10 Things To Know … DEC 1

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for YOU and for the ways we are working together for the sake of goodness. Here are 10 Things To Know for December 1. ***We aren’t worried about tomorrow’s snow!!***

  1. Tomorrow, Healthcare Lingo — We are a *GO* for this Monday’s DEC 2 event at Hobbs Tavern West Ossipee. Rep. Jerry Knirk will be offering a presentation on Healthcare lingo and what all the presidential candidates are talking about. DEC 2 at 6:30 — Hobbs. We’ll have a $15 meal deal and Hobbs has been so gracious in getting this all put together (choices include burger, salads with protein, soups, etc.). Please bring cash! For those who aren’t interested in eating — no worries. Just come and learn. Learn more about this Greater Ossipee DEMs event by reading out to Pat Pustell: patriciapustell@gmail.com
  2. Just prior to the DEC 2 Healthcare event, the Carroll County Exec. Comm. will have a meeting which will begin at 5:15 pm. There are a few agenda items that require some attention. All county DEMs are welcome to attend. We’ll be meeting upstairs at Hobbs.
  3.  Candidate Tulsi GabbardDEC 3 in Sandwich: This event has been cancelled due to snow ******Cancelled due to snow******  shelly@tulsi2020.com.  
  4. Candidate Tulsi GabbardDEC 4 in Intervale: This events has been cancelled due to snow *****Cancelled due to snow***** shelly@tulsi2020.com
  5. Candidate Marianne WilliamsonDEC 5 in Tamworth: Candidate Williamson is visiting Art in the Age Cafe, Tamworth, from 12:00 to 1:30 PM. Learn more by sending an email to: dawn@marianne2020.com
  6. Also on DEC 5 … The Tri Town DEMs (Sandwich, Moultonborough, & Tuftonboro) are hosting a great event to think about redistricting. The presenter for the evening in Rep. Jerry Knirk. It’ll begin at 6:30 pm at the Moultonborough Library. All are welcome!
  7. Candidate Michael Bennet in West Ossipee — DEC 9: Bennet will be upstairs at Hobbs Tavern on Monday, DEC 9 at 4:30 PM. Come and meet Senator Bennet until 5:30 pm. The Greater Ossipee DEMs are thankful to Hobbs for the use of the space. Afterwards, all who wish are invited to the bar downstairs following the event for a beer or to partake in the Hobbs Monday Night burger & beer $10 special. RSVP here: https://www.mobilize.us/michaelbennet/event/166479/
  8. DEC 10 — Conway DEMs / Valley DEMs are gathering at the Conway Library at 5:30 for a wonderful fellowship gathering and to meet campaign staffs. Come for a supper of delicious food prepared by area DEMs. Come hungry!
  9. The Moose Mountain Area DEMs are looking ahead to their next event in January. More to come.
  10. Want to find out what’s going on with the campaign of the candidate(s) you are leaning toward? Visit: https://www.nhdp.org/first-in-the-nation-events

Ten Things to Know … NOV 18

Ten Things To Know … November 18!

After a very fun and good experience all together at the Carroll County DEMs annual Cleveland Dinner, we are getting back to business. And what does that entail?? Who are we??

We DEMs are about learning. DEMs are about creating conditions for goodness so that every single one of our neighbors can live a life that is whole and healthy. DEMs are about fairness and about fixing problems. DEMs careabout the marginalized neighbor. 

Carroll County DEMs are pointing to some important areas of focus in the weeks to come. Regardless of where the events are in the county, regardless of which group is hosting — anyone in Carroll County who want to learn in invited to the events. Spread the word. Make the connections that your friends need you to make so that they can get involved where they are!

Check it out:

1. Tonight — NOV 18 —  The Wolfeboro DEMs are meeting at 7 PM in a side room by the tavern. Raetha Stoddard is the special guest. Raetha is a leading voice at Starting Point and she’ll be sharing what Starting Point is up to in the southern region of the county. All are welcome!

2. Tomorrow — NOV 19 — The Moose Mountain Area DEMs (Wakefield, Brookfield, Effingham, Ossipee) are connecting at the Poor Peoples Pub at 6 PM (Yes, it’s a non-standard TUES meeting). Among the things on the agenda is the group’s welcome of reps from the Biden and Buttigieg campaigns.

3. Thursday — NOV 21 (from 5:30 pm to 7 pm): The Iron Mountain DEMs and Rep. Anita Burroughs invite all who are interested to “New Hampshire’s Energy Future” which will be held at the Mt. Washington Discovery Center. 

