Momentum in Moultonborough

Democrats in Moultonborough, NH, kept the momentum going toward victory in November at a meet and greet for candidates: Dr. Bill Marsh for state senate; incumbent Dr. Jerry Knirk, Sandra Ringelstein, Peaco Todd and Gabrielle Watson for state house and Adam Heard for Carroll County Commissioner. See all the Moultonborough candidates here. And help get them elected here.

Dr. Bill Marsh for NH State Senate makes one more point: Let’s get rid of the extremists.
Sandra Ringelstein for NH State House Representative sent four children to Moultonborough, NH public schools.
Incumbent Jerry Knirk for NH State House: Remember vote Democrats up and down the ballot and tell your friends to do so also.
Gabrielle Watson for NH State House. Moultonborough voters get to vote for four state house reps. Let’s vote all four into office.
Peaco Todd for NH State House, a cartoonist, brings joy to Moultonborough and after November to Concord too.
Have you heard about Adam Heard for Carroll County County Commissioner? He will bring accounting, small business skills to the office.
Naomi Cohen-Shields of OrganizeNH talks of importance of Getting Out the Vote in Moultonborough.
Running for office can actually be enjoyable.
Great candidates listen to the voters.
And voters have great advice.
And voters have opinions to share.




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