Ten Things, April 6, 2019

It’s a beautiful time here in New Hampshire. The snows are melting away and if we look closely, we can see little signs of life springing from the earth. It is a time of hope and opportunity. There is hope and opportunity for DEMs here in Carroll County. Here are 10 Things to have in your mind.

First, we are receiving visits from presidential candidates — and we can expect a lot more of them, too. Some have asked how we go about sharing info and how visits are arranged. Here’s the quick version: Party leaders in the county, generally speaking, do not arrange for visits. Campaigns reach out to leaders with what their plan is for a visit right here to Carroll County (we don’t get into sharing info about candidates visiting other parts of the state — it would be too much to manage). Then, we share that info … usually through a post on Facebook. So, if you haven’t LIKE’d Carroll County DEMs FB page, do that. And please share info and make comments.

Second, the executive committee met on Thursday evening at the Brown Church in Conway. The County Caucus will take place on May 5th at Runnell’s Hall. We’ll begin at 1 pm. We’ll enjoy an appetizer/dessert potluck of “Mom’s Favorites” since the following Sunday will be Mother’s Day. We will have visits from friends from other parts of New Hampshire including state party chairman Ray Buckley and state party executive director Amy Kennedy. We’ll also have a special guest speaker who will share, “Three Things My Mom Taught Me That Have Helped Me Succeed.” The goal is to have at least three DEMs from each of the 19 towns and to have at least 100 people present.

Third, every single one of the 19 towns in Carroll County had a caucus. That. Is. Awesome. The word on the street is that has never happened before. Each town now has a town chair. Each town will now have people invited to the State Convention in September on the 7th to be held at Southern New Hampshire University.

Fourth, the Greater Ossipee DEMs recently hosted an event which brought Andru Volinsky to Carroll County for a presentation on Public School Funding and Property Taxes. There were 75 people in attendance and there was a ton of interest in future visits so that others could also learn. Many thanks to Alison Hayford of the Ossipee DEMs who just shared that Andru or his colleague John Tobin will be at the Great Hall of Wolfeboro Town Hall — May 8th at 7 PM. This is a fantastic opportunity.

Fifth, you should know that presidential candidate John Delaney will be at the Met in North Conway on April 15th at noon. Go and learn. Invite friends. You can learn more my checking out: Meet John Delaney  The campaign is picking up the tab for the coffee! Thanks to Conway town chair Ellin Leonard for getting this put together. There are other visits in the works, too, this month. Get ready.

Sixth, the Nominations Committee (Chris Meier, Dorothy Solomon, and Theresa Swanick) are coming up with folks who are willing to serve in leadership for the next term. Elections is one of the things we’ll accomplish at the County Caucus. If you or someone you know would be a good leader for the Carroll County DEMs, reach out! We are only going to get better when all of the great people here in the county can step up and lead.

Seventh, we’ve had visits from Yang, Warren, Booker, Gabbard, O’Rourke and a smattering of others. By primary day, anyone who can show 15 selfies with 15 different presidential candidates will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate to a Carroll County restaurant of the winner’s choosing. Get out there and meet those candidates!

Eighth, the Greater Ossipee DEMs will host Senator Dan Feltes on Monday April 8th at Hobbs Tavern in West Ossipee. Feltes will be talking about the Paid Family Leave bill and how DEMs think of it differently as compared to many Republicans. both parties have talked a bunch about Paid Family Leave. The Republicans, while in control of state government never got around to passing a bill on this issue they claimed to care about. The DEMs passed a bill already and now we wait to hear from the governor. Come learn about what this bill is and why it matters for the state of New Hampshire. Learn more at: Greater Ossipee DEMs FB page

Ninth, Representative Ed Butler will be standing on his hands and singing his favorite song at the County Caucus on May 5th at 1 PM at Runnell’s Hall — but only if we’re able to get at least 100 people to participate. Mr. Butler seems to be doubting whether we can do it. Let’s get him turned upside down!

Tenth, we’re getting some committees going. Do you have an interest in serving? Four committees: 1. Fundraising and Events … 2. Outreach (beginning with youth and young adults) … 3. Communications Committee … 4. Elections Committee (long view for local, county, state elections). We’ll need excellent thinkers. We need YOU! Contact knute4nh@yahoo.com and learn how you can help.


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