4. On DEC 2 beginning at 5:15 PM — a periodic meeting of the Carroll County DEMs executive committee. All voting DEMs of Carroll County are welcome to attend. We’ll be thinking about four or five areas of focus for the months ahead. Please contact knute4nh@yahoo.com so that we can be ready to welcome those who plan to attend.

5. On DEC 2, the Greater Ossipee DEMs will gather at Hobbs at 6:30 PM for a Burger N Beer meeting (those who want to skip the burger n beer option are very, very welcome) with guest Rep. Jerry Knirk. The topic for the evening: The Healthcare plans being shared by presidential candidates and what they actually mean. All are welcome! Bring some cash for your burger meal deal.

6. On DEC 5th, the Tri-Town DEMs (Tuftonboro, Moultonborough, and Sandwich) will welcome Rep. Jerry Knirk to the Moultonborough Library. The meeting begins at 6:30 and Jerry will talk about “Redistricting & Gerrymandering: “What Every Voter Should Know.” 

7. The Valley DEMs/Conway DEMs is planning a date in the first half of December for a Gathering during which we’ll enjoy some soup, some bread, some holiday cheer (including Christmas Cookies), and some chatting with campaign workers from the presidential campaigns. More details to come. Enjoy time with these wonderful people who have come to Carroll County to help us learn about our next President of the United States!

8. Many thanks for Bill McKay, our county Treasurer, who has been unbelievable in his work to make sure that the Carroll County DEMs is on track with all the reports and such related to our finances. It is an important job, for sure!

9. We are in the midst of figuring out some updates regarding the way we communicate with each other. Be ready for some changes in the months to come.

10. And lastly, please visit: https://www.nhdp.org/first-in-the-nation-events to learn about where the candidates are going to be throughout the whole state of New Hampshire!


Ten Things About the Cleveland Dinner 2019

The much anticipated Cleveland Dinner 2019 took place on this most recent Thursday night (NOV 7) at the Red Jacket in North Conway. What a great night of connections, reconnections, laughter, and focus. There were nearly 200 people in attendance and it was fantastic. Here are 10 Things About the Cleveland Dinner which you might find to be interesting …

1. Our specials guests (Sen. Dan Feltes & Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky) shared thoughts and concerns that pushed them to step up and offer themselves as the DEM nominee for Governor in 2020. We must work hard to elect a DEM to the Governor’s Office. The present Governor, a Republican, has issued an historic number of vetoes — more than three times his predecessors!


2. The night’s special guests included our Executive Councilor Mike Cryans, each of our county’s 8 State Reps, and the town chairs of most of the towns of our county.

3. There were special scholarship contributions made by the campaigns of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, Congressman Chris Pappas, Mr. Steve Marchand, and Sen. Bernie Sanders which meant that we were more able to include 12 high school students and a handful of friends for whom the ticket fee was overly challenging. What a wonderful expression of generosity and support from these campaigns.

4. We had representatives from nearly all of the presidential campaigns present with us in one form or another. 

5. We’re still doing the math, but it looks like over $12,000 was raised/given (or pledged over the next 12 months) in support of the Carroll County DEMs through our ticket sales, raffles, silent auction, & live auction! The money raised will help the Carroll County DEMs be ever more ready to support the work of Democrats during the 2020 election. The most important thing we do with our funds is support those running for State Rep and County Commissioner here in Carroll County.

6. George Cleveland was on hand playing the role of President Grover Cleveland. He offered a Call to Action for the sake of Democracy. Many thanks to him.

7. Many thanks to Rob Waterman Photography for snagging great pics of the night which have been shared to the Carroll County DEMs Facebook page. Please check them out — and give any pics you find particularly cool an official Facebook LIKE.


8. We had guests from 18 of the 19 towns of Carroll County! How cool is that!

9. There were dozens of businesses and individuals who made contributions of one kind or another to ensure a great night — decorations, prizes, volunteerism, and expertise. We are most certainly privileged to have such great people here in Carroll County!



10. A *BIG* thank you to Mary, Cheryl, Christine, and Helen! They worked hard over these last many weeks. Their commitment to the work of Carroll County DEMs is staggeringly impressive and vitally important.

It is a great time to be a Carroll County DEM!
Spread the word.
Invite your circle of friends, family, neighbors, & colleagues to participate.

It matters.

