FIVE Things To Know … FEB 6, 2020

The DEMs of Carroll County are actively engaged and are totally ready to make this year’s First In The Nation Primary a seriously awesome day …

The work of our regional groups has been awesome. Periodic meetings of the Conway DEMs, the Iron Mountain DEMs (Bartlett, Jackson, Hart’s Location), the Tri Town DEMs, the Greater Ossipee DEMs, the Moose Mountain Area DEMs (meeting in Wakefield), and the Wolfeboro DEMs. Be sure you are getting involved!! Check out this great event by the Tri Town DEMs in the rather RED District 4 (Tuftonboro, Sandwich, & Moultonborough) which was held two days ago — over 50 people! Have hope, my friends! Invite your neighbors!

Okay … Here are just FIVE Things To Know …

FIVE Things To Know — FEB 6, 2020

1. FEB 9 — Candidate Andrew Yang will be here in Carroll County this Sunday. Here’s the message: “Andrew Yang will be in Conway on February 9th. He is hosting a town hall at 7:30 PM at the A. Crosby Kennett Middle School.”


2. FEB 11 — Voting Locations. Only one voting spot in the county is different than has been typical. On Tuesday, Conway and Hales Location will head to Conway Elementary School at 160 Main St. in Conway. All other towns will go where they usually go!

• Albany at town hall.

• Bartlett at town hall.

• Brookfield Town House on Wentworth Road.

• Chatham at town hall.

• Conway at Conway Elementary at 160 Main St.

• Eaton at town hall.

• Effingham at Effingham Elementary School.

• Freedom at town hall.

• Hales Location at Conway Elementary at 160 Main St.

• Hart’s Location at the town hall.

• Jackson at the Whitney Center.

• Madison at Madison Elementary School.

• Moultonborough at the Moultonborough Life Safety Building.

• Ossipee at town hall.

• Sandwich at the town hall.

• Tamworth at Tamworth Town House.

• Tuftonboro at the Town House.

• Wakefield at Town Hall Opera House.

• Wolfeboro in the Great Hall on the second floor.

3. Carroll County Leadership: Among the accomplishments at the most recent meeting of the Executive Committee, Erik Corbett, LeeAnn Stevens, & Caroline Nesbitt volunteered to coordinate and figure out the important details about some kind of  “So You’re Thinking About Running For Local Office” event. Reps. Burroughs and Ticehurst have also offered their service, expertise, & leadership. Stay tuned. The next meeting of the Executive Committee will take place in March — Date, Location, and Time TBD.

4. MAY 3 —  The Iron Mountain DEMs are in the midst of planning a great event for May and are inviting DEMs and Independents from all over to join in the fun! *** Mardi Gras in May — A fundraiser to help elect Democrats in NH local and state elections. It will take place on Sunday, May 3rd at 4pm at the Shovel Handle Pub, Jackson, NH. Attire: Semi-formal dress and mask (although mask is not required). “Join us for a fun gala that includes hearty apps, cash bar and Mardi Gras-theme surprises.” For more info, contact the new Chair of the Iron Mountain DEMs, Helen Crowell — HELEN

5. MAY 17 — As many are already aware, every two years, we are required to meet for our county caucus. This past May ,we had over 90 people in the room. Your leaders figured we ought to try gathering everyone in the “off year,” too. Mark your calendars for the Carroll County Summit to be held on a Sunday afternoon at 1:30 PM (central location TBD). We will gather together and handle 3 things: 1. Lessons we’ve learned which we should try to remember for the next FITN Primary. 2. Stories of Carroll County folks who are newly involved in political stuff for the very first time. 3. Quick handling of any Bi Law updates and other stuff that might require a vote of some kind.

Another email will come in a couple of weeks after everything quiets down. But until the quiet comes, let’s keep focusing and inviting — making the most of this crazy primary day on TUESDAY the 11th!






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