2016 Due Dates and Deadlines: The State Election Calendar

Due Dates and Deadlines: The State Election Calendar

The New Hampshire Secretary of State is responsible for annually setting key dates for elections. Besides the “First in the Nation” primary date, the New Hampshire Secretary of State is responsible for setting the dates for all state elections. This includes town, county, and state elections. The Secretary of State also enforces election law and interprets rules regarding elections.

Important dates are listed below in chronological order. The mysterious RSA code at the end of the date is the state law that must be met for the event/action. You can find more detailed information on the NH Secretary of State home page at http://sos.nh.gov.

January 8
Supervisors should post checklist for general election showing party registration at town or city clerk’s office or at town or city hall; checklist must show place and time for session for correction of the checklist. RSA 654:33

January 12Feb 9th
Last day to publish notice in newspaper with general circulation in town of January 19 session for correction of the checklist for town election. RSA 654:27; 669:5
Last day for supervisors to post copy of checklist for primary election in the town or city clerk’s office or at town or city hall; notice of day, place, hour of upcoming checklist session must be posted with checklist. RSA 654:26, 27

January 19
Supervisors must hold session for correction of checklist from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and for extended hours at the discretion of the supervisors for town election. Change in party registrations may be accepted. RSA 669:5.

January 20-January 29*
Filing period for town offices in towns using non-partisan ballot system. Any candidate filing on last day must file in person. Clerks must be available between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00  p.m. on last day of filing period. RSA 669:19; 652:20
Declarations of candidacy. All candidates filing on the last day must file in person. RSA 669:19

January 29
Last day for party caucus to nominate candidates for town office in towns using partisan system. RSA 669:39

January 29
Session for correction of checklist to be held as a minimum requirement between 11:00 – 11:30 a.m. and at the discretion of the supervisors for extended hours. RSA 654:27, 28.

January 29
Last day for town clerk/supervisors to accept voter registration applications. No additions or corrections shall be made to the checklist after this session, until election day, except as provided in RSA 659:12. RSA 654:8, II. No change of party applications shall be accepted. RSA 654:32 Reports of transfer, reports of death, removal of names allowed. RSA 654:36, 37, 44.

February 2
Last day for 2 percent of voters of a town to petition selectmen to place referendum on ballot to increase or decrease membership of board of selectmen. RSA 41:8-b, 8-d
Last day for 25 or more voters or 2% of the voters, whichever is less, in the town to apply to selectmen to include a warrant article. RSA 39:3
Last day for Secretary of State to deliver Presidential Primary ballots to clerks. Ballots shall be inspected by town or city clerk in the presence of at least one other legal voter and resealed for use on election day. RSA 656:29.

February 5
Last day for supervisors to post final corrected checklist for Presidential Primaryand certification of checklist. RSA 654:28,29.

February 8
City or town clerk must be available to accept any completed Presidential Primary absentee ballots filed in person, or returned by a family member at least between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. RSA 652:20, 657:17

February 9: State Presidential Primary Election Day

Last day for supervisors to post town election checklist at town clerk’s office or at town hall; notice of day, hour and place of upcoming checklist sessions must be posted with checklist. RSA 654:26, 27, 669:5. Voters may register at the polls on election day. RSA 653:9; 654:7-a, 7-b

February 12
Last day for any candidate who received at least 9 percent of the votes cast in a party’s primary to apply to Secretary of State for recount. RSA 660:7.

February 16
Last day for any candidate who requested a recount to withdraw the request. RSA 660:7, II. (Monday is the deadline, but it is a state holiday – President’s Day)

February 19*
Last day to publish notice of February 27 session for correction of checklist for town election. RSA 654:27, 669:5.

February 22*
Last day for selectmen to post warrant at all polling places and at town clerks office and at town hall; warrant shall prescribe place, day, hour of election, the time polls are to open and the time before which polls may not close; warrant shall specify which items will be voted on by ballot. RSA 39:5, 669:2.

February 27*
Session of supervisors for correction of checklist as a minimum requirement between 11:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. and at the discretion of the supervisors for extended hours. RSA 654:27, 28; 669:5.
Last day for town clerk/supervisors to accept voter registration applications. No additions or corrections shall be made to the checklist after this session, until election day, except as provided in RSA 659:12. RSA 654:8, II. Reports of transfer; reports of death; removal of names. RSA 654:36, 37, 44

March 4
Last day for supervisors to post final, corrected checklist for town election, on or before midnight. RSA 654:28. Certification of checklist; 2 copies filed with town clerk. RSA 654:28, 29.