Carroll County DEMs, Chair


Ten Things To Know … Oct 17

What a storm last night! I hope these lines find you to be safe and well. Here are Ten Things To Know for October 17!

1. This afternoon at 2 pm, presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar is visiting Carroll County! She’ll be at the Met in North Conway at 2 pm

2. On Monday the 21st, the WOLFEBORO DEMs will be having their monthly meeting at Wolfeboro Tavern (every third MON of the month) at 7 pm. Their guest this month is Speaker of the NH House, Steve Shurtleff. All are welcome! Mr. Shurtleff will be giving a talk about the the last session and the impact of Governor Sununu’s vetoes.

3. On Wednesday the 23rd, presidential candidate Joe Sestak is visiting Carroll County! He’ll be at Poor People’s Pub in Wakefield 6 PM during the regularly scheduled meeting of the Moose Mountain Area DEMs.

4. The annual Cleveland Dinner will take place on November 7 at the Red Jacket. This is for anyone in Carroll County who is a part of the effort to shine a positive light on what the Democratic Party has been doing and will be doing in the future. It is really important for these annual event to take place and to gather everyone together. We are thrilled that the three candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for Governor will be with us. Dan Feltes, Steve Marchand, and Andru Volinksy. Please come! https://secure.actblue.com/donate/2019ccd

5. We are thankful for the donations for the raffle and auction items. And we’re happy to hear from you with some more! Do you have a favorite restaurant that you go to regularly? A shop nearby that might be pleased to support the work fo the Carroll County DEMs through their donation of an item of gift certificate? Please give a shout to the dinner’s planning chair maryanneorsino@gmail.com.

6. There is financial help available for people who want to come to the Cleveland Dinner but who might have a hard time coming up with $75. We are ready to figure it out. If you or someone you know could use some assistance, you can reach out to Knute confidentially — knute4nh@yahoo.com.

7. Tomorrow is the deadline for for high school students who wish to apply for one of the Usher positions at the Cleveland Dinner. Students who wish to participate share a short bio, answer one essay question, and submit the info to the county. There is no ticket charge for these students serving as Ushers! Who do you know who is in high school and who might enjoy participating? Spread the word! The application is here: https://www.ccnhdemocrats.org/usherapplication.

8. As always, we include the link to learn more about candidates visiting any part of New Hampshire! Check it out: Find The Candidates

9. Please share this email with people you know. The way we will be successful in the upcoming elections is through conversations with our friends and neighbors AND through the sharing of ideas and information. Any help you can offer would be great! 

10. There is a Democratic Town Chair in every single one of the towns of Carroll County. If you want to get involved, there’s a way to do that. Contact knute4nh@yahoo.com.

Thanks for your commitment! 


Usher Application

Here is the application for the Usher position for the Cleveland Dinner. In a simple email, any high school student in the county can send along the info asked to knute.

We’ve asked that these applications be emailed by the end of the day on October 18. For those who apply later than that, we’ll do what we can do. Ushers will be announced on OCT 25th. Thanks!




10 Things To Know, Oct 1

Fall is here! Leaf Peepers will be Peeping! We all know that peeping is something related to the eyes. But it’s also something that has to do with the ears!

I remember my first grade teacher telling us: “I don’t want to hear one peep from this classroom!” As for the Carroll County DEMs during this hunk of time — let’s do more than peep about justice and fairness and truth. Let us reach out and invite our friends, family, and neighbors to join the chorus of resisters, of truth tellers, of activists — all for the common good!

Here are “10 Things To Know … OCT 1” —

1. The Cleveland Dinner is November 7. It’s the annual gathering of Carroll County DEMs. I hope that you will purchase a ticket and meet the 3 gentlemen seeking the DEM nomination for Governor. Learn more about this year’s Cleveland Dinner by visiting: Cleveland Dinner

2. Scholarships: Another thing about the Cleveland Dinner … we are making room for high school students and making room for county friends for whom the $75 ticket price might be a bit too steep. If you are someone who might be willing to participate in helping to provide some financial support for these two groups need some assistance, contact knute4nh@yahoo.com. If you or someone you know needs a little help with the cost of a ticket, contact knute4nh@yahoo.com.


