10 Things MAR 6

Ten Things to Know …

10 Things MAR 6 2019

1. Many thanks to Chris Meier, Dorothy Solomon, and Theresa Swanick who all serve as the Carroll County DEMs Nominating Committee. To county caucus will take place on May 5 and at that meeting, the DEMs of Carroll County will choose its leadership for the next term. We will be electing a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and at large members. This leadership team will be doing the heavy lifting for the next two years and helping to be sure that we are on a good path heading into the 2020 election cycle. Thanks Chris, Dorothy, and Theresa!

2. Blair Moffett of the Wolfeboro DEMs reports that at their monthly meeting coming up on MAR 18, 7 PM at Wolfeboro Inn, the group will be welcoming Rep. Jerry Knirk. If you are a DEM who lives in Wolfeboro, be sure to get involved. This is a great group of people.

3. Congrats to the Conway DEMs for having their town caucus! They elected Ellin, Erik, Deb, David, Don, Laurel, and Chris (Conway has 3 at-large members) to be their leaders for the next term. During a recent phone call, Ellin shared that  the Valley DEMs are having a meeting on MAR 14 at the Conway Library. This is good news for a special reason — it means that our friend Tina Craig who is among the leaders of the Valley DEMs and who plans to lead the meeting is feeling a bit better these days. Continued good vibes for her would be be appreciated, I’m sure. Albany recently held its caucus. Surrounding towns of Chatham and Hale’s Location are gearing up for their caucuses, too.

4. Tristan Plummer of Wakefield is in a very interesting position. His friends and neighbors in town pleaded with him to run for the school board seat because there is dyer need for his help (and the only other person running is widely understood to be a not-at-all-good-fit for the position). The wrinkle: He’s not on the ballot for school board. He is wanting to spread the word that residents in Wakefield need to write him in. There is a ton of enthusiasm for Tristan’s candidacy including sound support from parents and teachers in town! If you know of people in Wakefield, be sure that they hear from you to write in Tristan Plummer for the school board position.

5. Tristan is among the handful of people who are leading the charge in the southern most area of the county through the work of the Moose Mountain Area DEMs. Tristan, Penny, Tom, Frank, Penny, Sue, Annie, and others are helping to make sure that Wakefield and Brookfield residents have great opportunities to learn. Their recent event (held at the First Church UCC of Wakefield) drew a sizable crowd who watched the film, The Devil We Know. Mindi Messmer was there to talk about the film. Great going everyone at Moose Mountain Area DEMs!

6. Mary Orsino, Christine Thompson, and Ed Butler are gearing up for their town caucus experiences in the northern part of the county. Those caucuses will take place at the meeting of the Iron Mountain DEMs on MAR 18 at the Old Jackson Library. Mary is organizing the caucus for Bartlett. Ed is organizing the caucus for Hart’s Location. And Christine is organizing the caucus for Jackson. If you’re a DEM in any other those towns — get to the Old Jackson Library on MAR 18th. It matters!

7. Bonnie, Ken, Peggy, and Gloria are paying attention to all of the details for the Tri Town DEMs (Tuftonboro, Moultonborough, and Sandwich). They are meeting on MAR 26 to for caucusing and to hear from a representative from the Concord Coalition about the Federal Budget. Tri Town programming is always good. Consider checking out their bi-monthly meeting at the Moultonborough Library.

8. Presidential candidates are reaching out to people here in the county. Mr. Booker was here as so many of us already know. Ms. Warren is making plans. Mr. Yang will be here in a couple of weeks. The Carroll County DEMs will make Facebook posts about candidates who are making a visit to the county. Be sure to LIKE the Carroll County DEMs Facebook page.

9. If you are like most New Hampshire residents, you are wondering a whole lot about the sustainability of how we fund education. You’ve heard about the Claremont lawsuit, maybe. You’ve been to your town meeting and heard about the complications with property tax increases. Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky might be one of the most intelligent people in the whole state as it relates to Education Funding and Property Taxes. The Greater Ossipee DEMs are hosting him on Monday, MAR 11. RSVP HERE and come to this event at Hobbs. We begin at about 6:30 PM. The cost is $15 and includes a burger or veggie burger and side of fries or cole slaw. Drinks are availably at the bar if that’s up your alley.

