Ten Things to Know … NOV 18

Ten Things To Know … November 18!

After a very fun and good experience all together at the Carroll County DEMs annual Cleveland Dinner, we are getting back to business. And what does that entail?? Who are we??

We DEMs are about learning. DEMs are about creating conditions for goodness so that every single one of our neighbors can live a life that is whole and healthy. DEMs are about fairness and about fixing problems. DEMs careabout the marginalized neighbor. 

Carroll County DEMs are pointing to some important areas of focus in the weeks to come. Regardless of where the events are in the county, regardless of which group is hosting — anyone in Carroll County who want to learn in invited to the events. Spread the word. Make the connections that your friends need you to make so that they can get involved where they are!

Check it out:

1. Tonight — NOV 18 —  The Wolfeboro DEMs are meeting at 7 PM in a side room by the tavern. Raetha Stoddard is the special guest. Raetha is a leading voice at Starting Point and she’ll be sharing what Starting Point is up to in the southern region of the county. All are welcome!

2. Tomorrow — NOV 19 — The Moose Mountain Area DEMs (Wakefield, Brookfield, Effingham, Ossipee) are connecting at the Poor Peoples Pub at 6 PM (Yes, it’s a non-standard TUES meeting). Among the things on the agenda is the group’s welcome of reps from the Biden and Buttigieg campaigns.

3. Thursday — NOV 21 (from 5:30 pm to 7 pm): The Iron Mountain DEMs and Rep. Anita Burroughs invite all who are interested to “New Hampshire’s Energy Future” which will be held at the Mt. Washington Discovery Center. 

4. On DEC 2 beginning at 5:15 PM — a periodic meeting of the Carroll County DEMs executive committee. All voting DEMs of Carroll County are welcome to attend. We’ll be thinking about four or five areas of focus for the months ahead. Please contact knute4nh@yahoo.com so that we can be ready to welcome those who plan to attend.

5. On DEC 2, the Greater Ossipee DEMs will gather at Hobbs at 6:30 PM for a Burger N Beer meeting (those who want to skip the burger n beer option are very, very welcome) with guest Rep. Jerry Knirk. The topic for the evening: The Healthcare plans being shared by presidential candidates and what they actually mean. All are welcome! Bring some cash for your burger meal deal.

6. On DEC 5th, the Tri-Town DEMs (Tuftonboro, Moultonborough, and Sandwich) will welcome Rep. Jerry Knirk to the Moultonborough Library. The meeting begins at 6:30 and Jerry will talk about “Redistricting & Gerrymandering: “What Every Voter Should Know.” 

7. The Valley DEMs/Conway DEMs is planning a date in the first half of December for a Gathering during which we’ll enjoy some soup, some bread, some holiday cheer (including Christmas Cookies), and some chatting with campaign workers from the presidential campaigns. More details to come. Enjoy time with these wonderful people who have come to Carroll County to help us learn about our next President of the United States!

8. Many thanks for Bill McKay, our county Treasurer, who has been unbelievable in his work to make sure that the Carroll County DEMs is on track with all the reports and such related to our finances. It is an important job, for sure!

9. We are in the midst of figuring out some updates regarding the way we communicate with each other. Be ready for some changes in the months to come.

10. And lastly, please visit: https://www.nhdp.org/first-in-the-nation-events to learn about where the candidates are going to be throughout the whole state of New Hampshire!




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