March 7 5:00 p.m.
Town clerk must be available to accept any completed absentee ballots filed in person at least between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. RSA 652:20; 669:29; 657:17; 657:24.

March 8
Town Election Day. Voters may register at the polls on election day. RSA 39:1, 669:1, 654:7-a, 7-b. Any person has the right to observe in-person voter registration. They may not be positioned within 5 feet of the voter registration table. The ballot clerk must publicly announce name and address of person registering. RSA 654:7-c. No person not authorized by law may stand or sit within 6 feet of the ballot clerk for purposes of observing the check-in of voters without the express permission of the moderator. RSA 659:13-a; 666:4,5

March 8th, 5:00 p.m.
Deadline for town clerk to accept any completed absentee ballots delivered by mail. RSA 657:22; 669:29

March 11*
Last day for any person for whom a vote was cast to apply to town clerk for a recount. Clerk must be available at least between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. RSA 669:30; 652:20

March 15*
Last day for 10 voters of a town to petition clerk to recount ballots on any questionprinted on official ballot. Clerk must be available at least between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. RSA 40:4-c; 652:20.

*These dates do not apply to towns or school districts which are governed by RSA 40:13 (SB2)


December General Meeting

Join NH Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley as he explains how to be elected as a NH Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next Summer. We’ll also have representatives of the 3 remaining Presidential campaigns on hand with information about their candidates and how you can be involved in the 2016 Primary. The December meeting will be held on 12/3 at Runnells Hall in Chocurua Village at 6PM. More information is available at www.facebook.com/events/1084372871582017/


2015 Grover Cleveland Dinner a Success!

Daily Sun Hillary

We had a tremendous turnout for the 2015 Grover Cleveland Dinner at the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel in Bartlett NH.  Well over 275 Democrats from across Carroll County and the country came to hear Hillary Clinton lay out her vision for the future of the United States.  We’d like to thank the Clinton campaign and the hotel staff for helping put together an amazing evening for all in attendance as well as Colin Van Ostern, Mike Cryans, Shawn O’Connor, Carol Shea-Porter,  NH State Senator Jeff Woodburn and Bill Shaheen for attending and delivering inspiring words for local activists.

We’d also like to congratulate Bonnie and Gary Chehames of Tuftonboro for winning the 2015 Dorothy Solomon Award for providing hard work and leadership in building and maintaining an active Carroll County Democratic organization.  Additionally, we presented two Wellstone Awards for individuals who promoted the ideals of justice and progressive policies for the people of Carroll County and the state of New Hampshire.  The 2015 Wellstone Awards went to Representatice Susan Ticehurst of Tamworth and Dick Pollock of North Conway.


Grover Cleveland Dinner

HillaryThe 2015 Grover Cleveland Dinner with Hillary Clinton is sold out!  At this point we’ve reached the capacity of the largest ballroom in the Mt Washington Valley. If you’d still like to hear Secretary Clinton speak she will be holding at Town Hall meeting at the White Mountains Community College in Berlin NH on Thursday October 29th, http://www.berlindailysun.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=55562:hillary-holding-town-meeting-at-wmcc&catid=103:local-news&Itemid=442


Farmers Harvest Dinner in Albany

The Mount Chocorua Area Democrats held their first annual Farmers Harvest Dinner at the Wold Fellowship Center in Albany on October 18th. Appetizers were provided by Tanna Farm, NH Mushroom Company, White Gates Farm, Steele Farm, Mt. Vida Gardens, Red Gables Farm, The Farm by the River, Nobel Heart Farm and Behr Farm.


The farmers and diners were joined by NH State Representatives Susan Ticehurst of Tamworth and Ed Butler of Hart’s Location, NH State Senator David Pierce, candidate for NH Senate John R. White of Wolfeboro, candidate for NH Executive Council Mike Cryans, candidate for the US House of Representatives Shawn O’Connor and Presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee.  Harvest




Hillary Clinton to deliver Keynote Address at Grover Cleveland Dinner

The Democratic Committee for Carroll County, New Hampshire invites you to meet our Democratic candidates for office, local activists, and friends, at our Annual Grover Cleveland Dinner:

Wednesday October 28th, 2015 at 6PM.

Dinner and Awards at the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel 104 Grand Summit Rd Bartlett NH 03812

Keynote Speaker: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Special Guest: President Grover Cleveland via his Grandson, George Cleveland.

Speakers & invited guests: Governor Maggie Hassan, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Congressional Candidates Carol Shea-Porter and Shawn O’Connor, Executive Council Candidate Mike Cryans, and all Democratic County, NH Senate and NH House candidates. Tickets are now sold out. In order to make your way through airport-style security those attending the private reception should plan on arriving at 5PM.

