Ten Things About the Cleveland Dinner 2019

The much anticipated Cleveland Dinner 2019 took place on this most recent Thursday night (NOV 7) at the Red Jacket in North Conway. What a great night of connections, reconnections, laughter, and focus. There were nearly 200 people in attendance and it was fantastic. Here are 10 Things About the Cleveland Dinner which you might find to be interesting …

1. Our specials guests (Sen. Dan Feltes & Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky) shared thoughts and concerns that pushed them to step up and offer themselves as the DEM nominee for Governor in 2020. We must work hard to elect a DEM to the Governor’s Office. The present Governor, a Republican, has issued an historic number of vetoes — more than three times his predecessors!


2. The night’s special guests included our Executive Councilor Mike Cryans, each of our county’s 8 State Reps, and the town chairs of most of the towns of our county.

3. There were special scholarship contributions made by the campaigns of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, Congressman Chris Pappas, Mr. Steve Marchand, and Sen. Bernie Sanders which meant that we were more able to include 12 high school students and a handful of friends for whom the ticket fee was overly challenging. What a wonderful expression of generosity and support from these campaigns.

4. We had representatives from nearly all of the presidential campaigns present with us in one form or another. 

5. We’re still doing the math, but it looks like over $12,000 was raised/given (or pledged over the next 12 months) in support of the Carroll County DEMs through our ticket sales, raffles, silent auction, & live auction! The money raised will help the Carroll County DEMs be ever more ready to support the work of Democrats during the 2020 election. The most important thing we do with our funds is support those running for State Rep and County Commissioner here in Carroll County.

6. George Cleveland was on hand playing the role of President Grover Cleveland. He offered a Call to Action for the sake of Democracy. Many thanks to him.

7. Many thanks to Rob Waterman Photography for snagging great pics of the night which have been shared to the Carroll County DEMs Facebook page. Please check them out — and give any pics you find particularly cool an official Facebook LIKE.


8. We had guests from 18 of the 19 towns of Carroll County! How cool is that!

9. There were dozens of businesses and individuals who made contributions of one kind or another to ensure a great night — decorations, prizes, volunteerism, and expertise. We are most certainly privileged to have such great people here in Carroll County!



10. A *BIG* thank you to Mary, Cheryl, Christine, and Helen! They worked hard over these last many weeks. Their commitment to the work of Carroll County DEMs is staggeringly impressive and vitally important.

It is a great time to be a Carroll County DEM!
Spread the word.
Invite your circle of friends, family, neighbors, & colleagues to participate.

It matters.

Carroll County DEMs, Chair




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