Hassan Team Members to Carroll

On March 16th, Senator Hassan will be represented by her staff at the meeting of the Carroll County DEMs. For folks who are already planning to attend the meeting to welcome Former Speaker Steve Shurtleff, this will be easy! But the Hassan Team will be with us starting at 6:45 PM. This event is for registered Carroll County DEMs and for Carroll County voters who are left-leaning Independents.

Why has the Hassan Team been invited? Senator Shaheen and Senator Hassan were two of the US Senators who ended up being an obstacle for increasing the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. We wanted her and her team to have the opportunity to hear our feedback. As has always been the case, when Carroll County DEMs reached out to Senator Hassan’s team, we get a response immediately. In fact, it’s only due to a scheduling issue that Senator Hassan herself is not able to be with us. But her staff members will be! Come and listen!

The March 16 meeting agenda:

6:30 PM — The Executive Committee will briefly meet.

6:45 PM — People in the Zoom Waiting Room will enter for the time with the Hassan Team.

7:05 PM — For those arrive *only* for the Shurtleff segment, they will be welcomed in for the meeting.

Get the link for the event — remember, you will arrive at 6:45 PM for Hassan — by contacting KNUTE.




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