Our 2018 Candidates

Our 2018 Candidates

State Senate

Chris Meier – www.meier4nh.com www.facebook.com/meier4nh www.twitter.com/meier4nh

NH House of Representatives

District 1 (Bartlett, Jackson & Harts Location)

Competitive Primary on September 11th!

Anita Burroughswww.anitafornh.com www.facebook.com/anitafornh www.twitter.com/anitafornh

Erik Corbett – Carroll County Democratic Committee Chair, Bartlett School Board Moderator & Bartlett Trustee of the Trust Funds.  In his 3rd race against Rep. Chandler and has cut Chandlers margin of victory by 80% since 2012.  www.corbettfornh.com www.facebook.com/corbettfornh www.twitter.com/corbettfornh www.instagram.com/corbettfornh

District 2 (Conway, Chatham & Eaton)

Tom Buco www.facebook.com/Tom-Buco

Harrison Kanzler www.facebook.com/KanzlerforStateRep 

Steve Woodcock – 

District 3 (Tamworth, Albany, Madison & Freedom

Jerry Knirk –  www.facebook.com/Knirk4NHHouse www.twitter.com/knirk4NHHouse http://www.jerryknirk.com

Susan Ticehurst – https://ticehurstnhhouse.org  https://www.facebook.com/SusanTicehurst4NH/

District 4 (Moultonborough, Sandwich & Tuftonboro)

Competitive Primary September 11th!

John Morrisseywww.facebook.com/Morrissey4NH

Caroline Nesbittwww.facebook.com/carolinehnesbitt

Paul Punturieriwww.facebook.com/PaulPunturieriforNHHouse www.twitter.com/punturieri4nh

District 5 (Effingham, Ossipee, Wakefield & Brookfield)

Knute Ogren – www.knute4nh.com www.facebook.com/knute4nh www.instagram.com/knute4nh

Pat Pustell www.pustell.com 

Theresa Swanickwww.theresaswanick.com www.facebook.com/theresaswanick4nh

District 6 (Wolfeboro)

Edie DesMaraiswww.edieforwolfeboro.com www.facebook.com/edieforwolfeboro www.twitter.com/desmaraisedith

Dave Owen https://owenforwolfeboro.com

District 7 (Bartlett, Jackson, Harts Location, Conway, Chatham, Eaton, Madison, Freedom, Tamworth & Albany)

Ed Butler www.facebook.com/edofthenotch www.twitter.com/edofthenotch

District 8 (Moultonborough, Sandwich, Tuftonboro, Effingham, Ossipee, Wakefield & Brookfield)

Dick Stuart – Dick is chair of the Sandwich Democrats and has previously served as a NH Representative. More info available soon.