April 2020

Happy April, Friends.

Some days ago, after some fresh snow, I snapped this pic of Effingham DEMs chair, Rob Waterman, who made a small fire in the yard. With plenty of time on hand, gathering a bit of brush and having a fire was a nice activity for the night. As the flames danced, I was reminded of flames of hope which dance in hearts all over. Even during strange times like right now, hope dances inside us.

All kinds of events and programs have been cancelled (as they should).

There is a spirit of wonder about where we are going as a country — and as a state, as a county — as we face this unprecedented national experience.

I have found pride in my neighbors who are following the social distancing norms, who are checking in with their neighbors, who are making do with what they have, who are not letting greed win the day …

We watch as an infuriating inept POTUS says preposterous things. We watch as our Governor slowly is picking up steam in understanding the seriousness of what we face. Our Congressman and our two Senators are shining brightly. Our county and town governments are doing whatever possible to keep things going in a steady direction.

*** This is why elections matter. ***

The election for President matters. Let’s do whatever necessary to ensure Mr. Trump goes somewhere else after this election is over. “Vote Blue No Matter Who” matters. Do not let people convince you otherwise. 

Having a Governor grounded in goodness and who has true leadership ability matters. What would it look like were a Democrat (Feltes or Volinsky, for example) leading the way during these days?

Having Shaheen and Hassan at the biggest table in the country making smart decisions based in science matters. Can you imagine where we’d be if a Republican had one of our two Senate seats? Maine’s Republican Senator Susan Collins continues to do and say some of the strangest things during these days. And she’s one of the very few rather normal ones! My goodness …

Having Pappas working for us to ensure we can do everything possible to keep on solid ground matters. Can you imagine what having a Republican in Pappas’ spot would bring? We are working to re-elect Mr. Pappas this fall!

Having Executive Councilor Cryans working with the other 4 Ex.Councilors to keep NH safe matters. Can you imagine what it would look like to have Republicans in the majority at the Executive Council level? Mr. Cryans is a good worker and a committed leader to this part of the state. We are lucky!

We have an opportunity to keep our county government with a DEM majority come November. Each of your towns will be sending a message with who is snagging the votes. Are you paying attention? Are you ready to make a small contribution to help your local State Rep. nominee be successful? Every gift, no matter the size, will matter.

I don’t know what will come. You should assume that every program, meeting, gathering, educational opportunity that brings people physically together is cancelled. Be ready for announcements about how work will be getting done using any number of technological resources.

Here are five things you can do:

1. Write a letter to the paper. Point to the successes and the steadfastness of Democrats during these days.

2. Comment — with respect, care, and compassion — on Facebook pages so that people can see activism and goodness at work.

3. Call your neighbor to see if you can offer support. Make a new friend. Let people see your wisdom, your care, you’re compassion. Let them see that DEMs are a party of action.

4. Make a list of the people you know in your town who have a progressive flavor. Ask yourself: “Is (so and so) actively engaged in the local party?” If not, invite them to participate with you.

5. Make a gift to support the Carroll County DEMs so that we are even more ready to win local and regional elections this November. Is doesn’t matter how much you give, it just matters that you give. Find the giving option on the county’s website: DONATE HERE

Good luck out there. Be good.


Carroll County DEMs chairperson





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