10. If you’re a Democrat in Freedom, Madison, Tamworth, Eaton, Effingham, Ossipee — your town caucus will be taking place at Hobbs Tavern in West Ossipee on Mar 11th. Effingham and Ossipee at 6 PM and the four other towns at 6:30 PM. There is no cost, of course, to participate in the 4 minute caucus experience which happens immediately prior to the Andru Volinsky event (which does have a cost).

Be good to each other out there. We’re not going to agree on everything. But let’s remember that DEMs of Carroll County have far more in common with each other than any of the things that might separate us. Together we can help our wider community grow in understanding of the issues, help our fellow citizens feel safer & be treated more fairly, and help our towns be even better places for people to live! Thanks for your good work!

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10 Things FEB 20

Ten Things to Know …

10 Things FEB 20 2019

The Carroll County DEMs leadership team had a meeting this past Monday afternoon. There was a report from the Knute Ogren who shared what he’s been up to since his appointment to the chair two weeks ago. Treasurer Bill McKay gave his report and the group offered sincere thanks for his excellent work on our behalf. Rep. DesMarais shared some highlights about the work of the county delegation. Others participating were Secretary Patricia Pustell and at large member Stan Solomon. There were some former county chairpersons who participated in the call. County Bylaws state that former chairpersons have voice but no vote during leadership meetings. It was great having Chris Meier, Beth Funicella, and Dorothy Solomon participating. 

1. The County Caucus date has been chosen and party leaders from Concord have confirmed they will be with us on MAY 5th at 1 pm. The Bylaws of the NH DEM Party state that New Hampshire’s Party Leadership must be present to run the caucus. The location of the caucus will be announced in the coming weeks. But please — make a note of the date and time.

2. The Moose Mountain Area DEMs (Wakefield and Brookfield) are inviting area friends to join them at their potluck supper on FEB 27 which will be held at the First Church of Christ in Wakefield. They will have a very special guest: Mindi Messmer! There will also be a viewing of the film, “The Devil We Know.” The Wakefield and Brookfield town caucuses will take place at their meeting at Poor Peoples Pub on MAR 27.

3. Congrats to the Wolfeboro DEMs who had their town caucus on MON.  Blair Moffett was re-elected chairperson. State Senator Dan Feltes was visiting and shared all kinds of great info with the group. They will be meeting the third MON of the month in the months of MAR, APR, and MAY at the Wolfeboro Inn. Meetings are at 7 pm. If you’re a DEM in Wolfeboro, you should join in. They are a great and welcoming group!

4. Greater Ossipee DEMs are meeting on MAR 11 for an event on Education Funding & Property Taxes. The guest speaker is Andru Volinsky. If you live in Ossipee or in a town that is nearby to Ossipee, please consider participating in the event which will take place at Hobbs Tavern. RSVP to Knute4NH@yahoo.com. The town caucuses for Freedom (Chris Hurley), Madison (Donna Veilleux), Tamworth (Bill McKay), Effingham (Theresa Swanick), and Ossipee (Patricia Pustell) will be taking place at this meeting.

5. Looks like the Conway State House Accountability Workshop hosted by the New Hampshire Young Democrats & New Hampshire Youth Movement (which had been postponed due to snow) has been rescheduled for MAR 4 at 5:30 pm at the Conway Library. We can be thankful for Rep. Kanzler who has been championing this program offering from the start. Learn More

6. Iron Mountain DEMs (Bartlett, Hart’s Location, & Jackson) are meeting on MAR 18 for the town caucuses for each of those towns. Many thanks to MaryAnne Orsino (Bartlett) — the organizing force around Iron Mountain DEMs — and also to Ed Butler (Hart’s Location) and Christine Thompson (Jackson) for leading those quick town meetings and for organizing the awesome spirit of DEMs in the northern part of the county.

7. The Valley DEMs will be meeting at the Conway Library on MAR 2 at 10 AM for the Conway Caucus. Town Chair Ellin Leonard is fantastic and is very glad to welcome you to the meeting. If you see former county chair Erik Corbett out there, be sure to congratulate him on his recent move to Conway! He’s already attended a meeting of the Valley DEMs (no surprise to anyone!). Other towns that relate to the Valley DEMs will be having town caucuses, too. Eaton (Jena), Chatham (Bert), Albany (Tina), and Hale’s Location (Knute) have already announced their caucus spots and times.