3. Kudos to the Tri Town DEMs (Moultonborough, Sandwich, and Tuftonboro) for their awesome event this past Sunday — the Garden Party. The leaders in these three towns work so well together! If you are from one of those three towns, reach out and learn how to be involved! Moultonborough Democrats

4. County Leader to Know: Erik Corbett!

Many thanks to Erik for his great work that he’s been doing in Carroll County throughout the years. He has been a faithful resource to leaders throughout the districts of Carroll County. He knows how things have worked, but he’s not at all stuck in how things have to be. Erik is eager to help the Carroll County DEMs move forward while, at the very same time, helping us remember how things have been. Erik’s been in healing mode in this last hunk of time and still is staying tuned in to communicating and sharing news. We’ll be cheering him on in the months to come as he and some others fine-tune how the county communicates what is going on. If you are someone who might want to participate in getting our communication ducks in a row, give a yell to knute and I’ll connect you.

5. Big shout out to people throughout the county who are writing letters to the newspapers to speak out and speak up. Today, we can celebrate Peg Merritt of Sandwich. Great letter in the Sun today, Peg! Whenever we write letters, I encourage you to be hopeful, check your facts, and do your best to come across as reasoned and clear — just like Peg Merritt!

6. Hey! Visit the Facebook page of the WOLFEBORO DEMS. Be sure to get to the Picnic on October 6th beginning at 1 PM. Learn more at the link above. A big Hooray goes out to the party leaders in Wolfeboro who are doing a great job staying connected and inviting folks to get involved!

7. The word on the street is that the Valley DEMs is having a meeting on OCT 16th. If you haven’t yet stepped up to get in solved in what’s going on with the Valley DEMs, you’re missing out. More important — you are NEEDED! The Valley DEMs in a collection of DEMs from all over the center portion of the county including the towns of Conway, Eaton, Chatham, Hales Location, and Albany. At their OCT meeting, there’ll be a presentation on how things work in Concord. Learn more: VALLEY DEMS ON FACEBOOK

8. Do you own a business or do you have a connection with a business which might be willing to help the Carroll County DEMs with a gift certificate or a service or a cool item which can be part of our Cleveland Dinner raffle or auction? You can be a big help by letting MaryAnne Carpenter Orsino of Bartlett know! CONTACT MARY ORSINO

9. DEMs living in Wakefield and Brookfield in the southern part of the county can connect with the Moose Mountain Area DEMs which has a monthly meeting at the Poor People’s Pub. Learn more at: MOOSE MOUNTAIN AREA DEMS ON FACEBOOK

10a. Find out about presidential candidates visiting any part of New Hampshire by clicking: FIND A CANDIDATE VISITING NH

10b. Please share this info with the DEMs of Carroll County. There are plenty of people who are living in our county’s 19 towns who might benefit from receiving the periodic emails from the Carroll County DEMs. Encourage your circle of friends to sign up by visiting: PERIODIC NEWS



Ten Things To Know … About the Cleveland Dinner

1. Here is the link to purchase tickets to the Cleveland Dinner which will be held on November 7th. This dinner is the annual gathering of the Carroll County DEMs and it is being held at the Red Jacket — $75 pp (if you or someone you know would have trouble with that ticket price, reach out to knute4nh@yahoo.com.

The cash bar cocktail hour with pre-meal bites will begin at 6 PM.


2. I’m hoping you’ll join me in buying a ticket(s) sooner rather than later because this will sell out. We are among the earliest gatherings in the whole state of New Hampshire which will have all 3 of the people seeking the DEM nomination for Governor talking about their respective campaigns. How cool is that! The Governor’s race is vital. Come and learn. Come and listen. Come and get ready to work!

3. The Cleveland Dinner planning committee will be putting together the seating chart in the days leading up to the dinner. Maybe you have a group of people you totally know you want to sit with at the dinner. If that’s true, you might consider just going ahead a snagging the WHITE TABLE SPONSOR option at $600. It’s the exact same price as buying 8 individual tickets, but it allows you to name particular people as your guests.

4. We’re wanting to raise money during this evening. So if you are capable of doing something special, it would be wonderful for you to consider being a BLUE TABLE SPONSOR — at $1,000.This level of sponsorship will have you and your seven guests at a way-up-front table. BLUE TABLE SPONSORS will be wildly celebrated on the night of the 7th.

5. One last *sponsorship* consideration that might be a good fit is STUDENT SPONSORSHIP. In order to ensure that some of the county’s high school students can participate, we are asking folks to consider “sponsoring a student” at a $40 level.

