Madison DEMs through 2023.

Bartlett, Hart’s Location, & Jackson — FEB 8 at 6:30 PM

Effingham, Freedom, & Ossipee — FEB 9 at 7 PM

Conway, Eaton, & Hales Location— FEB 16 at 5:45 PM

Brookfield & Wakefield — FEB 17 at 5:30 Tamworth — FEB 17 at 6 PM

Moultonborough & Tuftonboro – FEB 18 @ 6:30 PM

Wolfeboro — FEB 22 @ 7 PMSandwich — March 11 @ 7 PM

Sandwich — March 11 @ 7 PM

Albany and Chatham will be listed here when their Town Caucus event is scheduled.


Congratulations to Ed Butler!

Ed Butler of Hart’s Location

Ed Butler was elected to serve as an At Large Member of the Carroll County DEMs through Spring of 2021. Butler will complete the term of LeeAnn Stevens who recently moved away from the county. Later this Spring, the whole county will gather again for a County Caucus during which they will choose their leaders for the 2021-2023 term.


CC DEMs Will Vote For At-Large Member

On Friday, January 29th, the Carroll County Democrats will have a meeting on Zoom to elect an *at-large* member to the county’s leadership team. LeeAnn Stevens has moved out of the county. Her work for the CC DEMs during the last 18 months has been very important. She was a valued voice for transparency and fairness.

The Zoom meeting to fill the *at-large* position will happen on January 29 at 1 PM. The term ends this Spring when the county caucus will take place to choose the whole leadership team for service through Spring of 2023.

This county caucus is just one of the important meetings DEMs are having all throughout the county in the many weeks to come. Every town will be undergoing a Town Caucus to choose DEM leadership at the local level. All registered DEMs are invited to participate in their Town Caucus. All caucuses have been or soon will be planned and the dates are being spread throughout the local community. IN the coming days, the CC DEMs will have a listing of all the dates.

To participate in the county caucus to fill LeeAnn’s position through later this Spring, please contact CC DEMs chairperson KNUTE. He will email the Zoom link to all those who request it shortly before the meeting begins. Only those who personally request the link can attend. Only those who are registered DEMs here in Carroll County are permitted to vote.


Carroll County DEMs Dinner

We will have a fantastic *virtual* dinner together on October 20th beginning at 6:15 PM and finishing up at about 7:45.

The DINNER: Homemade Mac N Cheese (from your own kitchen), a side salad so that there is something healthy going into the body, a dessert of your choosing, and some kind of NH themed beverage (be creative).

The COST: This event, a fundraiser, is a “Give What You Can” style event. Some will choose the lower end contribution and some who are more financial able will choose a higher end contribution. ALL FUNDS WILL BE HELPING Carroll County DEMs! Be generous, please!

The GUEST LIST: We are so pleased to welcome Senator Maggie Hassan and former Presidential Candidate Mr. Andrew Yang who will join us for this Zoom Event. Others are checking their schedules and carving out the time. Candidates up and down the ballot are being invited to send a two minute greeting to Carroll County DEMs. This is going to be a very fun event.

The LOW DOWN: When you make your contribution (non-standard amounts so that we can KNOW you are wanting to attend the dinner), the email you use for the contribution will be the email we use for sending your Zoom Meeting link. That link will arrive to you at 2 PM on October 20. If you haven’t received the link by 3 PM on October 20, you’ll immediately contact knute4nh@yahoo.com. One contribution equals one screen. But one screen can equal all kinds of people! Invite your whole family, friend group, pod, or whomever. Be safe and be smart, of course!

The LINK for the “Ticket” page: http://secure.actblue.com/donate/macncheese


Welcome to Grace!

Join the Carroll County DEMs in welcoming Grace Jarell to the team!

Grace graduated from Kennett High School in June and was Valedictorian of the Class of 2020. She is smart, driven, interested in learning, capable, and willing to help. She follows through and she wants to help. Carroll County DEMs is so fortunate.

Grace will be working part-time for the County DEMs through Election Day. We are still piecing together funding for Grace’s position. We are looking for a little help.

GIVE A GIFT of $11, $33, $66, $99, or $222 between now, Monday the 14th and Thursday morning the 17thand you can be sure that your funds will go directly to making sure we can cover Grace’s position. What will she be doing?

Grace will be serving as Carroll County DEMs’ Communications Assistant. She will be participating in creating E-Newsletters, FB posts, Website Updates, and working on other mediums as well. She’ll be reaching out to younger adults, too. This is GREAT for Carroll County. Many thanks to Slate Goodwin and New Hampshire Democratic Party for the help with making this as easy as possible.

Can you help with a gift? Click “Give a Gift” in the paragraphs above, or click the Blue “Support Grace’s Position” box below and help us raise $1,500.

Questions? Contact Carroll County DEMs chairperson KNUTE.

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