This year we will be hosting a private reception prior to the Cleveland Dinner with Secretary Clinton at 5:30. This reception is only open to those contributing at the Defender($50), Champion($100) or Hero($200) levels. In order to make your way through airport-style security those attending the private reception should plan on arriving at 5PM.


Lincoln Chafee met with Moose Mountain Democrats in Wakefield. 

Thanks to those of you who joined us for our May Moose Mountain Area Democrats meeting. We were honored with a special guest, former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee. Governor Chafee, along with two of his staff, joined us for lunch. He spoke with our group, taking questions after his talk.He opened his talk explaining why he had been the only Republican in the Senate to vote against going to war with Iraq. He stated that, although he was a Republican at that time, he felt President Bush had mislead the American public on several occasions, breaking his campaign promises and allowing himself to be too strongly influenced by the neocon members of his party and cabinet. Therefore, Governor Chafee felt uneasy about the decision to go to war. He decided that he would personally talk with the CIA about the WMDs and find out what their thoughts were on this issue. He met with the CIA advisors and concluding the meeting he detected a lack of hard evidence on their part concerning any forms of WMDs. Senator Chafee went back to his colleagues in the Senate and urged them to talk with the CIA and consider their vote based on facts. As history tells us, this did not happen. Around this time Governor Chafee decided to leave the Republican Party and become an Independent. He later worked for the Obama campaign and is now a registered Democrat.

Governor Chafee talked about his background, including having been a blacksmith for seven years working the harness racing season in the United States and Canada. After this experience he returned to Rhode Island and entered politics. He was a Warwick City Councilman, and in 1992 he was elected Mayor of Warwick. In 2011 he ran as an Independent to become Rhode Island’s Governor. He states that his years working in local politics gave him a deep understanding of the problems facing average people in their day- to -day lives.

Governor Chafee became a US Senator in 1999 replacing his father who died in office. He was later elected on his own and became a member of the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Words as well as chairing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Middle East Subcommittee. He has traveled extensively in the Middle East and has gained an understanding of their issues and culture. He is a firm believer in the use of diplomacy and showing respect to other nations in our efforts to establish peace and provide opportunities for all people. He states that people, no matter what their country, all basically want the same things. They want their children to be safe, healthy, and to have an education. We must work with what we have in common with other people, and be more persuasive helping them get a better life, in order to counter the appeal of fanatics and jihadists.  

Governor Chafee has consistently voted in favor of environmental issues, investing in education at all levels, funding the infrastructure of the country, and work force development programs to address unemployment.

Governor Chafee answered the following questions:

When asked about gun control he stated that we need to involve the NRA with discussions and look for common ground if we are to come to any consensus about common sense gun control.  

Governor Chafee says he is an Internationalist, and trade is going to happen whether we want it or not. Therefore, he is in favor of granting President Obama fast track abilities on the upcoming trade agreement. He said we need to do this or other countries, such as China, will step in and be in control. We will have to insist on strict rules for labor standards, environmental standards and currency manipulation. There needs to be enforcement capabilities to ensure the trade agreement is followed.

When asked about the difference between himself and Bernie Sanders he says it is mainly that he has more experience in the area of foreign affairs.

Concerning the present divisiveness in Washington D.C. he believes one of the main problems is the ongoing election cycle, where congressional members are always coming up for election and therefore feel that have to cater to their base. This causes them to be more partisan making it harder to compromise. He feels as a former Republican he can be effective in helping both sides work together.

On Iraq he believes we need to involve and empower the United Nations more effectively to help bring about peace. He feels the United Nations is underutilized and is the proper forum for finding world peace – that the US cannot impose its ideas of peace on the world. He believes the only long-term solution to the Middle East crisis is better economic conditions for all.

In foreign dealings we need to treat other nations with respect and listen to their concerns. He would appoint experienced, career diplomats to be our ambassadors and not make ambassadorships political favors.

Governor Chafee’s vision is to form alliances, work together to make the world a safe, peaceful, and better place for all. He prides himself on being a peacemaker with the ability to bring sides together. He feels he is a good listener, and is respectful of other opinions. This allows him to help bring about compromise in difficult situations.

He reminded the group that he has experience at all levels of government, starting on the local level, being a Senator on the national level, and a Governor on the state level. He has high standards, excellent character and has had a clean record with no scandals while he has been in office.

It was a pleasure to meet and hear from Governor Chafee and we hope he will return to New Hampshire in the future. If you missed him this time, hopefully you will be able to attend another event where he is speaking.

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