6. If you know a Carroll County high school student who might want to participate as an Usher, we’d love it if you would help with a connection. We have a limited number of slots for *Usher* at the Cleveland Dinner. There is an application — nothing fancy. It’s simply asks the applicant to share a short bio and answer one question — “What’s an issue that matters to you during this upcoming election, and why?” Students will submit their entry via email by October 18 and they’ll hear back by October 25th. Ushers commit to attending an orientation event on Nov 3 in the late afternoon/early evening and then will be present for the dinner from 5 – 10 pm on the 7th. To request an application or to learn more, contact Knute knute4nh@yahoo.com

7. There will be some raffle / auction type things going on at the Cleveland Dinner. Leaders in the county are working on gathering up donations for this part of the evening. If you are someone who can participate with a donation, please give us a yell — maryanneorsino@gmail.com. If you are someone who is in a position to ask a local business for a donation, please do so!

8. We’ll be raising some money at this event. All funds will be used to help elect DEMs in 2020. 

9. You will leave the dinner on the night of the 7th inspired and ready to go. You will meet all kinds of others from right here in Carroll County who inspired and ready to go. This dinner will be totally worth your time. What’s happening at the hands of the President and the Governor is not okay. On November 7th, we will raise our common voice of concern and roll up our collective sleeves to do work that is required of us.

10. Please invite someone you know to join you at the dinner. More and more throughout the county, people who haven’t really been involved in the political process are standing up and finding their voice. Invite a friend. Help them plug in. Grow the community in Carroll County. Together we can do great things!


Ten Things To Know … SEPT 17

Happy Tuesday! It’s September 17th and here are “Ten Things To Know …”

1. 10 days ago or so, nearly 60 people from Carroll County DEMs attended the NHDP Convention held in Manchester as delegates (and others from the county attended as day guests). It was a significant number of people from this part of the world as compared to other recent conventions. We should feel such pride that there are so many in Carroll who are getting involved. We need YOU to be involved, too. It’s going to take all of us to bring about the change we need.

2. State Representative Ed Butler is encouraging everyone to identify one or two persons in the county whom we can invite to be a bit more involved. Can you encourage them to sign up for this periodic email? It’s easy to do. Just go to the county DEMs website and click the “newsletter” link. Can you help get your friend or neighbor to be more involved?? Or just share this link: SIGN UP HERE

3. Last night, the 16th, Carroll County DEMs leaders from a bunch of towns gathered to learn more about the Vote Builder technology that is available to town committees. It was a fantastic event. Many thanks to Donnie from the DEM office in Concord. And to LeeAnn Stevens who organized the whole things. Every town has this resource available to them. The training is great. If you want to learn more, ask Knute or LeeAnn.

4. Tomorrow night, SEPT 18th at 6:30 PM, there will be a meeting of the Carroll County Exec Committee. It will be an abbreviated meeting — just 75 minutes long — but it will be important. We will be welcoming MaryAnne Carpenter Orsino who will be sharing info about the Cleveland Dinner (being held on NOV 7). Many thanks to Mary for her care and commitment! Contact KNUTE for meeting details.

5. The Cleveland Dinner will be held on November 7th at the Red Jacket. Emails of information and invitation will be extended during the next 24 hours. A press release will be go out. The guests for the evening will be the contenders for the DEM nomination for Governor (Mr. Feltes, Mr. Marchand, and Mr. Volinsky). This is going to be a fantastic evening. Be ready to get your tickets as soon as you see the info. Those needing financial assistance can contact Knute directly via email. We have set aside funding for this purpose so that everyone who wishes to participate may do so — KNUTE

6. The Valley DEMs are having their fall cookout at noon on Sunday, SEPT. 22. ! All are welcome to attend. Ellin Leonard and her team do a wonderful job and gathering people together. If you live in or around Conway — please consider learning more. VALLEY DEMS FACEBOOK

7. The Tri-Town Democrats (Moultonborough, Sandwich, and Tuftonboro) are inviting anyone who wishes to attend to their Garden Party to be held on SEPT. 29th from 2:30 – 5 pm at Ken and Cindy’s. “Representatives of Democratic Presidential candidates will be coming to address us and mingle!” Learn more by contacting Bonnie Chehames: BONNIE

8. The Iron Mountain DEMs are re-scheduling their October Applefest event (previously scheduled for OCT 11). Stay tuned for a new date to gather the DEMs in the northern part of the county. It may or may not involve apples!!