8. Chris Meier, former county chair and recent candidate for State Senate, hosted Cory Booker when the presidential candidate was in town on FEB 16. When you see him around the county, be sure to thank him for his commitment to the work of the party here in Carroll County. Congrats to John Stokke of Freedom, NH who won the “Selfie with Cory” photo contest that was held on Facebook. His pic received 31 LIKES which means he will receive a $31 gift card to a local coffee shop! There are going to be lots of candidates visiting the county. When a candidate’s team reaches out to us here at the county that there’s a plan for a local visit, we’ll absolutely let you know!

9. Thanks to Bonnie Chehames of the Tri-Town DEMs (Sandwich, Tuftonboro, and Moultonborough) who is working on a memorial piece about our friend Dick Stuart. The Tri-Town DEMs are meeting on MAR 26 at the Moultonborough Library.  Healing vibes to vice chair Tina Craig who is reported to be making progress. Healing vibes to county leadership team member John White who is home after a hospitalization. He was at the meeting of the Wolfeboro DEMs on Monday! Encourage Reps. DesMarais, Knirk, Ticehurst, Buco, Kanzler, Woodcock, Burroughs, and Butler. It’s been a very busy period of weeks for those awesome leaders of ours. Tell your friends about the regional group near you. The Wolfeboro, Moose Mountain, Tri-Town, Greater Ossipee, Valley, and Iron Mountain DEMs are great spot to learn and grow!

10. Are you getting Emails from Carroll County DEMs? Are you following what’s what on Facebook? Let’s work together to build a strong network of DEMs in Carroll County. Invite your friends and neighbors. It’s imperative that we mobilize and work together! If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions — contact Knute.

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Carroll County DEM State Reps.

DesMarais, Knirk, Ticehurst, Buco (top row, left to right), Woodcock, Kanzler, Burroughs, & Butler (bottom row).

Carroll County had some wonderful candidates during the 2018 campaign. The DEMs throughout the county worked so hard to elect great people to office to represent Carroll County in Concord. There were lots of reasons for why we were as successful as we were. Hard working candidates, meet & greets, door-knocking, media coverage, strategic placement of signs, and — perhaps most important — excellent messaging about the issues facing the towns of Carroll County and the State of New Hampshire.

Because winning seats for DEMs in this county is hard work, Carroll County DEMs must pay attention to details NOT just during the campaign season but at all times. If you’re a Carroll County DEM, be sure to write letters to the local paper now. Get to your local meeting of the Democratic Party where you are. If there is a need for leadership in your town, consider stepping up and giving leadership a try. Invite a friend or colleague or family member to join you at a regional gathering of Democrats. Engage the young people in your life about the issues facing your town, the county, and the State of New Hampshire.

Lastly, be sure you are offering support to our county’s State Reps: Rep. DesMarais (Wolfeboro), Rep. Knirk and Rep. Ticehurst (Freedom, Tamworth, Madison, & Albany), Rep. Buco, Rep. Woodcock, & Rep. Kanzler (Conway, Eaton, Chatham, & Hale’s Location), Rep. Burroughs (Bartlett, Jackson, Hart’s Location), and Rep. Butler (Northern Carroll County). They are working hard and they need to know that all of us in Carroll County have their backs. If you see them out there in the world, give them a word of encouragement!

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Town and County Caucus News

It’s time to caucus!

There is a really good vibe and spirit throughout Carroll County!

Town Chairs have been doing a great job getting Town Caucus dates on the calendar. It’s been wonderful to see everyone taking the *two week notice* direction so seriously. There has been great use of email lists, the Carroll County DEMs Facebook page, and public notices in obvious spots (local library, post office, etc.). Today we can share info we know. As we know more — so will you!


