County Meeting on January 25

Hassan to attend; Pappas and Custer have been invited!
Happy 2022!  All of us in your Carroll County Democratic Committee are working hard to help bring more sanity, safety & hope to our state in this coming year.  And we encourage you to join us in our work!
There are so many ways in which you can get involved.  Write a letter to the editor in your local paper.  Reach out to your Town Chair and ask how you can help.  Send a letter of thanks to your Democratic State Representatives, who are doing great work in very difficult circumstances.  Engage your friends and neighbors in discussions about the importance of their involvement, especially in the upcoming election season.  Contribute to your CCDC!
Thanks for staying involved,
Ed Butler, CCDC Chair
  1. Carroll County Membership Zoom meeting Tuesday, 1/25, 6PM. Register here in advance for this meeting.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
    We’ll have updates from our state Reps, from our congressional offices and … Senator Hassan will join our meeting!  And both Congressfolks have been invited.  Our state and regional directors of the Coordinated Campaign will also give us an update.
  2. The NH Senate is still discussing the Senate and Executive Council redistricting.  They will also approve – or not?? – the House and Congressional districts approved by the House.  Here’s a good overview of the process. And an NHPR report on the congressional gerrymander.
  3. Senator Hassan’s campaign website.  Have you signed up for periodic notices?
  4. Congressman Pappas’ campaign website.
  5. Congresswoman Kuster’s campaign website.
  6. Please help us grow our reach.  Are you signed up on our FaceBook page?  Ask a couple of friends to sign up too!  And please encourage your friends to sign up for these newsletters.
  7. The NH Democratic Coordinated Campaign is hiring Organizing Fellows. 15 hours per week to canvass, phone bank and help the NHDP win up and down the ticket. Local folks young and not-so-young will help us focus the party on our races!  Click here.
  8. Did you see?!  Open Democracy, dedicated to reducing the influence of big money in politics has a great new way of supporting or showing that you’re against particular bills. Check it out!
  9. Phone & Text Banks, supporting our candidates and encouraging citizens to get involved in the upcoming elections are already happening.  Want to help?  Organize NH.
  10. How to get more involved: Contact your Town or County Chair.

Thanks for your support!




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