9. The Greater Ossipee DEMs leadership got together to do some wondering about programing in these months ahead. Ideas that made the list are: Gun Violence, Climate Change, Healthcare, and Rank Choice Voting. If you have an idea for a topic, reach out to: PAT PUSTELL

10. Please take a look at where presidential candidates are visiting throughout the whole state by visiting: https://www.nhdp.org/events

We’re all in this together. Let’s be kind to each other. Considerate of others’ opinions. Humble in sharing what we believe to be absolutely true. Knowledgable about the fact that we all will need to rally around whomever the eventual candidate will be (president, governor, etc.) … so let’s be smart as we discuss things.

Thanks for being out there on the frontlines. Give me a yell if you have something for a future “Ten Things To Know …” — KNUTE

Knute Ogren, Carroll County DEMs, Chair


Ten Things To Know … September 6!

Ten Things to Know …

September 6!

1. The Democratic State Convention takes place in Manchester on Saturday, September 7th. There are more than 50 people from Carroll County attending, far out-pacing any recent convention. Carroll County DEMs are paying attention, getting involved, and inviting friends to participate in ways that are new and exciting. Good job, Everyone!!

2. Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg will be in Conway on Sunday morning, September 8, as the Buttigieg Office opens. The campaign office is located at 73 Main Street and all are welcome to visit with Pete and his husband beginning at 7:15 AM. That’s right … 7:15 AM.

3. Please mark your calendars — NOVEMBER 7 — the Cleveland Dinner. It will be held at the Red Jacket and we will be welcoming every single candidate who is seeking the DEM nomination for Governor! This is very exciting that the three (thus far) leaders are taking Carroll County so seriously. We should feel really, really good about this. Tickets will become available very soon. This will absolutely sell out — no question about it. Tickets are $75 per person. Please note that there are tickets being set aside for people who need some special help to cover the cost of the event. We are a party that wants to include everyone as much as we can. If you or someone you know needs some financial help, please contact knute4nh@yahoo.com.

4. Speaking of the Cleveland Dinner (NOV 7), many thanks to MaryAnne Carpenter Orsino and her planning team. They are making sure every detail is handled. They are inviting students to participate. They are getting silent auction items together (can you help with a donation?). They are figuring out the menu. They are creating a great night for the DEMs of Carroll County. We are so lucky to have such great people involved!

5. Town Chairs — Monday, September 16 … there is a Vote Builder training session at Madison Library. This is a great opportunity to learn about this software available to DEMs in New Hampshire. Many thanks to LeeAnn Stevens who has organized this event. We will be welcoming Donnie Spencer from the state party headquarters in Concord. If you are a Town Chair and you cannot come, be sure to send another officer from your town committee. Learn more by contacting knute4nh@yahoo.com.

6. There is a meeting of the Carroll County Exec Comm on Wed, September 18th (location TBD, but probably in Conway area). This is a periodic meeting for the county to come together and figure stuff out, dream, wonder, discuss, and plan. All are welcome. But be advised that when we have votes on one thing or another, it’s just the chair, vice chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and two at large members who have a vote. 

7. The Conway DEMs are having a picnic on Sunday, September 22. This a great event for people in the greater Conway area. Conway Town Chair Ellin Leonard is (together with the rest of the committee) eager to welcome one and all. We will note the time and location in a few future Facebook posts (be sure to “LIKE” Carroll County DEMs on Facebook!! Contact Ellin: Click Here

8. The Tri Town DEMs (Sandwich, Moultonborough, and Tuftonboro) are having a fantastic event on Sunday, September 29th at the home of Moultonborough Town Chair Ken Hill (74 Moose Walk Road in Moultonborough) from 230 to 5 pm. All Are Welcome! Representatives from a variety of presidential campaigns will be present! Contact Ken: Click Here

9. The Iron Mountain DEMs are gearing up for an event in October — the word on the street is that will be held on October 11 (updates soon). The DEMs of Harts Location, Bartlett, and Jackson are very excited about getting everyone together. They are hoping to be welcoming a very special guest that you won’t want to miss! Hold October 11th and it’ll be confirmed in the next Ten Things message.

10. Lastly … as always, you can find out where all of the presidential candidates are going throughout the whole state by visiting: https://www.nhdp.org/events. Stay involved and invite your friends.

If you have something that you’d like included in a Ten Things to Know message, reach out to knute4nh@yahoo.com.

Thanks for caring and staying involved. Spread the word.

Knute Ogren

Chair of Carroll County DEMs

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