*Wolfeboro DEMs  — FEB 18

Wolfeboro – FEB 18 Contact Blair

*Tri-Town DEMs — MAR 26 @ 6:30 PM at Moultonborough Library

Tuftonboro –  Contact Bonnie

Moultonborough –  Contact Ken

Sandwich –  Contact Peggy or Contact Gloria

*Moose Mountain Area DEMs — MAR 27 at 6 PM Poor Peoples Pub

Wakefield & Brookfield –  Frank – Brookfield    Connie or Annie – Wakefield

*Greater Ossipee DEMs – MAR 11 at Hobbs Tavern  Contact Knute

Effingham – Theresa Swanick (caucus at 6 pm)

Freedom – Chris Hurley (caucus at 6:30 pm)

Madison – Donna Veilleux (caucus at 6:30 pm)

Ossipee – Patricia Pustell (caucus at 6:00 pm)

Tamworth – Bill McKay (caucus at 6:30 pm)

*Valley DEMs

Albany – MAR 2 at 2 PM Tina’s home  Email Tina  or call Dorothy @ 603 447 1199.

Chatham – MAR 12 immediately following the Chatham Town Meeting Contact Bert

Hale’s Location — TBD

Conway at the Conway Public Library – MAR 2 @ 10 AM Contact Ellin

Eaton — Hobbs Tavern in W. Ossipee — MAR 11 @ 6:30 PM Contact Jena

*Iron Mountain DEMs — MAR 18, Location and time TBD

Bartlett – MaryAnne Orsino Contact MaryAnne via FB

Jackson – Christine Thompson Contact Christine via FB

Harts Location – Ed Butler Contact Ed via FB


Members of the Executive Committee of Carroll County DEMs will be meeting very soon to determine the best date. It will be widely publicized and shared. If you have questions or concerns about anything related to the Carroll County Caucus, please Contact Knute.

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Upcoming meetings

The county wide meeting scheduled for January 17th is canceled and will be rescheduled. Please watch this space!
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Our 2018 Candidates in Carroll County

Our current list of local candidates and their websites and social media pages is here.

It’s a work in progress, so check for updates.

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2018 Cleveland Dinner

Join the Carroll County Democrats and our 2 Keynote speakers, Congressman Joe Kennedy III, and Jason Kander, on October 18th at 7pm at the Red Jacket Resort in North Conway and help support your local candidates throughout Carroll County!

Rep. Kennedy gave the response on behalf of the Democratic party following President Trump’s State of the Union Address in 2018. He is the grandson of the late Senator Robert Kennedy and the great-nephew of President John F. Kennedy. 

Jason Kander is an attorney and combat veteran who founded Let America Vote, a non-profit organization whose mission is to end voter suppression and gerrymandering throughout the country. He is a gifted speaker who gained national prominence while running for the Missouri Senate with an ad featuring him talking about gun safety while assembling a firearm blindfolded; the video went viral and is considered by many to be to be the best ad ever made on gun safety. 

We also expect to have the Democratic nominee for Congress and the Governors office in attendance as well. Come out to hear their vision for our future and help the Carroll County Democrats take the majority on the Carroll County Delegation for the first time in history!

Tickets are available at https://secure.actblue.com/donate/2018clevelanddinner#

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Red White & Blue Dinner in Wolfeboro June 14

Announcing the 1st Annual Red White & Blue Dinner!

With an incredible field of Congressional, Gubernatorial and local candidates we’ve decided to hold a second fundraising dinner to help us further support our great candidates and to give all of you another opportunity to meet and have conversations with many of the candidates who will be working for your support in the NH Democratic Primary on September 11th!
By the Shores of Lake Winnepesaukee

On Thursday June 14th you’ll have the opportunity to hear from potential Presidential candidate Jason Kander as well as meet Congressional Candidates Chris Pappas, Naomi Andrews, Deaglan McEachren, Mindi Messmer, Lincoln Soldati, Terence O’Rourke and perhaps others as well as Gubernatorial Candidates Steve Marchand, candidates who can’t attend will have information about their campaigns available:

* 5:30 – Meet and Greet with candidates – $25
* 6:30 – Dinner with remarks from party leaders, Gubernatorial candidates and Jason Kander – $50

Tickets and more information is available online at ActBlue

or by contacting Erik Corbett at erik.corbett79@gmail.com or 978-771-2675

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Education for NH: Funding the Future


2018 Cleveland Dinner Announcement!

We are happy to announce that our keynote speaker for the Grover Cleveland Dinner to benefit the Carroll County Democrats will be Gary Hirshberg, co-founder, chairman and former 30-year “CE-Yo” of organic yogurt company Stonyfield Farm. He is a nationally known, charismatic speaker and we are thrilled he will be here. Mark your calendars for October 12th at Attitash Grand Summit, more info to follow.

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